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Yes, Drinking Water Is Great For Weight Loss, But What About Water Quality Articles Database Articles by Writer Presents: Articles by Yes, Drinking Water Is Great For Weight Loss, But What About Water Quality

Yes, Drinking Water Is Great For Weight Loss, But What About Water Quality

by James Groves

Last month was the first in a series about simple, easy to follow steps to improving health. Take each small step I give you and turn it into a habit, just like combing your hair or brushing your teeth.

This month I'm going to share ideas about drinking water. Now, I know you've heard this before, but it's worth repeating. Drink 8 glasses of water every day. But don't grab a glass and run to the sink because you should not drink tap water. Most municipal water companies use chlorine as a bleaching agent and germicide. Did you know that in 1993, over 400,000 people were infected with a parasite called Cryptosporidium caused by a break down of a state-of-the-art water filtering system. And in 1996, residents of Washington, DC were told to boil their tap water because of high levels of coliform bacteria.

What are the alternatives? The first one is bottled water. Did you know that Americans spent $3 billion last year buying bottled water? Most brands are better than tap water. Try different ones until you find a brand that tastes good and settles well in your stomach. Avoid the inexpensive store brand water in a gallon jug labeled "drinking water." Most of these brands are not filtered using reverse osmosis.

The best method for providing clean water is a home water treatment system. Check out the features of several systems before you purchase one for your home.

Here's how to begin a water drinking program. Begin and end each day with at least one glass of water. Drink one to two glasses of water before each meal. Instead of drinking coffee or a soda during a midmorning or afternoon break, drink a glass of water. And of course drink a full glass of water when you take your nutritional supplements. Water is a free nutritional supplement that we should all take advantage of. Drink up!!

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