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Ultimate Guide to Calve Development

For Those Stubborn Calves That Just Won't Grow

Calves are no doubt the most stubborn of all body parts to develop for most bodybuilders. Many of them will attest to this. Although there are a select few who have the genetics to overlook serious calve training, most people would have to work hard to make them their #1 body part. But never assume it is genetics alone which makes calves so big for most bodybuilding enthusiasts. Arnold himself had some of the best calves in the history of the sport, and this was achieved entirely through hard work, dedication, and countless hours in the gym on his part. Below are some tips for you to implement in your bodybuilding training which should help you develop the massive calves you've always wanted:

(1) Full Range of Motion

As always, in order to ensure proper and full development of your calves, it is essential you perform all calve moves with the proper emphasis throughout the entire range of motion. You need to lower your heels all the way to the bottom, getting a stretch, then raise them all the way to the top raising them high for a peak contraction.

(2) Use HEAVY weights

Yes...I know you've heard this before, in fact, you here it all the time. So how is this any different you ask? Well, as mentioned before, calves are probably the #1 most stubborn body part to develop, so while training with weights that aren't super heavy may work for some other body parts, with calves, it probably will not. Going heavy and with a lot of intensity will probably be the only way to get your calves to grow. You may have to treat every calve training session like a super intense shocking session, at least, compared to other, less stubborn body parts. Try to keep in mind that your calves are already constantly supporting your entire body weight whenever you are walking. Because of this, going heavier than you might expect would be normal is actually quite beneficial. Be sure to keep poundage high, for the highest quality of calve development.

(3) Cheat Reps

Since most calve exercises have a very long range of motion, when compared to many other body parts, it is sometimes a very good idea to cheat certain portions of the rep, for example, the middle phase of the range of motion during standing calve raises, where you will put the motion in a position where the most muscle fibers will be recruited.

(4) Myth: Calves Can Be Trained Daily

I'm sure you've heard this before. Probably more than once. Truthfully, calves (and abs, another great myth) are just like any other muscle and cannot be trained everyday without running the risk of overtraining. There is a certain basis for this argument; calves (and abs) are both smaller muscles, relatively, and because of that take less time than most to recover. Calves are also used more than other muscles because they are supporting your body weight whenever you are active throughout the day, and are used to more stress than other muscles, so it makes sense people can conclude with this myth. Train calves the same way you train any other body part, with a minimum of 72 hours rest between sessions, then decide from there if you think you would benefit from increasing the number of calve training sessions per week (most importantly, make sure you can handle it).

I hope these tips help you with your future calve training. Good luck!

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Take care,

Matt Canning

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