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Don't Stress Over your Physical Goals Training Database Mental Preparation Articles Don't Stress Over your Physical Goals

Don't Stress Over your Physical Goals

Being stress free has several advantages, those advantages can range from anything social to even physical. How do attain these advantages, well, we must learn how to deal with our stress, and to do that we have to look at the workings of mind under stress.

The human mind is a great tool, look at the achievements that we have produced from years, countless inventions come from the minds power to imagine, also alot of the world's greatest physiques and strong men come from the minds power to overcome obstacles and pain barriers. However, if the mind is under stress this can cause negative actions and unthinkable thoughts that if it were not under said stress, it could handle with a more reasonable, logical solution. It might be fair to assume that some people who commit crimes or do such unthinkable things are under tremendous stress, which lead to their actions, I am not saying all, but at the least some.

Types of Emotions

There are two types of emotions to consider, "Forced" emotions and "Unforced" emotions, the first I am going to discuss is the latter of the two. "Unforced" emotions are exactly that, emotions you cannot force someone to feel, you can't force someone to fall in love you, you can't force someone to be joyful, you can't force someone to be confident, they have to find that in themselves. So the "Unforced" emotions are for example, love, happiness, and confidence, there are many more, but the idea is that these emotions cannot be forced on a person.

The other type, "Forced" emotions are on the other side of the spectrum, these ones trigger negative energy. You can imagine what these emotions are, hater, anger, egotism, all these are "forced" emotions. When you are in this forced emotion state your body reacts to it, and the reaction isn't good. Think of it in a way that is easy to understand, like anything, the body when put under stress cannot work to it's full potential, just like anything in reality, if you didn't put oil in your car engine the parts would be put under sufficient amounts of stress and trust me, it's not going to last long if you don't put oil in it, the same goes for your body, stress can take years off your life and it also wreaks havoc on your "homeostatic mechanisms" like your metabolism and hormones.

How does one avoid stress, well you just have to make time really, set certain goals and put them in order of importance then achieve them one at a time. Once you've done this you can see that not only do you have time to meet your goals but you have time left over to do other things that make you happy aswell. Point is that if you finish what you have to do, your goals, and still have time left over to do what you want, then there should be no stress to worry about, time management is the key.

There's no acception to this, you cannot create time we all live under the same confinement that there is only 24 hours in a day, that's just the reality of it. So how you spend your time is up to you, most people mind find it that there time is split up into thirds, 1/3 is spent on work, the other sleeping and the other doing whatever they want. What you do with that time is up to you, that basically rules out the excuse of "I have no time to go to the gym", sure you do, you have 8 hours, don't make excuses! It might be a lil more give or take, but if it is important to you an hour or an hour and a half should be an easy sacrifice of your time. But that's just one way you can free your mind of stress, there's more.

Another way you can induce self-stress is by setting deadlines in which there is no way you can reach them by the time set. That comes down to honesty, honesty with yourself. If you tell yourself you're not going to eat a certain food, such as chocolate or fast-food, and you end up eating it twice that week you might feel guilt. Guilt causes stress, so save yourself stress, set goals you can achieve, that you know you can achieve, start slow if you have to limit yourself to a meal a week, or don't supersize your meal. The point is this is stress that is completely avoidable, it's up to you. And don't sweat over small failures, remember everyone has failed at something at one point in their lives the trick is not to make that failure a permanant one, any failure can be put behind you.

Back to Your Goals

We all have a life to live and we all want to live it our own way. Now how can we do that if we let our emotions dictate our actions, we can't, especially those forced emotions such as anger and hate. The truth is you can't, you won't be focused enough on meeting your goals and living out your life with these emotions dwelling within you.

Now sure, you might say "well i've been stressed out for a long time and my life has continued on normally", that's fine if you want to continue living "normally", now that normality may have simply come from years of being stressed and not doing anything about it to the point where coping with it everyday has become part of your "normal" life. But when you want to achieve a physical goal such as losing weight or gaining more muscle, then it's impossible to keep living with that stress, you have to break free from it. If you set a goal simply out of anger or frustration, stress, then it's going to be very easy to lose sight of this goal, afterall you're not going to be angry all the time are you? Your goals have to be set when your in a clear, unstressed state, or else the goals you are setting on yourself might not be what you really want, "I want to get big so I can beat up those guys who stole my bike", sure it's a goal but is it one your setting up for the long run, say two weeks later your bike is returned the guys are caught and put in jail or whatever, you might lose track of this goal because the purpose is gone. Your choice to get big was simply a response from anger. I am sure everyones done this before, set goals that they had no intention of keeping but at the time thought were good goals, break that cycle and set goals that you're going to stick to and the only way you can do that is with a stress free mind.

"Failures begin with a definite major purpose but they desert that purpose the moment they are overtaken by temporary defeat or strenuous opposition. They give up and quit, not knowing that there is a philosophy of success which is as dependable and as definite as the rules of mathematics, and never suspecting that temporary defeat is but a testing ground which may prove a blessing in disguise if it is not accepted as final." - Napoleon Hill


You can read as many articles as you want about dealing with stress, and find what works for you, what is important is that you have a goal and a plan to meet that goal. Make sure you can afford to go to the gym 1 hour 4 days a week, or you can get up early and make that run, but don't sell yourself short, don't set goals that are too high, you'll only dissapoint yourself. Set smaller goals that are easy, then those small goals will work themselves up to bigger goals as you gain the confidence. So remember, a stress free mind means a focused mind, and if your focus is self-improvement then there should be no reason to lose sight of it. Plan it out and I am sure you will find the time to go to the gym or a run and still have time for work and hell, still have plenty of time to do what you want. And remember, be honest to yourself, cause in the end you're the only who is going to be dissapointed.

Take care,

Marc Skaf

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