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Virtually Eliminate Rotator Cuff and Degree of Separation Injuries Training Database Advanced Training Tips Virtually Eliminate Rotator Cuff and Degree of Separation Injuries

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Dragon Gym High Altitude Center For Training designs weight lifting programs specificly for pro and college athletes in their respective sports.

We have come up with many new concepts to prevent injuries and create champions for over 32 years.

As hard as it may be to believe. Rotor Cuff injuries really stem from incorrect positioning of the shoulders. When you add weight, it is just then, a matter of time. When we evaluate an athlete, through what we call an athletic physical, we determine what injuries you as an athlete are developing. Except for a break, you are usually developing an injury. Probably over a long period of time. Eventually the injury happens. IE: Rotor Cuff, snapped ACL, Groin. These can be avoided.

We actually begin a rehab program to realign the body and all its parts before lifting can ever begin.

Another interesting thing we have discovered is that if your body is positioned wrong some muscle groups will not be available for development.

Wrong Position:

The shoulders are in front of the chest. When you walk, lift, punch etc. You eliminate the pectoralis clavicus, anterior delts, lats and traps for any serious development.

Correct position:

The shoulders should never, ever in any movement come in front of your chest. Once they do you have lost a lot of power and your center of gravity. Which means you are only moving half your weight. For a defensive lineman this is essential. If your shoulder is past your neck and chest you have already positioned your shoulder into partial dislocation. So if you fall on your shoulder in this position or get hit there it is easily dislocated and worse degrees of separation etc..

If you throw a punch and expect your power to come from your shoulder you are in trouble. Your power should come from your Lat, Hip flexors, adductors and very important pyramadalis muscle. If this is the case you will then be centered and you will be using all of your weight in your punch or your block. When I take defensive lines and change their center the power increases up to 100%. The coaches jaws drop. (Part 4 will be Body Alignment.)

To set your shoulder think of the letter "C" The top of the C will be the front of your shoulder and heading over the top. The back of the letter C will be your shoulder blade and the bottom of the C will be your lats. Follow the letter C with your shoulders and stop at the center back of the letter -C. Contract your Traps not up to your ears but straight back next to your neck. Your Traps are not meant to come foward. Hence Major Minor in your BACK! Let your traps thicken from there. When you look into the mirror you should see the letter T with your shoulders behind your neck and straight across \with no dips or curves coming foward.

Never let your shoulders go to the front or the bottom of the letter "C". They should be kept to the back of the letter "-C"

All of your lifting will be done from this position. In two days this will feel completely normal. There is a reason for that. This is normal what you have been doing is not.

This is where you will work all exercises involving your shoulders and arms. I call it SOLIDIFYING YOUR SHOULDERS to prevent injury.

You will begin to see how curved your neck has been forced foward due to the push of your shoulders. In a short time your neck will come back into position. Everytime you lift or drop your arm say "traps back" especially with delt exercises and keep them in position as described. Another example:

When you do bench. Press your lower back to the bench, press your traps and shoulders to the bench. (Bench position will be Part 5.)

When you do this and raise the bar higher on your chest you suddenly have available, for development, Pectoralis Clavicus, Traps, Lats, Anterior Delts, which ='s MASS and no rotor cuff injury for any exercise.

If the shoulders stay foward everyday you are creating an injury to your lower back straps, Glutes, and the pectinaeus in the upper adductor. Not to mention the lower back pain you have been enduring. How to align and get rid of lower back pain forever will be in( part 4. ) I hope this helps.



Please note this material comes from my book "Preserving The Male Integrity" I would greatly appreciate it if you ask my permission before you reprint it thanks! For more info.

This article was provided courtesy of Paul R. Del Vecchio, MA, and

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Take care,

Matt Canning

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