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Shouldn't the Mr. Olympia "Freak Show" take place on Halloween? Bodybuilding Contest Main Pages Mr. Olympia 2005 Updates Shouldn't the Mr. Olympia "Freak Show" take place on Halloween?

What happened? I mean, shouldn't these FREAKS, these FRANKENSTEIN monsters, only come out on Halloween (or, the Halloween weekend)? Shouldn't they hold FREAK SHOWS ONLY on Halloween (or the Halloween weekend)...the perfect time for chemical monsters to "stagger around" on a stage!!??

After all, since these pharmaceutical/chemical, monsters are literally stuffed-to-the-gills with anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), human growth hormone (GH), amphetamines, thyroid, insulin, diuretics, synthol oil (and who knows what other foreign substance shiat??!), so that they are actually "dead men walking... the closest things on the planet to true Frankensteins! I mean you have to look real hard to find one of these FREAKS still alive in their 50's!!

Why, why, if you removed all of the salivating queers (oops, I guess that word is "politically incorrect nowadays-I actually meant "gays) from the FREAK SHOW audience, there would be hardly anyone in attendance!

And, since these Mr. Olympia FREAK SHOWS are so boooorrrring...i.e. just watching these FREAKS stagger around are some suggestions to liven up these FREAK SHOWS (that is, don't we need to attract more public interest/enthusiasm in these FREAK SHOWS, other than the usual coven of salivating gays??!)...

(1) Have the media follow the FREAK SHOW contestants closely, as a few of these drug-bloated FREAKS pass out in the warm-up room, go into cardiac arrest, etc., and are rushed to the ER for life-saving procedures. Why, maybe some of these 300 lb. chemical monsters will actually pass-out/fall-over-dead on-stage, and add some more excitement!

(2) Have plenty of folding chairs sitting around on stage so that these FREAKS can bash each-other/judges in the head during the new "wildcard showdown, as they go into 'roid-rage when they become upset over their placings! Why, why, just like pro. 'rasslin!!

(3) Have the DEA raid the FREAK SHOW and round-up, arrest, the Mr. Olympia FREAK show contestants, sponsors, audience, etc. Why, why, if all in attendance were drug-tested, and their personal possessions, searched/confiscated/examined, it would surely be the biggest illegal drug-bust in the history of law enforcement!! Boy, the main-media would have a field day!!

Oh, and don't add to the monstrous hypocrisy of this whole, truly EVIL, empire, have "god Arnold come out on-stage and tell the audience how "clean-living these FREAKS are, and that they should serve as "examples to all American youth! Why, why, that's even a bigger lie than Bush's never-ending, "trumped-up", war in Iraq!!

But hey, the whole bodybuilding "industry is now built upon layer-and-layer of lies and deceit!! After all, the popular bodybuilding mags. never-end with their lies to the American public of how these FREAKS built their "freak look through some worthless, heavily advertised/promoted, food supplement instead of the truthful battery of deadly bodybuilding drugs. Of course, these evil food supplement LIARS are only interested in fleecing your pocketbook!

Nowadays, it's hard to fathom that long, long, ago, there was a time when professional bodybuilding was actually a clean-living, health-promoting, lifestyle that a practitioner, and impressionable American youth, could be proud of! In other words, building your bodies through hard-training, healthy diet, and proper rest, ONLY!

I'm sure that all of the great passed-on pioneers, and promoters, of the once drug-free, healthy, bodybuilding lifestyle would be spinning over in their collective graves, if they could actually observe the sordid, evil, illegal, drug-infested, corrupt, "sport of today's professional bodybuilding ("bodybuilding-what an unbelievable misnomer, now)!!

Oh where, oh where, have you gone Jack LaLanne???!!

Reply by Ron Avidan:

Your posts is so funny that I actually laughed out loud, then made a copy of it, and passed it around the office, because your ignorance is truly comical. So lets see.... where to start.

Halloween weekend: Hmmm... last year, the Olympia was on October 30th, Halloween weekend. The year before, it was on Oct 25, six days before Halloween. The year before it was on October 19th. I am not too keen on it being on Halloween because we have a big adult Halloween party on Saturday night,, and it is fun. By the way, if you want to come this year, email me, it will be around Glendale in the hills, in an old house where ghosts are around. So again, this year, it is two weeks before Halloween. Cool.

As for your steroid references, again the ignorance. Take the amount of bodybuilders vs the amount of football players vs the amount of many other sports, as the correlation is about the same. In fact, many more injuires are in football, basketball and hockey than bodybuilding. Try and check your facts on bodybuilders who are in the 50's and 60's. Most of them are around, just not actively in the sport. My gosh, we have families and other interests too...

Also, stop with your reference on gays. 90% of the people who attend these contests are not gays. I am pretty sure that you have never been to the Mr. Olympia because you would know this. I am also pretty sure that you are just one of those ignorant guys who never checks things out.

As for your reference on Mr. Olympia shows being boring, the prejudging is just that. Pure bodybuilding for the judges to judge the competitors. The evening shows (round 3 and 4) is more entertaining, and I have not been bored during the night show. Go to one.

I could put your almost your entire drug rant to the sport of baseball and football, etc. And we can debate this, but of course, you remind some other riteous group who yell, rant and scream, but when it comes to showing support, hide away and never show their face anywhere.

Reply by Matt Canning:

Matt Canning

To be fair though Ron, the only bodybuilder I can think of who competed in the Mr. Olympia post 1990 who is in his fifties and still alive is Lou Ferrigno.

Sonny and Don Youngblood have both passed.

We will learn in 5-15 years what the effects of 1990s chemically enhanced bodybuilding has over the long term. Data is not sufficient as of yet.

Reply by Richard Schmidt:

Hey Ron, I'm glad you thought my post was "ignorant/comical/etc."! But say Ron, while you are making copies of it and "passing it around the office", why don't you also make a companion copy of Steve Holman's 1997 Iron Man mag. revealing, sordid, article titled "The State of Competitive Bodybuilding-The Most Shocking Interview Ever", available at the URL...

and "pass it around" as well??! Remember now Ron, that was the state of pro. bodybuilding EIGHT long years ago!!

Believe me Ron, whatever illegal, deadly, drug-abuse, scandal, arrests, health-problems, etc., are associated with their use/abuse in TRUE sports (uhhh...need I remind you that bodybuilding is NOT a sport) are literally dwarfed into insignificance by the sordid, covered-up, lied-about, rampant, illegal drug-use/abuse in professional bodybuilding!!

Oh, and by the way, the publicized (and covered-up) list(s) of former (even current) heavy drug-using pro. BBers, either prematurely falling over dead, or with VERY serious health problems (ALL very evidently tied to their dangerous BB drug use), is/are at least as long as a "laundry list(s)"!! Such sordid laundry list(s) have frequently been posted on this forum, and debated pro. and con., in the past (for example, member McCrackhead's excellent list).

Why, only have to pick up any popular BB mag. (or read Getbig's G&O posts) to hear about yet another popular male BBer in their 30's or 40's...forget the 50's and 60's...falling over dead!! As the aforementioned article said eight long years ago... "bodybuilding's dirty little secret"...AND IT STILL IS!!!

Ron Avidan: "I am also pretty sure that you are just one of those ignorant guys who never checks things out."

Actually, Ron I "have been to what...4 person. Montreal in '84, when Haney won, and the three held in Atlanta (from what...'93 to '95) when Yates won. Of course, I have seen most of the rest on TV (but, that doesn't count).

As I recall, the main media got rid of the Olympia event in the 90's because of public disgust with the drug FREAKS and poor ratings, plus the fear by the network sponsors/brass of having one of the drug FREAKS fall-over-dead on stage (which wouldn't help their Nielsen ratings a bit)!!?

"Ignorant guys who never checks things out...gosh Ron, I've been weight-training on a regular basis for over 40 years...before you were born, I'm sure...and have seen IN PERSON (i.e. either saw them pose in BB competition, and/or talked to extensively, and/or actually trained with) NATURAL BBers you may never have heard John Grimek, Bill Pearl, George Eifermann, Bruce Randall, Vic Seipke, Dick Dubois, Harold Poole, Jerry Daniels, Ron Lacey, Steve Klisanin, and Atlanta's Mr. America winner Harry Johnson!

So you see, I've been "checking things out in BB before you were a gleam in your mother's about ignorance!

The ONLY difference between the pro. BB drug FREAKS of today and the great NATURAL BBers of my youth is strictly in the area of muscle size. When it comes to the "three S's of the super physique: size, shape, and separation...the drug FREAKS of today have only an advantage in marginal muscle size over the natural BBers of my youth (and at what a HORRIFIC price to their health and natural lifespan)!!

Ron Avidan: "And we can debate this, but of course, you remind some other riteous group who yell, rant and scream, but when it comes to showing support, hide away and never show their face anywhere."

Uhhhh...what person in their right mind would want to NOW show support for a group of pro. BB DRUG FREAKS that have truly DISGRACED everything estimable that the great pioneers of BB envisioned for the "sport"/lifestyle!???

Why, why, I would be "scared to go to an Olympia event nowadays (i.e. "show my face) for fear that the DEA would raid the FREAK SHOW, and I would be arrested as an "innocent bystander along with all of the MANY illegal drug-users and illegal drug-dealers in attendance!!

Take care,

Matt Canning

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