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A Big Thank You

Here's a nice thank you letter we got recently...

"Hi Guys!!

I just wanted to express my profoundest personal thanks and appreciation for all the work and dedication you keep on continuing to put into what I consider to be a brilliant and fantastic website ! (And I'm a seasoned Internet Surfer, well used to investigating hundreds of websites with 
suspicion and thoroughness)!!

I haven't stopped thanking MY stars that there are guys like yourselves out there where guys like myself can turn to for help and support and safely ask questions about self-improvement which are considered far too Taboo to dare to ask elsewhere!

Also, I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for a great and fascinating free monthly ezine!! I always read every bit of mine from start to finish!

And I would also like to add, I've already found your list of steroid suppliers is just absolutely EXCELLENT! Sincere and Honest men, conducting sincere and honest business, providing products of the very highest and finest quality!

Keep up the great work!!!

Well WELL worth every last penny of my paltry membership fee! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read some of the ungrateful emails you've received which you published in last month's ezine! LOL!

Yes, I am absolutely delighted in every way, shape and form with my membership at the Steroid Encyclopaedia Website, and I would like you to pass that on to all the guys there, (if you wish)! 

You could maybe call it something like: an open letter to all the members and staff at steroid encyclopaedia from a pleased and happy member, or something like that, perhaps.

They are a great bunch, especially the Board Moderator guys! I hold them in awe, some of them, like Thick, and Jim, because you can sense when you read everything they have to say that they are helpful, highly experienced, caring, responsible,and intelligent people who really know what they are talking about, and deserve everyone's respect and appreciation! 

The Steroid Suppliers are great too! I've used two of them already, XXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXX! Great people to do business with! I sent XXXXXXXXXXX a 'Thank You' Email after I received my order: (It only took nine or ten days, all the way from China!!) and much to my surprise, it's been published on XXXXXXXXXXX's Website under 'references and testimonials' I felt really flattered and honoured to see it there! 

I tried to get some Anabolic Steroids from my Doctor here in Oxford because I'm so ashamed of my skinny, scrawny build, (something which has made me feel miserable and desperately unhappy all my life, and he flatly refused to prescribe me any)! 

I asked him several times after that, but it was a waste of breath!I've always known that for those who can get hold of them, there's nothing at all wrong with using them as long as they are used sensibly, responsibly and intelligently. 

And then I found out from a hefty-looking young guy working at GNC here in Oxford about this Website I could check out, called '', and all my prayers have been answered !

While I'm here, one further compliment I forgot to add (relating to the ezine). The way you structure and publish the ezine is also absolutely excellent. First class web authoring is evident to me there: Very professional! The navigation links etc. are a delight to use. Once again, though, I still feel compelled to say, keep up the great and wonderful work guys."

Yours most sincerely, 
G*** W***** from Oxford, England

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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