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US ISP's Ban Steroid Encyclopedia... Find Out Why Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by US ISP's Ban Steroid Encyclopedia... Find Out Why

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Well what do you know... It appears that a certain (or maybe
even several) ISP's have decided that it is in your best interests
NOT to visit

(An ISP, or Internet Service Provider is the company we use
to connect to the 'Net)

Nice of them don't you think, to take the decision for you.
To decide what we should be able to see.

Let me explain. Here's the message that one member recently
got on his web page when he tried to connect to Steroid

The Internet content you are trying to access has been
blocked. To override this block click here. If you feel this
site has been blocked incorrectly, click here to notify.

Copyright 2001 8e6 Technologies.
8e6 Technologies TM

Now there's a couple of issues about this that are worth
talking about here...

1. Why do they feel the need to ban Steroid Encyclopaedia
and who the fuck do they think they are taking that decision
for you?

2. Whose being responsible I ask?

3. Find another ISP -- ASAP

4. The ultimate tool if you want to screw them all.

5. Please feel free to reprint this article anywhere you
wish, but leave the link to

Let's take a look at each point


Don't some people just piss you off.

I mean SE is a site about steroids, a responsible site at
that. One that does NOT promote steroid use. (Take a read of
this article from a concerned parent and law enforcement
officer to learn more about what SE stands for

Sure, we have a positive approach to steroid use, BUT the
goal of the site, which is very clear, is to make available
trustworthy and reliable information to protect the health
of anyone who has taken the decision to use steroids, and to
provide impartial advice and information to those who are
thinking about steroid use.

That responsible advice also includes links to reliable
steroid suppliers. Why? So that people don't get sold fake
gear like this guy did (who almost lost his life because he
was sold shit gear)
you'll understand why we put links to steroid sources.

Now that Mr. Dickhead ISP owner is called being fucking
responsible !!!

What is not responsible, even worse it's absolutely
pathetically deplorable is to insult the intelligence of a
human being and decide on his behalf what information he
should see and read.

The company behind the "content banning" system is a bunch
of pricks over at this website

It seems that they sell their technology to ISP's so that
between them and the ISP they can start to control what we
are all allowed to view.

Well I have 2 things to say to you people.

Firstly: Fuck off -- I am a big boy now and perfectly
capable of deciding for myself what I want to see. If YOU
don't want to look at a certain site then good for you. But
please keep your opinion to yourself and leave me alone.

Secondly: You are doomed to fail my dickhead friends in your
attempt to control things.

Here's a great example. Learn from it.

I remember a song from the Sex Pistols, called " Friggin in
the Riggin" (or possibly "On the Good Ship Venus", can't
remember, but it doesn't matter) when I was about 14 years
old, 20+ years ago

Went something like this....

"It was on the good ship Venus, by Christ you should have
seen us, the figurehead was a whore in bed and the mast an
erect penis... The Captain of this tugger he was a dirty
bugger, he wasn't fit to shovel shit from one place to
another. Friggin in the riggin, friggin in the riggin, were
friggin in the riggin cause there's fuck all else to
do.....etc etc."

Loads of fucks and things (Friggin means fucking just in
case you didn't know)

In the UK the song and video was banned by some shithead,
moral crazy, "I know what's good for you", totalitarian
prick called Mary Whitehouse.

When she banned it the sales soared.

Everyone wanted to know why it was banned, so they bought it
to find out. As a result it was the top sold record for ages
in the UK, everyone knew that was the case even though it
never appeared on the official charts.

Amongst the youth of the time (people like me) you were
considered a faggot if you didn't have a copy and didn't
know the words. And as you can tell from the lyrics above,
which I remember from more than 20 years ago, I was not
considered a faggot :-)

This was a big embarrassment for the authorities, and the
Sex Pistols laughed all the way to the bank. And if I'm not
mistaken they actually thanked Mary Whitehouse in the words
of a later song for being such a silly ass.

Mary Whitehouse then became a national joke. She even had
her own "puppet" on "Spitting Image" a huge UK "take the
piss out of everyone" comedy -- damned good one too.

Hehehehe..... fucking great eh? Good on the Sex Pistols I
say. The message was loud and clear -- If you don't want to
listen to the song then fine, just switch off the fucking
radio. But DO NOT take that decision for someone else, as it
will blow up in your stupid face, and have the exact reverse

So back to the Internet content banning, what's strange
about this attempt is that this is a US based ISP. The "Land
of the Free. This hasn't happened in some third world,
dictator controlled society.

Here's another few examples about banning things... relate
to the US.

Well did you know that cocaine is banned. Of course. Yet the
US has 5% of the planet's population and 50% of the planet's
cocaine consumption. Try banning it more maybe that'll help!

Also steroid are illegal. Well Mr. dickhead ISP, did you
know that when you cheer the US team in the Olympic games
that they are full of steroids.

Did you know that when you watch your favorite sports like
American football, baseball, basketball, cycling or
whatever, that those athletes you cheer for are full of

Did you also know that when you watch a film, most of those
Hollywood heroes are full of steroids. Even the women use
all kinds of shit to stay slim and defined.

Steroids are an integral part of not just the US, but most
countries society today. And they are banned.

You see banning things just doesn't work. The more you try
to suppress something the stronger it comes back at you.
It's one of the universal and unavoidable laws of physics...
"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

In words that you can understand Mr. Dickhead ISP... the
harder you try to ban something the more easily it becomes

As I said you and those tits over at are doomed to failure.


Steroid use is huge, and get's bigger ever year, and will
continue to do so just like cosmetic surgery.

BUT the amount of responsible information available is
limited. That means accidents. It means incorrect steroid
use. It means people get ripped off buying gear, or even
worse got sold fake and dangerous gear.

There is a need for responsible information to help people
who have decided that they want to stick steroids in their
body. (That is their right to decide and only theirs. As
long as it doesn't hurt anyone else who the fuck should say
they can't)

So SE helps to fill the need to give responsible and
intelligent information.

And what do you do I ask? You try to ban us.

By removing responsible information from people you are
increasing the problem -- you stupid people.


Now the US has literally thousands of ISP's -- all fighting
for business. So don't take any shit. Don't let your ISP
treat you like a kid. If he does then dump him ASAP and get

Don't mess around. Hit them where it hurts, in their pocket.
They are trying to hurt you by removing your right to view
the information you choose. So dump them. No if's and but's,
no excuses or second chances. They are fucking with your
rights, so get rid of them.


Want to know the ultimate privacy tool?

It's the nightmare of those who want the Internet 100%
controlled. It's called Anonymizer, here's the link:-

They have 2 versions a free one, which is damned good even
if it does have a few restrictions and a paid for version
that gives you 100% privacy for $5 a month.

And if this doesn't work then it may well be that your
friendly ISP has been taking even greater care to look after
your interests and banned your access to the Anonymizer

If that's the case then get rid of your ISP now.

Protect your rights to privacy. If we let people remove our
right of "freedom to view whatever we wish on the 'Net" from
us, the we are all going down the shute fast !!! I mean
where will it end?


(But please leave the link to
when/if you reproduce it)

The fact that someone has chosen to dictate to another human
being what he can or cannot see on the Internet, when he's
in the privacy of his OWN house, on his OWN computer, in his
OWN time, has damn well pissed the whole team here right

I guess it has probably had the same effect on any one who
wishes to maintain his God given right to privacy and
freedom of choice.

So get the word out. Do you have a web site? Then post this
article. Have an ezine? Then send out this article. Do you
visit other discussion boards? Then post this message. (But
please leave the link to

The Internet represents the last bastion of absolute true
freedom. Don't let the fuckers take that away from us.

P.S. Here's little more "light hearted" reading for you...

-"I was just trying to retrieve my gerbil"

This was published several months ago, so if you have
already seen this then you can move right on to the next
article. For those who didn't look at the time, and newer
people to the ezine list, then you gotta check this out...

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