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Steroid Usage Perspective

We are in a unique sport of physique or strength enhancement. Somehow and somewhere we decided to push our genetics up a notch or so with the aid of steroids.

The mandates to use steroids, are to study and learn as much as you can about the drugs you are looking at using. This is a must to protect yourself as steroids (misuse) have killed people. The best method I found is via an educational site and discussion board such as Steroid Encyclopaedia (my biased opinion). Read the topics and become a sponge and learn. Don't be afraid to ask questions a question not asked may or may not save you money and your health.

When deciding on a cycle, first look at what your goals are in this sport. Generally, I would recommend that you do massing cycles a minimum of 2-3 times before looking at cutting down. You need dense muscles to cut on to achieve a big hard muscular look. Set your goals, long term being what you ultimately want, short term is a cycle and what you want out of it. Once this is done take no prisoners and strive, via hard work and dieting to achieve these goals, the steroids are just there to assist you in recovering and optimizing your muscle receptors.

Don't fool yourself and think that you can acheive the body you want by doing only one cycle, that simply will not work.

Plan your cycle and stick with it, becareful on thinking...Gee if 500 mgs per week is doing this to me then what if I took a 1000 mgs. Or if I continue on my cycle for a couple more weeks. Or by thinking that I can bridge from one cycle to another. These are danger signs as you can easily become addicted to steroids as a psychological dependancy can develop (fear of losing size and strength). Remember that your health is at risk and that a general rule is to take an equivelent time off as you were on to stay safe as you will allow your body and internal systems to normalize.

Depression is a normal occurance when going off of a cycle, learn to fight through this by training your ass off in trying to grow again naturally and to keep the gains you obtained. I have seen many, many users get huge and when they go off, they disappear (losing everything they gained) from the gym until they start another cycle. Damn if I paid to get big, I want to keep what I earned which can be accomplished via HARD WORK.

I personally want to see all of you to be in this sport for your along time and remain healthy in acheiving the body or goals you dreamed of.

One point you must remember is that everyone is built differently, has different genetics and will react differently to the steroids taken. Advice given is generally from what we experienced in our usage, it may or may not work for you but you will have a general idea of how it may affect you. There simply is no exact science in this.

Prior to doing a cycle, get a complete physical, have your blood tested to see if your liver is in good shape along with watching your blood pressure. Stay safe.

For newbies, look at growing on the least amount of gear. For the experienced user watch on giving advice as we tend to forget that we are advising a newbie and we give cycles which we are currently using which is far more advanced then what is necessary and may be harmful to the person.

Additionally, look at the gear you will be using and always add for preventive and post cycle medication (ex. Nolvadex and Clomid). Do not start your cycle before you have everything you need in hand. Shit happens on deliveries and many, many users have gone off halfway thru their cycle, leaving them dejected and depressed.

What we need to remember is that steroids are drugs and are illegal, yet we are willing to take certain risks to obtain them. The govt. banned steroids as they feel anything which can enhance your physique or strength had no medical purpose. There are rumors that the FDA is looking to ban prohormones from the market and place them in a class with steroids...idiots they will be banning shit that doesn't work period.

So remember that when you order from an overseas source that you are willing to accept the risk of losing your gear to the government. No overseas supplier can guarantee that you will get your package, there are to many variables, lost...stolen...or seized. Once the supplier places the package into the postal system it is out of his hands. Be willing to accept this as it is a part of the sport (Thanks to the pencil neck geeks in the govt.)

This was written in hopes of keeping our members safe, healthy and with an understanding of what is entailed in this unique sport of ours.


Getting ready to do my first cycle

Hey Guys,

I wanted to say first of all thanks to everybody on the board for giving me so much help on decisions that are very important to me I found that all the members here Had most of the same fears and problems with trying a cycle that I had, and I'm sure that they have been given the same support I have. I know I couldn't have made a wiser decision for myself if I hadn't consulted here first. So THANKS!

I Just ordered my first cycle Hopefully It will be in, in about a week or two. It's a Sust/Deca/Clomid Cycle, and I Just ordered my syringes and needles from so I am well on my way to achieving my goals in the gym.

My next question to you all is, Where is the best place to inject for a beginner, Should I have somebody else do it? Is the idea to get the needle tip directly into the bloodstream or the muscle?

Thanks again.

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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