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Mick Hart is About to Tell You About the... BIG SECRET!

Well here it is - BIG style! The secrets that you ALL have been seeking, the "Holy Grails" of the bodybuilding - how to succeed in bodybuilding!

Article taken from The No Bull Collection - The fastest growing, no bullshit, hardcore bodybuilding and steroid mag in the world today

I am asked by bodybuilders the world over the same question time after time, "..... yeah but Mick, there must be a big secret to bodybuilding, after all, the pro's do not get that big just doing what we do, do they? They must be on far more gear than me AND it must be better quality!"

The last quest for knowledge led to my house. They left with a vast amount of secrets AND my telly, pots, pans, silverware, mucky videos and worst of all - my strimmer.

Most of these people usually assume the same things time after time without looking at the basic problems that are in front of them. These come in many different formats. To them it has got to be one or all of the following:

1. The amount or quality of the gear that they are using.
2. The equipment that they are using.
3. Their training partners are not pushing them hard enough.
4. The lack of a training partner!
5. Their training system is not hard enough.
6. The wife doesn't like me to be to muscular.
7. The wife is a fat ugly cow and she doesn't want me to look good as the girls will like me instead of her and her fat ugly arse! (I like that one a lot!).
8. The hubby is a fat ugly bastard and HE doesn't want YOU to look good as the BOYS will like YOU even more! (I like THAT one even better) ha!
9. The gym is not open on the hours that I like!
10. I cannot train at home, it is not the same. The weights are different!
11. I cannot afford to eat properly, plus the supplements are to expensive!
12. I cannot afford a personal trainer.

The list is literally endless and the excuses are even more varied but for now we will deal with the ones that we have here. There is more than enough to shame most of you into getting back into the gym.

The Secrets?
Although in reality you may think that these secrets are not really secrets, you are so very wrong. The first BIG secret is to TURN UP! Yep it is that easy. Missing workouts becomes a "routine" in itself. Once you have started a training system you have to keep up the momentum as best you can. OK, if you HAVE to miss a training session, let it be for a bloody good reason. Arnold was right (at least if wasn't lying his bollocks off for the camera) if you want to succeed nothing should deter you from your goals - NOTHING! It is like people who moan when someone else has won the lottery. "Lucky bastards!" Too right too, but they would not have won if they had not bought a ticket. It is no good moaning about it when you cannot be arsed to go out and buy a ticket that at least will give you a chance. Same thing goes for training; you cannot pull someone down for looking good when you cannot get your arse of that sofa and get down to the gym or upstairs in your own gym.

A great example is one of my friends friend who is actually very well off, he had built a beautiful gym extension onto his home, with ALL the trimmings, cost him above 20 big ones plus! He has trained in it maybe half a dozen times and has not been in there since. A few weeks ago, I was in the local pub and my mate said that he was pulling me down about my physique, basically saying that it is maybe ALL gear! I smiled and enjoyed the moment, if fact every time I see him, I do. To be honest there is gear in me, a shit load to be honest, but there is even more TRAINING time and hard work to back it up!
On a personal level, I am very proud to say that I have not missed ONE single training session in the last year and the results are very good indeed. Psychologically, if I did miss one now until I want to compete again (maybe) then to ME it could be quite disastrous, well to me anyway.

Secret No. 2
There has to be good reason to train. Without it you cannot expect success. Simply turning up without the right attitude needed to encourage the training it is not worth it. Your reasons have to be strong enough to keep you turning up whatever they may be.
Being in shape can give you a spark in your life second to none. The self-confidence that will ooze out of you will indeed shape the life that you have not seen as yet. It IS a real buzz I can tell you, but it has to be worked at. Stop kidding yourself and get on with the job that you started - or aren't you man (or woman) enough??

Another good point. If you follow a Master, a guide, a coach, then stick with them until you KNOW you have given your all. It's no good following your mentors advice for a few weeks only to give up without a fight. That reason alone really pisses me off big style! I have advised so many in my time and I KNOW that the advice IF followed will work, only to find that the advice and systems that I have followed have beed drastically changed by some fat arsed, pimple covered no-one who has only been training in equivalent years for as long as his dick actually is! Not long! Many of the great coaches have seen this over the years, it is so true.

This very fit lady may have a few secrets, we just do not know. But it reminds me of the sad case of a lady friend of mine who did the same pose with no knickers on in her kitchen. Her husband had just re-tiled the floor and she slipped onto the tiles literally suctioning herself onto the tiles. My friend called me to assist. He wanted to pour washing up liquid onto the floor near to her, er, sucker so that we could slide her into the hall where the cheaper tiles where. He didn't want to dmage the new tiles!! A very sad case indeed! NOT!!

Analyzing the Twelve Points!
The list of points that you have read are just a few that I have experienced over the years. There are of course more, but for the sake of time we will cover these for now, there should be enought to make you think a while - of this I am sure!

1. The amounts of gear, in SOME cases does affect the gains of SOME people - but note, as I have, the word SOME! Different people require all sorts of amounts in order that the gains kick in. But that does NOT mean it is a signal to take shit loads of gear, do not let that fool you, don't be tricked into it. Some pro's will tell you (in a roundabout way) that they take more than they do but most of it is a load of bollocks. I know a lot of athletes that take more than some pro bodybuilders. (Shhhh, Mick).
As for the quality? Well in this category I have to disagree that ALL pro's take quality gear. I will tell you why. Not many years ago, a few famous Olympians came over here to compete and guest pose in no certain order. I saw what gear that they were taking back with them. In all cases, no one would listen, why would they? Little old me telling BIG old them that their gear was shit? Tsk, tsk! Well if you are reading this old pro's, I think that you know NOW that it was shit! Told ya's you TOO self confident bastards!! Hee hee, didn't do TOO well did ya? Well you wouldn't on ordinary peanut oil eh? Ah well, I know that you are listening now, but it is too late.

2. The equipment they are using? Not in all cases, but of course if you have a VARIED amount of training tackle available then different muscles can be worked but in a lot of cases, nahh, another load of bull. Even with an old barbell and dumbell set a fair physique can be built. The good old pro's of yester year didn't do to bad did they? The differences that would be marked would be on the leg department of course. Heavy squatting for example, would be hard without stands so that would not only make a difference but it would be dangerous to perform good squats without to be honest. But with the right attitude, great physiques can be built with the basics - that IS fact!

3 & 4. No! If you cannot even think about doing it alone, pack it in. OK partner DOES help mainly in the safety department, but if you are not prepared to push yourselves, take up a sport that needs only you - like "bashing the old bishop" for instance! It may work then! The belief that you an do it no matter how hard should be the greatest strength and asset.

5. Whatever training system you have, you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. They all will work, but it depends on how much you want it to! Many have tried the old three day system that I have advised for years with great success, but those that have come back with zero results have, in most cases, given it no more than zero in the first place. That kind of attitude sucks especially if it is the advisors that get it in the neck because of the failure of the student.
Not turning up for training is the first step to failure. If you want to be a bodybuilder, then think like a champion - now that is one of the TRUE reasons a champ is a champ; they know that they will succeed before they even get there!! Nice.....!

6. Hmnnn, this one seems to be more apparent than we realize and it goes for both genders. But for the fact that I am a bloke, I have to speak from this side - ahem! Here goes...

Being in shape can have its advantages, looking good and feeling fit is the BEST revenge as most who have had arguments with the opposites will agree. Lots of guys have a problem when their training starts to take shape. Some don't like this as you tend to get a few more looks than normal. But on another level, if you start to get problems from your partner this can and does lead to missed workouts and eventually, if you are an under-the-thumb-pussy-whipped-limp dick, then you are in for big trouble. However, if you are of a strong mind and determined to succeed in your goals, then there is an answer to this type of problem. Go tell her to fuck off, get the pots washed and when she has done that, the lawn needs mowing whilst you are at the gym!! (Hee hee, that should get a few letters - I hope). By the way, it swings the other side too (must be these shorts??).

7 & 8 These two are really linked but explained easily. You must be one ugly twat if she is that bad. You will need some serious training up if she looks like a bulldog sucking a lemon flavoured wasp!

9. Well whoopdeefucking woo! Those selfish gym owners eh? Fancy not opening a gym up just for you? Me, me, me eh? Well looks like you are going to have to kick your own fat arse and maybe get in when there is a gap - tough! Who said training was going to be easy, bet it was you?

10. Another doozy! What difference? OK maybe the gym tackle is a bit prettier, more of it but it still is the same basically, it is heavy. No matter WHAT it is. A barbell will build muscle if you make it work for you. It WON'T if you are a couch potato. Get up them stairs or in that garage and start training for crying out loud!

11. I suggest that you get into fast food a bit more! Surprised? Shouldn't be, 'cos one of, nay THE best food that you can eat for bodybuilding is also one of the fastest - EGGS! Now you cannot get much better than that. At about 6 grams of near perfect protein you cannot lose and I still think that the price of eggs is good. I know a farm near me that sells cracked eggs - only a couple of quid a tray! When I called down there last week for a couple of trays he said that he didn't have any cracked eggs left, he only had the uncracked sort. I thought I was being funny when I said, "OK mate, then will ya crack me a couple of dozen!!" Nahh, he didn't laugh too - just like you!

12. You snobby arse! I thought a personal trainer was a single track shoe that was your own! Why not take up tiddlywinks if you need a personal trainer - pussy!

No Secrets
There are none really - sorry and all that. Training has to be wanted so bad, you have to literally taste it, live it and believe that you can succeed in order to have a chance at being a success. The pro's do have an edge - they believe in what they do and that is why they will always get where they want to go.

That belief can win you trophies, it can bring you success, it can make you a better person for trying. My good friend Mike Mitchell, Scottish NABBA President is a perfect example of a man with such beliefs. He came to me for advice many years ago and I am honoured to say that I guided him some of the way. He has beaten near everything in his path, including leaukimia, to be a winner, now he is the President of a bodybuilding union - NOW THAT is a true winner. He is a champion and he is my friend. It is MY honour to have been a small part of his success story.

You can blame everyone else for your own failures, but how quick are you to praise yourself when something goes right. There has to be a perfect balance. When things are not going to good, don't stop and pack it in, slow things down a little but keep going, that is the main thing. If you are not strong, be as strong as you can be, but keep going. Mark on the wall the days that you have turned up, not missing a workout and keeping the weeks totting up can be a great psychological boost to your ego. I can guarantee that this works a lot.

Remember this, my favourite quotation:
"The tree which needs two arms to span its girth sprang from the tiniest shoot. Yon tower, nine stories high, rose from a little mound of earth. A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one single step".

Article taken from The No Bull Collection - The fastest growing, no bullshit, hardcore bodybuilding and steroid mag in the world today

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