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Clif Luna Bar Review By Steven S.

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This is Stephen Sidorski and the product I am reviewing is Luna Bar by Clif and the flavour is Nutz Over Chocolate. Even though this product is designed for women, I am not ashamed to say that I have tried it.

Actually I bought this bar in the United States because for some reason I could not find it at any brick and mortar stores in Canada. Of course just visit if you want to buy it as an early Xmas present for your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend or some other lady in your life.

The reason Luna Bar protein bars are primarily for women is because they are high in calcium, folic acid, are a small 48g portion, plenty of fibre and do not have too much protein as less than 20% of the bar is protein but you will notice this particular flavour has at least 70% organic ingredients. In addition, Luna is an active sponsor of the Breast Cancer Fund and its efforts to eliminate the environmental and preventable causes of the disease. Their website is for more information.

The nutrition is also very good because it is a considerable source of many vitamins and minerals. Another bonus is that Luna Bar is a low glycemic food which means it digests slowly for prolonged levels of satisfaction and energy. However, my rating is a three out of five for nutrition because each bar is about half carbs and nearly half of those carbs are sugar. Also each 48g bar has 6g of total fat and 3g saturated fat which are both fairly high for most women.

As for the taste of the bar, it is very good with a four out of five rating. The composition of the bar is made up by many ingredients including rice crisp which some women love because of its similarity to cereals such as Rice Krispies and Special K which are both made by Kelloggs. Other noticeable ingredients include peanut butter, peanuts, oats and hardly any chocolate. Luna Bar is certified Organic by QAI.

The following information is from one of the online sellers of Luna Bar: Luna Bar contains the nutrients you need to maintain both a healthy mind and body. In only 180 indulgently delicious calories, Luna Bar meets many of the specific nutritional requirements of active women. They include calcium for healthy bones, protein to rebuild muscle, anti-oxidants for overall wellness and folic acid and soy protein for you to have a healthy heart. Clif Bar Incorporated believes strongly that what we put into our bodies matters. LUNA Bars are the result of women who request a bar that is delicious, has fewer than 200 calories and is full of nutrients that are needed everyday. Luna Bar offers twenty-two vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in quantities that make a real contribution to your good health as well as fitness. 80% of women fail to get even two-thirds of the recommended daily intake for one or more nutrients. Luna Bar is a delicious way to get the nutrition you may be missing in your diet. A portion of the proceeds from sales of Luna Bars are donated to The Breast Cancer Fund.

Here is a special message aimed at which gender this product is targeted for: As women we know the way we eat makes a difference in how we feel. Food feeds our souls, lifts our spirits, nourishes and sustains us. So, why does finding the right thing to eat sometimes seem so complicated? With 70% organic ingredients, vitamins to meet the special needs of our bodies and flavours we love, Luna makes finding nourishment a bit simpler. Tell Luna who inspires you and maybe that message will be featured on the next Luna Bars produced.

Warning for those who have allergies: The Nutz Over Chocolate flavour of Luna Bar contains soy and peanuts as well as traces of dairy, wheat and tree nuts.

Luna Bar is distributed by Clif Bar & Company, Berkeley, CA 94710 USA. Their contact information is either or call 1-800-LUNABAR Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM Pacific Time. Clif Bar & Company was copyrighted in 2009. Clif and Luna are trademarks of Clif Bar & Company.

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Clif Luna Bar Clif Luna Bar - 15 Bars
Retail Price: $22.99 Our Price: $16.99

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