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See What Steroid Expert Mick Hart Did to His 23 Year Old Son Chris In Only 11 Months... Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by See What Steroid Expert Mick Hart Did to His 23 Year Old Son Chris In Only 11 Months...

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See what steroid expert mick hart did to his 23 year old son chris in only 11
months...and learn What YOU need to look like this.

Chris Hart

Take a good look at the incredible transformation made in Chris Hart -- son of
bodybuilding and steroid expert Mick Hart -- in only 11 months of hard training
and intelligent steroid use... And take a look at the 2 things you need to do the same.

He achieved exactly the "look" he wanted.... and with no crazy cycles, no health
risks, no acne, no water retention, no bitch tits, no fat, no abuse, no side effects...

...Just safe and intelligent use of steroids combined with correct training, rest and
nutrition. The result .. 100% pure lean muscle gains.

Chris Hart

To achieve the same (assuming that you follow the steroid route) you need two
things, 1) a reliable source of anabolic steroids and 2) knowledge.

- A Reliable Source of Steroids
The steroid suppliers section at is without question the very
best and most reliable suppliers section on the 'net.

If you want to take a real "inside look" at the suppliers section the to see
and take a test drive of the member's section.

- Knowledge
Getting hold of REAL anabolic steroid information is not easy, and that is why we
can fully recommend Mick Hart's Layman's Guides to Steroids, as they WILL give
you the very best introduction to steroids available anywhere today.

Click here to take a look at what is probably the most useful steroid information
ever written, and learn about Mick Hart's fabulous "Layman's Guides to Steroids".

As Mick say, and we agree fully with him...

"If you want to cut through the crap and complicated scientific explanations that no
one can understand, and get real, hard hitting, 100% useful anabolic steroids
knowledge, explained in "layman's terms", then this may be the most important
information you will ever read..."

Go take a look for yourself by clicking here.

Here's a small sampling of the incredible feedback that these steroid guides have
received. Go to the website to see more.

"I thought I knew about steroids. I thought I knew about
training. I thought there was nothing I could read that
would teach me anything new. Then I came across Mick Hart's
Layman's Guides to Steroids and had the best cycle of my
life with no side effects and kept 90% of my gains."

Arlington, TX USA


"Sensible, level advice from one of the best in the
business. Mick's been telling it 'as it is' almost for more
years than I've had hot dinners. Mick's book is one I return
to again and again when it comes to steroids."

Steve Gardener
Publisher of Muscle Mob Magazine, and


"I learnt more about steroids from these two books than I
did from over ten years gym time. I also learned that using
anabolic steroids need not be as dangerous and haphazard as
I previously thought. Along with this the books also contain
a lot of nutritional and training information that made me
approach my training in a completely different and much more
productive way.

I seriously recommend these manuals to anybody who not only
cares about their training but about their health. Serious
information delivered in a manner everyone can understand. A
great read."

Liverpool, England.


"I've since read books on this subject that were bigger and
more expensive than The Laymans Guides. Most of them get far
too technical and leave you more confused than when you

Mick's policy is to stick with the basics, and since reading
The Guides it's become my policy as well - because it

Dundee, Scotland.


"Thanks to your Layman's Guides I have gone from an absolute
steroid newbie to an intelligent and informed user in no
time at all.

I have achieved incredible results using the steroids,
cycles and advice in your books and with ZERO side effects.
I can honestly say that my progress has made me the envy of
the gym. I have a much better condition than some of the so
called big boys, who have been training years - and who
resemble what you describe as "water carriers".

I'm certain I saved years of screwing around experimenting
for myself, not to mention the cash I could have wasted on
gear and supplements I didn't need.

I have even told everyone I did it natural. Fuck 'em,
they'll have to find out the truth for themselves !!!"

Anthony M.
- Manchester U.K.

Mick Hart's Layman's Guides to Steroids - Click here to learn more

Here's the links you need again:-
2) Mick Hart's "Layman's Guide to Steroids" - click here

Note that Mick currently has an offer on his Layman's Guides, We strongly
recommend that you take a look right away before the price goes up !!

Chris Hart

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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