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AB SLIDE THE INFOMERCIAL MARVEL!? Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by Stephane Lajoie AB SLIDE THE INFOMERCIAL MARVEL!?


During the last few years, we all saw that little blue machine on every TV infomercials across North America. It was supposed to work wonders, to transform your fat gut into the six-pack of your wildest dreams and tone your entire upper body in only a few minute a day. Like it or not, it was catchy! Presented by beautiful girls in skimpy outfits, the offer seemed interesting but so over the top that I just laughed and switch the channel.

A couple a months later, the Ab Slide once again appeared but this time, on the shelf of a Hart's retail store, half the price it was originally. For 15 dollars, I decided to give it a try and bought it.

Rolling Off the Floor:

For those who do crunches and sit-ups until the cows come home, the Ab Slide can be an effective replacement or a useful addition to their existing abdominal workouts.

Thinking about it, the Ab Slide is a pretty simple machine. It has two handles, one on each side, and works with a torsion spring resistance mechanism. To execute the movement, the person have to get on his knees and rolls the Ab Slide forward to a certain distance (closer to the body for beginners and further for those in shape) and bring back the Ab Slide toward her by using the abdominal muscles. The movement should be a slow but consistent one.

The Ab Slide main focus is toning the midsection. His rolling effect allows the abdominals to be isolated, causing an effective extension of the muscle in the rolling forward part of the movement and a good contraction of the muscles during the rolling back part.

It's also a good machine to stretch and warm-up the arms, shoulders, and back muscles.

Make it Work:

But to get results out of the Ab Slide, perfect form is necessary. Arching the back too much could result in back pain and neck injuries.

Also, executing the movement by simply rolling forward and backward without using the abs or contracting them will make the exercise absolutely useless. It is recommended to do your Ab Slide workout on a hard but not slippery surface.

But the Ab Slide alone won't give you awesome abs. A good diet and regular exercise are crucial to attain success. Combine with the Ab Slide, diet and exercise are the best way to make your abs shine!

My Two Cents:

Since January, I used the Ab Slide everyday and I like the burning effect it procures very much. The exercise should be performed to failure for maximum results. But if you do a lot of sets on the Ab Slide, you probably don't use it correctly.

Since it gives a good stretch to the upper body, I like to use it after my weight lifting.

So the Ab Slide experience is a positive one. It is not the miracle machine promised by the infomercial but it delivers the goods. So get down and roll those abs out!

Train Hard,

Stephane Lajoie

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