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- This is a recent post from the member's board, that was so
well received that I thought you'd enjoy it as well. Thanks
to Steroid Encyclopaedia Member "Meat803" for this excellent

"Everyday I am at the gym I see the same guys there but they
never seem to grow or even look like someone that works out
on a regular basis. It's not that they don't work out but
that, to be honest, they don't know what the fuck they are

Working out is not just putting up weight any old way. Its
about doing it in a way that develops the most muscle mass.

In order to do this you must have three things. Diet, Rest,
and Routine. They all depend on each other. With out all of
them you are just wasting your time.

Most people half ass it and thatís why they get half ass
results. I think a lot of guys turn to AS before they need
to. I believe that you must get as big as you possibly can
naturally before jumping into it.

I have been a member of the Steroid Encyclopaedia board for
over a year but still have yet to do my first cycle. You
must learn your body before jumping into AS. With a quality
base (body) you will have a better quality mass and less
likely to hurt yourself.

Let me begin by telling you where I came from. I grew up
always being the shrimp. That skinny kid with no body at

I played sports with the rest of my buddies and was never
the last guy picked. To be honest I was always self
conscious about my body. Kind of like a fat kid at the
beach, the guy wearing the shirt while he is swimming.

I started working out right before I went into the Marine
Corps (Hoo-Rah).At the time I was pretty much clueless and
just going by what they said in muscle and fitness.

I got stronger but not much bigger. When I went to Boot camp
I weighed 115 lbs wet at 5í8. I was the smallest guy in my
platoon and the drill instructors gave me the name recruit
Ethiopian. Yeah haha.

Even as a runt I still kicked ass and never got dropped.
Well I only gained about ten pounds in boot camp and held
this for about 2 years working out here and there but never
getting the results I wanted to stay in the gym for good.

Basically I went by what the magazines said and ate as much
as I could. Then one day I decided to get serious and use
all that I learned about my body in the past two years,
which had many mistakes.

I did a lot of thinking and came up with some conclusions
about what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to get
mass. By the way I now weigh 175 at 5í8.(Never done a
cycle). I am the type that has absolutely no fat at all.

What I was doing wrong?

Lets start with diet. I was under the belief that I must eat
as many calories as I possibly can. I didn't eat very clean
and ate a lot of processed foods, fast food, and weight
gainer to try and get more calories. All I did was visit the
shitter more often.

The weight gainers and protein I was taking were low quality
and I wasn't taking them right anyway. In addition to this I
didn't drink water like I should have.

Now for my routine. I was using too high reps, I would say
about 10-12. My form wasn't the greatest. Also I didn't
focus enough on the movements that count. Too many machines
and not enough free weights. Never changed it up, always did
the same stuff.

Rest. I would occasionally work out with sore muscles which
is big stupid. Also my sleep was irregular.

What I've learned?

Diet -- I cant stress enough that you must eat clean.
Preservatives, chemicals, and processed foods are all junk.

When you eat clean you get all of your vitamins and minerals
from the food you eat. Don't rely on multivitamins and
shakes to make up for your lack of diet.

Now granted quality protein drinks and weight gainer are ok
but in moderation.

It is better to eat smaller meals more throughout the day
than 3 huge meals. I personally eat 4 true meals a day and
have a snack between every meal.

By eating more small meals more often your body has a
constant flow of nutrients that it needs. For hard gainers
you should eat a big ass meal right before bedtime because
your body is about to go for more than 6 hours without

As for what and how much I would say try to get from 1-2g of
protein for every pound of body weight.25-35% from

40-50g of protein is the most at one time your body will
use. I believe that red meat has the best amino acid
profile. This is not to say just eat red meat. A variety is
best. The most important times to take in a protein
supplement is first thing in the morning and immediately
after a workout. I think it is also wise right before

I stress the bedtime thing because your body like I said
earlier goes for about 6-8 hours without intake. By eating
right before you give it a surplus of nutrients to use while
you sleep. And when you wake up your muscles will be crying
for some protein. You want to keep a constant flow of amino
acids (proteins) into your blood.

As for Carbs. You want to focus on complex carbs (non-
sugar).Complex carbs go along way and are the main source of
energy. Rice, Pasta, and bread are examples of complex
carbs. If you are trying to gain weight then you can never
have enough complex carbs.

As for simple carbs (sugars). Examples are fruits, juices
and drinks like Gatorade. It is my belief that you must
consume simple carbs immediately after working out. If you
take a quality post workout drink it will most likely cover
your protein and simple carb needs all in one shot.

Now Fat. Most Americans think that fat is a bad thing and
the root of all evil. The truth is that it is just as
important for your body as protein or carbs. It is needed
for things such as digestion, healthy joints, hair, skin and
so on. People that have a low fat diet are really hurting
their bodies more than they are helping them. If you eat
clean you should get ample fat in your diet by eating meats
and dairy products.

As for vitamins, if you eat clean and get ample amounts of
fruits and veggies you should meet most of your needs.

Vitamins from natural sources are ten times better than
getting them from a pill. A multivitamin never hurt anybody
for a little insurance everyday. In addition I like to take
a B complex vitamin everyday as your body needs it for
energy and when processing protein. Try taking 3-4 B complex
capsules (not tablets) a couple of hours before you work out
you're your arms. I get a hella pump for some reason.

Supplements - It is important that you take quality foremost
in consideration. Most companies out there are just out to
make a buck on you by giving you poor quality protein,
adding micro amounts of supplements just to put it on the
label, or putting fancy shit like deer antler in it to make
it sound fancy.

If a company is putting 2 micrograms of creatine or crap
like deer antler then pass them by. One company that comes
to mind is Twin lab. They are all about the money and give
two shits about you or me. Look at whatís on the label when
you buy and think before you buy. Not all protein is the
same. Don't go to GNC their prices are ridiculous.

Water - Water is the key to it all. Hydration is the key to
well being. Go one day with out drinking any water and then
go to the gym. The next day drink a gallon or more and then
go to the gym. I guarantee you will lift more weight. In
addition to being stronger you will recover faster and make
your body a better environment for muscle growth.

Try not too much tap water. Use a filter to get rid of all
that chlorine and other crap. It just tastes better and goes
down a whole lot easier, not to mention the health benefits.

Now for routine. What type of exercises you do directly
reflect your growth. Stay away from machines and focus
mainly on free weights.

Machines are good sometimes to get that last couple of sets
on a muscle for a good final burn but I donít think they are
much for mass. As for reps, if you are trying to gain mass
it is know that you must go high weight low rep range.

Everybody is very very different and you have to find out
what your body wants for growth. I personally use 6 reps for
Large muscles like chest and back and use 8-12 reps for

For legs I constantly change it up to confuse my quads and
keep them sore. As for calves I would say stay in the higher
rep range, I like from 12-25.

Never sacrifice form for weight. As for intensity most
muscles love forced reps to shock some growth. But like I
said everyone is different.

For the longest time I couldn't figure out why my chest
wasn't growing with the rest of me.

The reason was that I was using forced reps on the bench and
my pecs were over stressed. I stopped having a spotter and
blam growth.

Sometimes more is not better. Everyone is different and you
must find out what your body is asking for. Also don't do
the same routine day in and day out you will plateau like a
mother fucker.

How do I put this? There are certain exercises that are king
for a particular muscle.

Examples are chest-incline, back-wide grip weighted pull-ups
and rows, legs-squats etc. Focus on these and you will grow.

Thatís not to say just do these but you must hit your
muscles at different angles and areas to get maximum
results. I like to do about 4-5 different exercises at 3-4
sets each.

I personally do Chest and triís on one day and back and biís
on another day together. Some people will say that this is
wrong but I say different. With a 2 hour work out I do chest
for an hour and a little and then go straight to triís for
30-45 min. Your triís are already warmed up and half blitz
so they don't need as much to get what you need.

Always work your stronger muscles first so as not to cheat
them by weaker secondary muscles. I must admit that with
this routine that my arms are the best part of my physic,
that tells me I'm doing something right with them. Everyone
is different just use a little common since and
experimenting and see what works for you.

Rest. As you know this is when your body actually grows.
Rest is the time your muscle needs to fully recuperate. If
you don't get proper recovery time then you will get smaller
not bigger.

Never ever work out on sore muscles, they are not ready.
Think of your muscles as the bottom of your feet. If you cut
the bottom of your foot and it heals, it grows back a little

Cut it again after it heals and it grows back even tougher.
Now if you don't let it heal all the way before cutting it
again then it will not grow stronger but be weaker.

Keep cutting it every day and that fucker will start to
infect, smell like almonds and get cut off. You must let it
heal 100% in order to get stronger.

Sleep is a big part of this and you must be well rested in
order to grow. I personally only use 6-7 hours a night but
most people need more. Like I've said ten times everyone is
different and you must find what your body wants.

If I helped just one guy out there gain 10 lbs then I've
done some good. Everyday I see goons in the gym wasting
their time by working out and not getting anything for it.
Itís not just so simple as to pick up a weight and lift.
There is a science behind it. If anybody thinks that I've
given any bad advice in this write up let me know and I'll
change it. I don't know it all but I know a little.

<< www.steroid-encyclopaedia.comSteroid Encyclopaedia Comment >>
Thanks Meat for this great post. The SE Team certainly
enjoyed the input. Good luck with your training.


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