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Bench Press Tips
Fast Track to a Powerful Bench Press
By Ben Tatar

So You Want To Be A Big Time Bencher?


I think you should all get the bungee bands! THEY ARE AWESOME! Bungee bands are much easier to use and set up than the regular bands. I suggest a pair of strong bands too for reverse band bench press and squat. You will also need a pair of boards!!! They make training fun and make the gains real! The boards are made to strengthen the lockout and to overcome sticking points.

In the bench press we all have a sticking point. You want to get that sticking point stronger, in order to do this you must train one inch below that sticking point. This way you can push right through it.

bench press tips 2) SEE A COACH TODAY-

When people start training they bench with the bar high on their chest, they either train with lots of sets or only to max. This will keep them stagnant for years. Instead get a coach to put your training on a system so you're shooting for the starts and training has direction.

The coach can help you with technique, bench shirts and training. Why pass up the opportunity for someone who has achieved what you want that can take you there and beyond?


We all have our own style. Get someone to help you with the set up. The set up can take your bench to new places.

This is what I do.

I squeeze my shoulder blades together, tuck my chin in the whole time, and keep arching higher and higher! I grab the barbell with aggression and rotate my wrist in (This way I can keep my elbows in super hardcore) Next important step is to breathe hard!!!!!!! This expands my stomach and chest even more as I bring the barbell down to my lower chest.. My arch is super high, and I explode the weight up FAST in a straight line!!


Get the highest performance Poly or Denim you can find... Get the bench press shirt according to your groove and get use to it. See if you can hook up with a great bencher and that alone will increase your bench to enormous amounts in a day!

If you use my style of benching, go with a denim. You will want to learn to keep your head on the bench, and you will want to bench a little lower, like on your diaphragm. The bar path will not be straight either, you want it to drift back over your face and you want the elbows to flare out as you press. You kind of push up halfway in a straight line, then you let the bar drift over your face and you turn your elbows outward as you lockout the weight. It's almost a combination press/lateral raise motion with your arm.

The best shirt for this style would be a Karin Klein V-back Double Denim. (Get it with a canvas layer) Best shirt around. Check out or try the INZER double denim, open back radical cut.

The denim is easy to put on and off. (Can be done in a minute) The denim causes minor bruising compared to the poly shirt. The worst thing that happens is when you get the weight to touch; you will feel pressure on your sinuses.

The shirts work differently for different people and styles. Some believe that the Poly suits lighter lifters and Denim fits larger lifters. It is proven that Poly and Denim have both created many great benchers and all work well but you have to adapt and practice with them.

The most important aspect of the bench press shirt is, to tweak it until it is perfect! Most guys send their shirts back multiple times to get it perfect. You can also modify your own shirt or hire a personal tailor. Don't be satisfied with out-of -the-box performance.


Once you get the technique down, have the equipment you need and figured out the shirt it is your attitude that will determine where you take your bench press!

Do whatever you can to find your attitude! Get a training partner who thinks he is crazier than you, turn the volume up, find the beast in you, visualize the lift and set your mind and desire striving for more.

Put Attitude in your lifting and eating! WHEN YOU INCREASE YOUR ATTITUDE- YOU INCREASE YOUR BENCH!!!


Never say die, be determined, always get back up, and keep on going. Find a program that works for you and work it hard. Learn proper technique, diet, recovery and rehab. Have a group of training partners all dedicated to each other's success, without helpers it is a lost cause.

Now you just have to go through the journey. Let your experiences and open mind be your guide.


I would like to thank Mike Westerdal, Phil Guarino, Shawn Lattimer and Mike Witmer for informing me on the bench press. Remember, to keep asking questions because after a point benching is individualized and you will need to know what you must for your style to go to the next level.

Train Hard,

Critical Bench

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