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2001 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results

2001 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Art Atwood - Overall Winner! Super Heavyweight
2nd Mat DuVall
3rd Stokely Palmer
4th Chris Martin
5th Noah Steer
6th Edward Moyzan
7th Gus Malliarodakis
8th Toney Freeman
9th Allen Fortney
10th Leon Parker
11th Tom Vigliatura
12th James Bivens
13th Ron Noreman
14th Andrew Snyder
15th Daryl Jones
16th Marty Trubilla
16th Douglas Kutchman
16th Anthony Ramos
16th Michael Palazzo
16th Darron Easterling
1st Branch Warren Heavyweight
2nd Gus Carter
3rd Darrell Terrell
4th David Watson
5th Doug Jabalee
6th Joseph Carlton
7th Ronnie Adam
8th Thomas Rieke
9th Lorenzo Alderete
10th P.D. Devers
11th George Turmon
12th Mark Perry
13th Marion Benton
14th James Wynn
15th Jeff Schwartzer
16th Mohamad Moussawi
1st Johnnie Jackson Light Heavyweight
2nd Eddie Linda
3rd Michael Valentino
4th Brian Chamberlin
5th Sebastian Zona
6th Vinny Galanti
7th Kris Dim
8th Ronald Brown
9th Mark Dugdale
10th Jason Benjamin
11th Darrell Monson
12th Vincent Scarcella
13th David Wisdom
14th Curtis Bryant
15th Bryant Pangelinan
16th Vincent Brihm
1st Eric Otero Middlweight
2nd Johnny Stewart
3rd Tricky Jackson
4th Bobby Thompson
5th Anthony Watkins
6th Chris Caudy
7th Silvio Schillen
8th Rashid Shabazz
9th Craig Torres
10th Wilbert Lock
11th David Henry II
12th Jack Guyette Jr.
13th Ron Wedgeworth
14th Joshua Fred
15th Todd Scott
16th James Donaldson
1st Jose Raymond Lightweight
2nd Derik Farnsworth
3rd Chickel Azor
4th Milton Berry
5th Owen McCurty
6th Donald Higgins
7th Cheung Teav
8th Jimmy Canyon
9th Danny Gutierrez
10th Franky DiCicco
11th Randy Jackson, Sr.
12th Ken Phelps
13th Daniel Stern
14th Michael Matassa
15th Timothy Holder
16th John Caraccio
16th Scott Miller
16th Richie Izzo
16th Shane Prichard
16th Jason Bulter
16th Paul Woodard
16th Gene Johnson
16th Leslie Eddins
16th Alex Roberts
1st Ricky Parks Bantamweight
2nd Henderson Gordon
3rd Jonny McKnight
4th Clifton Torres
5th Lance Herano
6th Michael Wick
7th Ronald A. Nurse
8th George Gibson
9th Jim King
10th Al Ferraro
11th Tony Harris
12th Chris Rhodes
13th Dale Pierce
14th Roland Huff
15th Manny Vigil
16th Jerry Bell, Jr.
16th Richard Ligenza
16th Shawn Boutwell
16th Dino Lupi


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