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As amazing as it may sound. it's true. a 47 year old Dad posted on the SE board this post:

"I am a 47 year old man that has been lifting and useing on and off for 26 years.I think Im fairly knowledgable about our sport. What I dont know is how it will effect my 13 year old son. He's only 5' and 102 lbs.He started lifting a little when he was about seven for a month or so per year. Now that he's 13 and playing football. of course he needs and wants to be bigger. We have been hard at lifting now for five months. He has lost about 16 lbs of fat and gone from runing a 6.4 in the 40 to runing a 5.6 witch is very good.but his strength has only improved so so [60 lbs on the bench to 75]. Other kids on his team are about 5'6'' weight about 125 and bench about 125. Even though he's smaller he still started at midle linebacker. Now to my question does any one have any experience or knowledge of some one his age doing cycles. will it harm him. will it stunt his growth. Thanks for what answers I get.

Thank heavens this guy joined SE. otherwise who knows what he may have advised his son to take. Below I have included a few of the other posts in this thread to demonstrate once and for all to ALL the young people who email us. and all the parents with kids at this age EXACTLY what we at SE think about steroids and teenagers.


"See what the desire to excel in sports is doing to people. It's sad."


What a scary post .... that would be criminal

Do not fuck up your sons life with the use of AAS at his age ... in a nutshell ... yes it will harm him for the rest of his life.. he is just now starting his own natural test production and to introduce him to AAS now will most likely prevent him from ever producing his own testosterone in the future and will effect all his growth and all that. that implies ....

The best anabolic substance you can give him is FOOD ..


That was a good way to upset us this site we do not even encourage people to who arent 21 to use AAS.....

Few things that i have to take of my chest as a pro-athlete my self and working out since 10. Stop training your kid...It has to have a nice childhood. I have been there and it is not nice trust me...You are the role model for him and he wants to PLEASE YOU... Deep inside he might dislike what he does and trust me when he reaches 16-18 you wont be a happy father. Let your kid make his own choice....I say that is good to make him run and do stuff as we want him to develop nicely...Excel in sports????....have you asked him if he likes the aspect of exceling in sports..he might like maths. or literature....Every kid has to have a well-balanced education and development...Do not try to force your kid to something that you would love to do when you were younger nad never had the chance.

Know if you want your kid to grow you have to stop doing is well known that weights do not allow kids to grow taller....Chins are always a good way to grow taller :-)

If you are worried that your boy is under-developed you have to go to a pedeatrician and let him run some test on him. They have some special ratios that determine if someone has the normal development at the present age.

I apologise if i was a bit harsh and i hope that i mad you look things from another perspective...Try to look the world from your kid's eyes not yours. We know that if he become a good athlete he will have a wealthy life but remember that there are other options too. Do not forget that in the top 100 richest people in earth i count count the athletes in one my hand :-)


"Dude some research......the biggest side effect for youth and steriods is that it will stunt his growth. it closes the growth plates. i have read a lot about it on this site so do a search. I would not recommend it AT ALL and i dont even know that much about all this yet. I would recommend a high protein diet . increase cals. continue working hard....and let time do its thing. I was one of the little kids on the football team. I did well but the truth is in High school i did get left behind on the football team cuz i didnt have the size. In the end its cool tho cuz I still think I turned out ok and it didnt make a shit if I played football or not. Somethin to think about dad use to tell me this all the time(he lettered all 4 years of HS in several sports) ...Sports arent as important as you think they are.....Education is where its at. My dad went on and played college football but put his studies first. Now all the "jocks" work for him. Keep it real with your kid man!! What is it telling him if you are saying he is small? Is he a small frame or a small person? I would rather be small framed and be a BIG person...just a thought. Be safe dude cuz your kid isnt old enough to make the right choice here and you need to do it for him. Good Luck peace"


One thing I really love about this site is the MORAL caliber of the people here. It is good to see that everyone here sees that this is just plain wrong. Steroids are for grownups. not kids. Health wise he would be better off if you just started him on a fifth of vodka every day. Come on. man. that is child abuse. Your kid needs you to love him as he is. not how you want him to be. Plenty of time to intoduce him to it later. when he is in his early twenties at least. Mick Hart I think has some pictures of his son's results. but he made damn sure his son had expert guidance (himself) and didn't touch the shit until his endocrine system had matured--early twenties. Look out for your son's best interests. long term. not just high school football.


13 holy shit! Man and i thought i would get crap when i came out with my age(19). Now way would i ever advise that! Not at all. I started lifing when I was 14 and I had worked my way up to 208 before I ever even thought about it. Let him eat as much as he can. If he can't grow from food than AAS won't help him.


"bulldoger.....we here at SE will NEVER ADVOCATE THE USE OF STEROIDS BY CHILDREN now that being said....I'd also like to know what the boy's mother thinks of should have a serious talk w/ your son's pediatrician regarding his weight lifting.....your son should only be using his body weight and no more so as not do damage his growth plates....or your son runs the risk of remaining 5ft.......when you put on too much muscle at an early age it tightens the tendons/ligaments thus not allowing the growth plates room to move. so they there is no growth......

Your son at 13 he's just starting to go through puberty. boys go through it at a later age then girls. and they have their major growth in their later teens and early 20's.......girls are usually done growing when they are 17/18 yrs of age where as boys are having their largest growth spurt at that age.....

Your son's natural testosterone production will begin over the next couple of years and you will see him putting on weight. growing taller. and stronger....and it will continue.....I personally would not recommend someone using steroids until they've exhausted all of their natural potential and are past their peak around the age of 25/26......

Please use caution w/ what you are doing w/ your son's a Mother your post upset me greatly. as an Ex wife of a man who pushed his son's to live his dream regarding sports I see it all too often.....let your son grow up on his own. let him be a child. sports should be for fun.....


ps....Guys please I realize this post has upset you all but keep your comments re spectful as always....*smile*


My girlfriend asked me..."Babe. whats wrong?? Is everything ok? Babe??"...Thats what she said as apparently my jaw hit the floor while readig that initial post. ahhh helll..go head...Youll have the badest 300 pound 5 foot nuthin 700 pound bench pressing kid in the world...and then when his organs are shot at 18...well..yea....WOW!!!!!!!!!


Why is it so important for your kid to excell at sports?

Is it for him? or is it for you?

You are suggesting that your kid start cheating and breaking the law before he even has the basic tools to PLAY!!!

Notice the word is a game dude...

Don't ruin your kids chances for a normal life....the risks at his age are huge...

If he makes the decision to use gear when he is 18 then it is his decision....I don't think it is your place to play with your kids future...


It's simple NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read some posts on minimum ages. Not even in the early twenties is it generally recommended. But certainly not at 13.


Thanks for getting the attention off of me pal....

Go to your local GNC. I work at one and parents like yourself come in day in and day out trying to beef their kids up. They ask all the questions while the kid stays there silent not giving me any input on what I could suggest. But if I would suggest anything it would be protein. protein. protein. Maybe a weight gainer. And if you search creatine. this is as natural and safe as protein. It will help with strength and size. But really. are you out of your fucking mind?


The physical downside has been elaborated on and I think the poiint made. What has not been addressed is the mental aspect of giving a 13 year old boy hormones. Hormones that inarguably cause changes in thought patters and processes. His are not even close to being developed. The addition of the AS will alter. to his detrement, his thought processess for the rest of his life. he will never be the same child as he was the day before you give him the drugs


There are more posts but I hope this srives the point home. Steroids are NOT for teenagers. Please be intelligent. Sports are good BUT not that good.

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