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So, what is the connection between the brain and the muscles in relation to your bodybuilding efforts?

The answer to this is that you use your central nervous system (CNS) i.e. the brain and spinal cord, to contract and co-ordinate your muscles in any activity, not just bodybuilding. Also, as your muscles develop, the CNS must also develop further in order to be able to efficiently use this new muscle tissue.

Therefore, it follows that the better the condition of your CNS, then the better you will be able to use your muscles both in terms of force production and in co-ordination and balance whilst lifting, and this translates to greater gains from your bodybuilding efforts each time you go to the gym.

How do you keep your CNS in good shape? To start with, you must make certain that you are not deficient in the B-group of vitamins (B vitamins) in your diet since these are very important for CNS function in addition to many others of the micro-nutrients (i.e. the vitamins and minerals, as opposed to the macro-nutrients i.e. the fats, carbohydrates and proteins).

Therefore, it is wise to take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement and perhaps also a separate B-vitamin supplement in addition due to the importance of these B-vitamins. Supplementing your diet with some of the numerous oils sold as supplements such as 'CLA' (conjugated linolenic acid), cod liver oil, star flower oil etc. is also of importance.

In today's society, depression is a very common condition that so many people have, and there is no way that you can train optimally when you are depressed because you just probably do not want to be in the gym.

If a few 'good nights out' does not clear it up, then go to your family doctor and get some Prozac that will get you back on track almost straight away.

For those of you who are extremely serious about your training, there is a class of drugs that can be used to stimulate the CNS in a variety of ways to assist in enabling almost super human performance from your muscles and even cardiovascular system, whilst avoiding over- stimulating you such that you cannot train properly.

They are loosely called 'smart drugs', and I will list some of them here in this article:

Caution: the best results (and safest use) of these drugs occurs when you are advised / prescribed by a medical doctor.

In a nutshell, each of these drugs increases alertness, increases concentration, increases efficiency of memory, causes increases in intelligence (hence called 'smart drugs'), increased oxygen supply to the brain, increased ATP production in the brain (ATP being the energy source for a vast array of biochemical reactions in the brain, and in other tissues of the body).

I will now list some of these drugs, and then it is up to you to do your own research into which ones are best suited to you (best done with the assistance of a suitable doctor):

Commonly used 'smart drugs' are: Anacervix,Centrophenoxine (Lucidril), L-Deprenyl,
Hydergine, Piracetam, Pramiracetam (Neupramir), Vinpocetine.

- Taken from Mick Hart's "No Bull"

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