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2005 Mr. Olympia Posters - Two Posters from the Bodybuilding Contest Articles Database Articles by Writer Milos Sarcev Info, Pictures & More! 2005 Mr. Olympia Posters - Two Posters from the Bodybuilding Contest

Check out these posters from the 2005 Mr. Olympia Contest. This is the original poster:

2005 Mr. Olympia Poster

And here is the modified poster, where Chris Cormier was replaced with Gustavo Badell:

2005 Mr. Olympia Poster

And below is a novelty poster created by "Das Schwäbische Grauen" of Milos Sarcev's board:

2005 Mr. Olympia Poster

The message below was originally found HERE from Jessica Badell:


"To all out there,

Is indignant to see the great lack of respect and open demonstration of racial discrimination that this year organization of the Mr. Olympia has displayed in this poster. You can see in the poster last year's 1st place, 2nd place, 5th place, 6th place, 7th place and a new guy who, even though I'm sure is a good bodybuilder, has never been in an Olympia stage before. Now, What happened to last year's 3rd place? Doesn't Gustavo Badell deserves to be in that poster too? Hasn't he earned his place in that poster? Or Latinos aren't allowed to be used for Mr. Olympia promotion? I wonder...This looks like racial discrimination to me.

Do they don't know that Latinos are the largest minority group in the U.S. ? They buy supplements, videos, DVDs, t-shirts, posters, and yes, pay-per-view. They contribute a great deal to the sport, so why can't they be represented as well.

Also, What's wrong with Gustavo? Noone has given him any good placings, everything he has achieved so far has been well earned. He has worked very hard to be where he's today, has never complained about anything, but the people in charge just keep ignoring him. WAKE UP!! and smell the coffee, 'cause like it or not, HE'S THIRD IN THE WORLD.

Gustavo hasn't seen the poster yet, he's overseas doing an appearance. I don't know what he's reaction is going to be when he sees it, all I know is how proud he feels to be part of the IFBB top athletes and part of the sport. It's sad that the Federation doesn't feel that way toward its athletes.

Jessica Badell"


Milos Sarcev replied with this comment found HERE


Gustavo is premier bodybuilder and nobody can take that away from him...All that work finally paid off - and certainly tell Gustavito it is not for "nothing"...

Everything Gustavo got - he earned it...Nothing was given to him and he force "them" to give him proper recognition, respect and finally - placing. He is IFBB professional champion and top three competitor in three of the strongest IFBB shows - OLYMPIA, ARNOLD CLASSIC and the GNC SHOW.

For me it is extreme pleasure and true enjoyment being in his corner...and AS YOU KNOW - I'll be there as long as he needs me.

Not being on the poster is the last thing that should bother him...He wasn't on the poster last year...he wasn't even called out for quite a while...but once he stepped on that stage - nobody could ignore him...

And I know that he is proudly representing all the LATINO's...and I know that he is loved by so many of them...He made them proud once...he'll do it again!

Tell Gustavito to make a list of the fitness girls he wants to be photographed with...That is what should be on his mind...(well...with your permission - off course) --------------------------------------------------

Take care,

Matt Canning

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