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1986 Mr. Olympia DVD Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews 1986 Mr. Olympia DVD Review

1986 Mr. Olympia (Historic DVD) Lee Haney wins his 3rd Consecutive Mr. Olympia Title. The field may have only been 15 competitors, but they were all of an incredible standard. The 15 men finished in this order: Lee Haney (1), Rich Gaspari (2), Mike Christian (3), Albert Beckles (4), Berry de Mey (5), Peter Hensel (6), Bertil Fox (7), Ron Love (8), John Terilli (9), Josef Grolmus (10), Tom Platz (11), Jusup Wilkosz (12), Ed Kawak (13), Frank Richard (14), Gary Leonard (15). BUY IT NOW 1986 Mr. Olympia (Historic DVD)




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1986 Mr. Olympia Review

The DVD started off with a song created specifically for the Mr. Olympia production. It showed past competitors who were also going to compete at the 1986 show.

Next up, Joe Weider and Lou Ferrigno said a few words and announced the $125,000 prize money before the show began.

Mike Christian

Mike posed to the song "Just Flex". This is an old seldom heard song. I highly doubt you would be able to download it anywhere. Maybe I will upload it sometime since it is not available anywhere from what I can tell. While I would have to say that the video quality for the 1986 production wasn't the best ever, I could still tell that Mike Christian was looking excellent. This was one big bodybuilder - he was 6'1 and probably around 250 pounds. Those are linebacker proportions. His back was huge as were his arms which were separated and deeply striated (triceps). He was huge all over. The striations in his delts were also very impressive. When he hit a front lat spread it was crazy how impressive his taper was.

Mike Christian 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Mike Christian 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Rich Gaspari

Rich posed to the song "The Final Countdown" by Europe. At 23 years old he had developed some muscle density and conditioning that others couldn't look like until they were 40, and even at 40 didn't look that way. Talk about an impressive kid. To think that Mike Christian was about to turn 31 and still was not at Rich's level (but close of course). You have to think about this: at the 1986 Pro World, Rich Gaspari came first and Mike Christian came second. At the time Rich had just turned 23 years old and Mike was 30 going on 31 that year! Not that 30 is old by any stretch of the imagination but you have to think that it is definitely a few years which Mike had on Rich to gain life experience and more specifically to improve as a bodybuilder.

Rich Gaspari 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Ron Love

Ron was looking awesome at what was probably around 195 pounds at a height of 5'9. Ron is my height so I would love to have his physique. A lot of pros who compete nowadays and way too big and roided out for my tastes but Ron has that more natural look - not to say the average person could look anything like Ron as a natural. It would definitely take juice for me to ever look like Ron, but Ron is still alive and health at the age of 55 so I would suspect that he juiced moderately in his day! If only pro bodybuilders today could give these anabolic compounds the respect they deserve. Everything I say here is speculation as I have no evidence Ron juiced other than the muscle mass he attained - I just know that for me to ever look like that I would need to give a full out dedication to bodybuilding and nutrition and also use steroids. I may never look like him because I lack the genetics, but looking at these moderate eighties juicers really makes me want to use roids lol! Nowadays the competitors are way too big. Ron posed to "I Have Learned to Respect the Power of Love" by Stephanie Mills.

Ron Love 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Josef Grolmus

Josef posed to the "The Final Countdown". He had a respectable showing and was very balanced with no particular strong or weak points. In this lineup he had some fierce competition but definitely looked good.

Albert Beckles

Albert is one of my favourites. His age has been the topic of much debate on message boards related to bodybuilding and from what I know he was born somewhere between 1930-1940 lol. Joe Roark who is a very learned IFBB historian claims that Albert was born in 1938, putting him at age 48 at this contest. Albert posed to some powerful Operatic like music at this contest and was a truly excellent poser.

Albert Beckles 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Albert Beckles 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Jusup Wilkosz

Jusup had similar posing music to Albert in that it was majestic in its nature. Jusup was a big man, weighing in at around 230 at 6'0. At this size he was powerfully built but still looked like a human being with an attainable build - but even "attainable" or what would appear to be attainable as a natural is usually not the case. It would take a great deal of dedication to training and nutrition to look like Jusup as well as some anabolic enhancements. He did say in an interview for the 1983 Mr. Olympia that he spent five hours a day in the gym - crazy!

Peter Hensel

Remember that any claim I make about juice in this review is sheer speculation, but looking at Peter I saw yet another moderate juicer from the eighties. What an awesome physique! He was about 5'10 and 230 pounds and looked amazing. He posed to "I Want to Break Free" by Queen and then the Ghostbusters theme music. He was big and shredded but had an awesome physique that many young men entering the gym would want to look like - he was big without being big enough to put people off by his size. Amazing physique.

Lee Haney
USA (1994/1985 Champion)

Lee posed to some awesome theme music. There were no lyrics so I can't tell you what exactly that music is, but I can tell you that it matched his physique and posing style well. Gary Strydom posed to the same music at the 1988 Mr. Olympia. Lee was an incredible specimen. Talk about great balance and proportions. He was probably the closest there has ever been to a mass monster version of Flex Wheeler.

Lee Haney 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Ed Kawak

Ed was a powerfully built mesomorphic bodybuilder. He had a physique that reeked of strength and power. He was extremely Herculean. If anything, he could stand to drop down in size in order to present a more balanced package. He had muscle just popping off his frame - typical of the trend which we started to see more and more of in the nineties. From what I can tell he posed to a Janet Jackson song.

Tom Platz

Tom's legs were ridiculous they were so sick. I couldn't even believe it. They were the freakiest legs in the history of bodybuilding. Tom posed to the song "Ride Like The Wind" by Christopher Cross. Tom then posed to "Twist and Shout" by the Beatles. The crowd loved this. They were cheering like nuts. Tom was really milking the crowd as well. If you like Tom I would highly recommend you check out either of his two seminar DVDs by GMV. They are damn good productions and Tom is really candid in them speaking on every topic ranging from training to nutrition to steroids (which he speaks about very openly).

Tom Platz 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Tom Platz 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Berry Demay

Berry also posed to the song "The Final Countdown". Berry was very popular in the eighties because he was tall and blonde and young and good looking. At 6'1 he looked amazing and had a physique I would gladly want. His back was incredibly detailed and in condition, as were his delts, arms, abs, and the whole works! He looked great. He probably needed a bit more size and density to match up with the remainder of the top guys, but by any stretch he looked awesome.

Gary Leonard

Gary posed to some interesting music (no lyrics). It suited his slow and majestic posing very well. He had a great physique like so many of the other champs.

John Terilli

John posed to the song "Ride" by Robert Earl Keen (from what I could tell). He was another great physique who unfortunately was unable to place well at the show because of the depth of the competition.

Frank Richard

Frank looked incredible - bear in mind he was 41 years old at the time of the show. That is the same age Ronnie was when he won the Mr. Olympia in 2005. Talk about amazing. His rear lat spread was incredibly wide and his overall back density and conditioning was extremely impressive. His vascularity was excellent and he had striated shoulders. He posed to the same music he used at the 1985 Mr. Olympia and the crowd loved him. He competed until the age of 44! Very impressive. Moderation is the key!

Frank Richard 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Frank Richard 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Bertil Fox

Bertil looked good - big and in condition. He had a huge chest and big arms, and any pose showing off his arms looking amazing. He posed to "I Want to Break Free" by Queen. Bertil's legs were cut and his calves were huge - this was especially impressive given that it is a well known tidbit of info in the bodybuilding world that black bodybuilders generally have weaker calves than their white peers (and white bodybuilders are known for wider waists). Bertil never had this problem. Some of his contemporaries of his day such as Roy Callendar and Tony Pearson had weak calves. Bertil was simply not a bodybuilder who had this flaw. His back was also very detailed. If you are interested in Bertil, definitely check out his two training DVDs as well as his seminar, all produced by GMV:

Bertil Fox Seminar Plus Posing (DVD) Bertil Fox Seminar Plus Posing (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $34.95

Bertil Fox 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Next up, Ben Weider announced Arnold and his accomplishments. Arnold was presented with a plaque.

The Top Six:

The top six were up next. All the top six looked incredible and all ahd their respective strengths. The front lat spread was definitely owned by Mike Christian who had a tiny waist and huge upper body muscularity to create an excellent taper. Rich Gaspari's density was amazing and Albert Beckles looked great as the senior citizen on stage. Mike Christian's side triceps pose was incredible and very striated but Rich Gaspari had him beat in the density department. Rich would flex very hard and looked to be carved from stone. Rich Gaspari's most muscular pose couldn't be any thicker - if it was it would probably explode! He had literally packed as much mass on his frame as possible.

Top Six Posedown 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

6th - Peter Hensel - $4,000
5th - Berry Demay - $6,000
4th - Albert Beckles - $9,000
3rd - Mike Christian - $13,000
2nd - Rich Gaspari - $38,000
1st - Lee Haney - $55,000

Lee did receive some boos when he received first place. I'm not exactly sure who the crowd wanted to win. Lee was given a perfect score, but maybe the crowd would have been happier with someone else crowned champion. I'm not sure who exactly they had in mind, but I know that some others who were announced their placings received boos which happens when the crowd wants them to place higher.

Lee Haney 1986 Mr. Olympia Contest

Overall Review:

Talk about an excellent show. This is classic bodybuilding at its best. In the seventies and eighties, bodybuilding was so much more appealling to me than it is now. Or at least it is appealling to me in a way that I like in a different way - I want to look like the guys in this DVD. The guys today impress me and are very entertaining to watch but I can't say that I would ever want to look like them. If you are looking for an old school production with physiques much different than those presented today, this DVD is the one for you.

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1986 Mr. Olympia (DVD)
Retail Price: $49.95 Our Price: $39.95

Take care,

Matt Canning

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