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Dexter Jackson's DVD - Titans (Part II), Video Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Dexter Jackson's DVD - Titans (Part II), Video Review

Titans Vol. II, III, IV Three muscle packed DVD's take you in the lives and workouts of Dexter Jackson, Victor Martinez, and Troy Alves. All three DVD's include bonus footage from Las Vegas. BUY IT NOW Titans Vol. II, III, IV




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For the DVD shoot, Dexter was training at WorldGym:

Jacksonville, Fl
October 11, 2004

He starts off his routine with the bench press, hitting up the following exercises and sets:
  • 225, 315, 405X6, and 365 (for reps).
  • Incline Dumbbell Press - 85s, 110s (for three sets).
  • Cable Crossovers (four sets).

In between sets, Dexter poses without his shirt on - he is looking VERY full. Dexter is normally known for his conditioning, but what struck me as most impressive during his posing was his fullness - he was obviously right on track to break the top three at the 2004 Mr. Olympia Contest at the time of the shoot. Something else to point out is that Dexter was criticized by some who watched the video as being "weak." Compared to Ronnie Coleman or Dennis James, you could probably make that argument. But a 405X6 bench press at under 5% body fat is the amazing, and the equivalent of a one rep max of around 485. "The 300 pound bench press club" is one many recreational gym goers are very proud to be members of. The 400 pound club is common to many pros, but 500 is more rare, and 600 is unheard of with a few notable exceptions. So - Dexter is strong (not the strongest, but strong nevertheless). Dexter then went on to train calves.

  • Seated Calve Raises (two sets).

Obviously Dexter was just doing a quick couple of sets to get his blood pumping. Pros are known to train their training styles while nearing a competition due to being so lean and dehydrated (and in order to prevent injury).

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Dexter worked quads on October 12. Great strength as well, given he is one of the smaller top pros.
  • Leg Press (four sets) - up to 13 plates per side.
  • Hack Squats (one set).
  • Dumbbell Lunges (one set).
  • Hack Squats (one set).
  • Lunges (one set).
  • Leg Extensions (three sets).

Dexter did some leg posing after his leg presses as well as at the end of his sets. At 13 plates a side, he is no Ronnie (but then again - who is?), but he is still quite strong. That is a leg press of 1170 plus the weight of the sled. Very respectable, especially when dieted down and at such a low level of body fat. In the offseason (although Dexter really has no offseason), he could probably hit quite a bit more for reps.

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To begin with - Dexter probably has the most detailed back in all of bodybuilding right now. For me, it's a toss up between him and Ronnie Coleman for back detail in the rear lat spread, but for the back double biceps, I think it's easily Dexter (from head to toe), where Ronnie looks somewhat doughy in this pose at a higher body weight. Dexter's back is sharp, and you get to see that during the footage where he poses in this chapter.

Immediately Dexter gets to work. I was pleased and surprised to see Dexter doing deadlifts. They are a difficult exercise to do because the risk of injury is far greater than with other traditional back exercises, but as many other greats can assure you - they are extremely efficient at developing over back muscularity and density. Dexter starts training his back with the following split:

  • Deadlift - 315 for two sets of 12 reps.
  • T-Bar Rows - four plates, five plates, and six plates for reps.
  • Lat Pulldowns for four sets.
  • Machine Rows - two sets.

Dexter does some posing in his tank top after his second set of t-bar rows. He (like so many others - myself included) prefers the T-Bar rows with the triangle bar. If you've never done T-bars like this, give it a try and see if you feel the difference during the set (you likely will). After Dexter finished up his complete back workout, he did some posing outside without his shirt - including some front poses, side poses, abs posing, most musculars, and of course - back poses. He predicts a second place finish at the 2004 Mr. Olympia after Ronnie, saying he's coming to get Jay Cutler, but that Ronnie Coleman is safe. Dexter is a hard working and ambitious guy, but obviously a realist as well. Personally, I could see him beating Jay Cutler and any of the rest of the Olympia caliber pros on his best day - but Ronnie is in a league of his own.

After the pose is complete, Dexter shows us his car and his amps. Dexter obviously likes his ride and has great pride in it (and his sound system!).

Delts & Hamstrings
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As some of you know, Dexter has some of the best shoulders in all of bodybuilding. Not in terms of mass, but in terms of condition and striations. The only other pro who is close in my mind in terms of delt conditioning would be Ronnie Coleman, but even there, Dexter has him beat. Dexter starts his workout, which looks like this:

  • Dumbbell Press (four sets).
  • Side Lateral Raises (three sets).
  • Rear Pec Deck Machine (three sets)
Dexter proves to be very strong in his shoulders training, going up to 110 pound dumbbells for shoulder presses. If you have watched Ronnie Coleman's training video - The Cost of Redemption - you might remember Ronnie's best set was 160 pound dumbbells for six, and Ronnie was further away from contest shape than Dexter is now, giving him a strength advantage - not to mention Ronnie has about 70 pounds of muscle on Dexter. Not to compare Dexter to Ronnie in terms of strength, but very clearly, Dexter is a strong guy pound for pound.

After Dexter's second set of dumbbell presses, he poses with his tank top, revealing great fullness and conditioning once again. He poses outside, giving us a front most muscular pose and a hands clasped most muscular pose in his tanktop. Dexter's hamstrings workout came next:

  • One Leg Hamstring Curls (three sets).
  • Lying Hamstrings Curls (one set).

Dexter did some chatting and posing between sets. What you may be noticing now is how low volume Dexter's training is - it's amazing, and quite unlike anything I've seen in a training video yet. He doesn't train HIT style, with the exception that his workouts are all short and intense. In any case - it very obviously works for him.

Afterwards, Dexter was off to the Daruna Japanese Steak House, a favourite of his. We get a little insight into his pre-contest nutrition, although personally I would have liked to see more. Training is an important part of bodybuilding, but it's not as important as nutrition is. Hopefully Dexter goes into more depth for his next DVD.

Biceps / Triceps / Calves
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  • Machine Preacher Curls (three sets).
  • Single Arm Preacher Curls (three sets).
  • Two Arm Hammar Curls (two sets).
  • Triceps Pulldowns (three sets).

After his last set, Dexter did an interesting combination of triceps pushdowns for one set then triceps pulldowns for two sets. He did that combination three times, but finished his last set with only one set of triceps pulldowns.

Dexter did some posing in the gym with no shirt on - he did front posing, side posing, and back posing.

Dexter also pointed out that he never trains his abs - pretty amazing given that he has some of the best abs in bodybuilding. After that, Dexter did standing calve raises and seated calve raises for one set and did those two exercises for three total combinations.

Dexter went to his chiropractor, a person Dexter feels is important to visit being in the business of bodybuilding, and his chiropractor explained his procedures.

Las Vegas
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This was the last sequence in the DVD, and was taken on October 31, 2004 - a photo shoot in Gold's gym in Las Vegas. Dexter did various poses, both with weights and without, including back poses, side poses, and front poses. He was SHREDDED. He placed fourth at the 2004 Mr. Olympia, but I think he could have been as high up as second, and if not, third. However, the lineup (especially the top five) was very strong, and it's not the biggest injustice ever that Dexter was out of the top two. Other bodybuilders in the photo shoot were Markus Ruhl, Jay Cutler, and Gunter Schlierkamp. Shawn Ray and Kevin Levrone were around, and Jay Cutler joked that he was the only person to beat Ronnie Coleman in the abs and thigh challenge during the challenge round.

Overall, I liked the DVD. I've heard two main beefs with the DVD, which is the editing quality and the pixelation of the video. I thought the editing was ok. Maybe not the best, but I don't particularly care much to see perfectly edited sequences anyway. The sequences in this DVD give the main idea and a glimpse into Dexter's training, and that's what matters the most - however, the pixelation was a problem. I think the producers of the video should consider a new video camera. The videos done by Mitsuru Okabe have all been of excellent quality, and better than this DVD in terms of lack of pixelation. Otherwise, this DVD gets a good review for me and should be on the list for any fans of training videos or fans of Dexter Jackson.

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dexter-jackson-t2-tn.jpg Titans Vol. II, III, IV (DVD)
Retail Price: $99.99 Our Price: $69.99

Take care,

Matt Canning

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