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Trans Fats A Menace To Heart And Health

by Dr. Robert Osgoodby

There is a new villain on the food chain, and it's been infiltrating it's way into arteries across America trans fats. Like saturated fats, trans fats raise the bad cholesterol by leaving behind fatty deposits in arteries. But they pack a double whammy by also lowering the good cholesterol which cleanses our arteries and protects against heart disease.

Trans fats have been called the "stealth" fats because they have largely gone unrecognized, but it's easy to spot them once you know where to look. If an item is baked or fried and on the shelf or in the freezer, chances are it's loaded with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils trans fat.

Trans fats are usually lurking in anything produced for mass consumption. Since oils and butters spoil, food manufacturers use a more solid form of oil. This gives the product a longer shelf life, but means it is also packed with harmful trans and saturated fats.

Stay away from cookies, cakes, chips, crackers, frozen dinners, micro-wave popcorn, as well as fast food and chain restaurants. You can also protect yourself by using olive oil and tub margarine rather than Crisco or a stick of butter. When you eat out, opt for foods like fruits, vegetables, salads, grilled chicken, fish and lean meats.

McDonald's recently announced it was switching to a frying oil that is lower in artery clogging trans fats. Don't be fooled by "low-trans" health claims. Even though their fries will have fewer trans fats, by no means are they health food. They are still packed with calories and fat.

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