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Hart to Hart: On Steroids

... By Mick "No Bull" Hart


The easy-way-out-fat-tablet method of making money seems to be the way to go these days. In a recent mailing to me, I was offered, well not tablets, but a herbal wrap-around to help me shed unwanted pounds! In fact it says that it could shift from 2-14 inches IN JUST ONE HOUR! Read this will you: “Did you know that there’s a way to lose 2 to 14 inches of fat PERMANENTLY and SAFELY in only 1 HOUR? ..... 100% guaranteed!!! Did you know that this has been clinically PROVEN? Did you know that men AND women have been spending $75-150 to have a salon provide this service for them? Did you know that you could lose 2-14 inches of fat in ONE hour, in the comfort of your own home for under $20?” 

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, it goes on and on. Strange that the media has not picked up on it eh? They would have if it had contained steroids! TWATS! And they think that I write a load of crap!! 

OK on with some Questions and Answers...

Why are so many huge bodybuilders arseholes? Is it because they take so much gear? I've met several pro body-builders who were fucking assholes, yet others who were very friendly (Ronnie Coleman, Vince Taylor). Do you think some are dickheads because they're loaded up on so many androgens? Or were they general dickheads before they ever started taking the gear, and the gear just added fuel to the fire? What about the nice guys - are they just not sensi- tive to the potential asshole behavior caused by androgens, or do they just not take enough to make them mean assholes? Maybe some people have an individual susceptibility to the potential antisocial, general dickhead personality displayed by megadose androgen abusers. 

Well I figure that it’s easy really most think that the bigger they are the more intimidating they can be. What they don’t realise is that there is ALWAYS someone bigger out there to conter what they have. Also a lot of them most probably were hit by the girls at school and now think to themselves, “let ‘em come now”, yeah, wankers they are. You see, if people such as these realised just how much of a twat they make hemselves then they would change overnight into something that we (REAL) bodybuilders would respect and look up to. People such as that with attitudes believe that it is there mission to “boldy go where no bodybuilder has gone before” and basically look a total prick! Lots of kids look up to such people and eventually mimic there actions. Same goes for our kids, they mimic us too! I love to see the type of guys walking out of a gym, arms on hips, elbows just inside the door jamb and making out that they are so fucking wide that they would glide if they fell over. Get a life! The people who DO get noticed are those who train hard, think well and promote themselves a little more discretely - all of us see them as, we say often, “having the perfect physique!” I have met many of the top heroes of the sport and they think that the world owes them a living - fuck em! Coleman and Taylor I feel are OK guys and it is a pleasure listening and watching them. These type of people ALWAYS continue longer in the sport. As for the megadose androgen abusing factors - those who think they can intimidate others, ought to remember that when they cannot get a hard on due to the fact that they have so much fucking extra unused testosterone in their bodies, they would feel extra shitty when it is revealed that they have not seen there balls due to a increase of unrequired test. Anyone got any funny stories of the guys who walk out of the gym looking like they have lost to rolls of carpet from under their arms??? I will print them! I rest my case. 

How in the world do top body-builders get so freaky huge? Seeing behomeths like Dorian Yates, Ian Harrison, Shaun Davis, Jean Pierre Fux, Marcus Ruhl, and Gunter Schlierkamp in person is absolutely mind bog-gling!! I've been training for 10 years and have been taking gear for 5 years, but I look like a little boy next to these guys! Is it the insulin, HGH, and IGF? I've never used anything but roids. Is it the insulin and HGH? That's what I've heard is responsible for making bodybuilders of today so much bigger than they were 10 years ago. Of course genetics is a major factor, but come on. We've all seen early photographs of Lee Priest, Jay Cutler, Dorian Yates, and Paul Dillet. These guys are freaky huge, yet early photographs of them do not show genetic potential for extreme muscle mass! You can only train so hard and eat so much. Perhaps it is all genetics and I just don't want to accept the fact that mine are average or below average. 

Hi Anon, 
Remember that when you see sombody after such a long time, you usually notice a big difference in the main yeah? Same goes for the BIG guys. Look at it, of course they take the gear but not necessarily in IGF1, growth or insulin levels. First of all they have to train, hard, regularly, consistantly, religeously and with TOTAL faith. The gear only helps you to grow it does not do the job for you. You have to train hard and them some! No disrespect but I would love to look at your training schedule, after 5 years you must have gained something? If not then simple, a few minor adjustments, the right attitude and fuck it, - you WILL grow. Even now you are thinking, "shit, he is right!". Want to know something, - to fucking right I am. I have trained more champs than a whores knickers are up and down. Now get into that gym and believe in one thing - YOU! Why worry about anyone else, you are the man! If they get big good, why not stop worrying about how big they are and get on with the problem of how big you wanna be. Now get in there and do the BIZZ! I, we, expect to hear from you with a different attitude and stop wasting your own time. Ten minutes worrying can be 5 or six sets more. No one said it would be fucking easy mate. If you have kids think of this - mine think that I am the biggest and best ANYWAY - so I have won to start with agree? God bless - now hit it!!!

I'd like to know if you know of any bodybuilders who have messed themselves up from taking to much gear. Ever heard of anyone getting prostate cancer, having a stroke or heart attack, having liver or kidney failure, or any of the supposed documented dangerous life threatening side effects of gear abuse? 
Concerned User 

Dear Concerned, 
Sorry concerned user, but all these things CAN affect us unfortunately but under certain conditions. They are mainly based around the facts that if that person does not heed advice and just pumps in crap after crap after, well you know, then yes, big fucking problems will ensue. In all of my 20 plus thousand years in this game and of ALL the steroids that I have taken, I have had nothing much more than a bad headache and maybe the odd 'loose willy' a couple of times. The reason why GOOD steroid books are what they are is because the AUTHORS take the time and effort to ensure that the dosages are well and truly tested -on GOOOD GEAR! Pumping more in that is needed is just a bonus for the hairy assed toss pots that pump it in them for no rea-son except for the fact that they like to boast they take more gear than anyone else. Fuck 'em I say. you will not get any bad side effects if you listen to good advice. I like the stories that come back about Mick Hart’s ‘dosages’ being for pussies! My answer to that is simple. Those who disagree about my stacks, please be honest and say that you have had problems, cannot get a horn, sweat like fuck, smell even wordse due to the bacteria that is being pumped out of your body and finally have zits the size of foot-balls on yer backs due to the EXCESSIVE amounts of gear that you had been misinformed about in the past! Sorry but true eh!.Please feel free to contact me if you need any further help or sec-ondly, listen to some of the sense coming out of this mag! By the way, should any of you have a story, pictures, article, point of view please send it in to the NO BULL Collection

I have been injecting steroids now for about six months and my butt has become quite sore at times. Is there another area that you can safely inject so that I can relieve the injection sight. I have been told that you can inject in the leg, but they did not know whereabouts. Can you help? 

Dear David, 
Yes mate you can inject in other places but as always, care must be taken in ALL cases. In the upper thigh, you must inject on the OUTSIDE of the upper thigh NEVER ON THE INSIDE, you could kill yourself if you inject there because there are main arteries that, if punctured, would bleed you to death - NEVER EVER go there, and I ain’t kidding! The shoulders are another option as there is little fat in that area and shorter, thinner needles can be used with no real problems. I find the delts a great injection site for gear such as Winstrol Depot. I use the small insulin needles for this and it works great. Personally, I prefer the outer shoulder (deltoid) as an alternative to the leg for two main reasons: 1) It does not hurt as much and 2) I am a coward!

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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