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2003 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results

2003 NPC National Men's Championships - Contest Results
Place Athlete Class
1st Mat Duvall - Overall Winner! Super Heavyweight
2nd William Wilmore
3rd Erik Fromm
4th Gus Carter
5th Stokely Palmer
6th Dave Palumbo
7th Omar Dechard
8th Sean Allen
9th Blair A. Mone
10th Lorenzo Alderete
11th Leon Parker
12th Wondell Leflore
13th Rudy Richads
14th Garey MacDowell
15th Christopher Bennett
16th Edward Abner
16th Andrew Bates
16th James Bivens
16th Matt Cooke
16th Carlos Garzon
16th Kenny Gibson
16th Andrew Giordonello
16th Lamar Goodwin
16th Adam Hlas
16th Rusty Jeffers
16th Andrew Jemmott
16th Daryl Jones
16th Ron Koczynski
16th Adam Lyons
16th Malcolm Marshall
16th Charles McGrue
16th Frank Meincke
16th Korbie Ntiforo
16th Sherwin Pagtakhan
16th Michale Palazzo
16th Rich Piana
16th Erick Seng
1st Frank Roberson Heavyweight
2nd Jeff Schwartzer
3rd William Owens
4th Darrell Terrell
5th Lionel Brown
6th Sebastian Zona
7th Marcus Haley
8th Mark Perry
9th Harold W. Chery
10th Grigori Atoyan
11th Joseph C. Carlton Jr.
12th Thomas Rieke
13th Al Newson
14th Jonathan Rowe
15th Larry Pollack
16th Robert Benavente
16th Sean Calder
16th David Coleman
16th Kirk DeFrancesco
16th Charles Dorsey
16th Gary Harden
16th Tab Hunter
16th Harry Johnson, III
16th Phil McDowell
16th Brian Miller
16th Terry Mollica
16th Dylan Scheidler
16th Reginald Smith
16th Rodney Thomas
16th Troy Thomas
16th Victor Tringali
16th George Wright
1st Kris Dim Light Heavyweight
2nd Roc Shabazz
3rd Curtis Bryant
4th Fakhri Mubarak
5th Moonty Mabry
6th Joe Mazzone
7th Prince Fontenot
8th Sonny Thomason
9th Aaron I. Garza
10th Tommy Brown
11th Craig A. Torres
12th Michael D. Smith
13th Vinny Galanti
14th Luis Orozco
15th Roland Destina
16th James T. Wynn Sr.
17th Reggie Anderson
17th Tim Anderson
17th Don Alessi
17th Jermaine Bell
17th Donald Bridgers Jr.
17th Michael Brown
17th Brian Clyde
17th Jean Claude Desardouin
17th Lloyd Dikkar
17th Carl Freeman
17th Daryl French
17th Keith Guyton
17th Bobby Holmes
17th Steve McNamara
17th Mark Neal
17th David Pulcinella
17th Paul Reneman
17th Brenton Rousey
17th Karl Sheldon
17th Corey Simpson
17th Jerry Standifird
17th Bobby Thompson
17th Ron Thompson
17th Nathaniel Wonsley
1st Jimmy Canyon Middlweight
2nd Stan McQuay
3rd Pablo Mills
4th Jose Raymond
5th Paul Smith
6th Steven Starks
7th Garrett D. Allin
8th Richie Daggs
9th Anthony W. Marmon
10th Jeff Cook
11th Danny Gutierrez
12th Julio Navarro
13th Tom Jimenez
14th Charles J. Dixon
15th Ricky Jackson
16th John Andrews
16th Jorge Betancourt
16th Ray Barnett
16th Roy Chappelle
16th Jason Croce
16th Daniel Demas
16th Chris Donaldson
16th Chris Eaddy
16th Robert M. Evans
16th Joshua Fred
16th Timothy Jackson
16th Robert Kreider
16th John A. Lopez
16th David Mills
16th Michael E. Moore Jr.
16th Edward Mosley
16th Tyson Palardy
16th Anthony Pattigrew
16th Todd Vignola
1st Marc Jacobs Lightweight
2nd Henderson Gordon
3rd Roland Aki
4th Al Ferraro
5th Mike Martini
6th Jerry T. Serna
7th Perry McRae
8th Atilano Escobar
9th Edis Castillo
10th Chickel Azor
11th Jim Propst
12th Allan L. Terrell
13th Bruce Thompson
14th Travis Rogers
15th Cheung Teav
16th Hector Cruz
16th Victor Del Campo
16th Raul Felicino
16th Hal Kreitman
16th Jonny Traynor
16th Chris Thomas
16th Art Suwannarute
16th Hector Cruz Vasquez
1st Marvin Ward Bantamweight
2nd Lazarus Angulo
3rd Roland Huff
4th Kenneth B. Rios
5th Silvio Schillen
6th Johnny McKnight IV
7th George Gibson
8th John A. Fama
9th David N. Wilson Jr.
10th Mike Su
11th Carl J. Lapeyrouse
12th Jerry Bell Jr.
13th Calvin Choy
14th Michael A. Echevarria
15th Ed Pettner


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