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Hart to Hart Q & A

Here's the Question and Answer Section "Hart to Hart" taken from Mick Hart's Latest No Bull Magazine, you can download a free sample copy of this incredible Cult magazine by clicking here It is without question the best monthly bodybuilding and steroid mag we have ever read.... don't expect the usual stuff, this is cult, off the wall and is very hard to put down.


Donít know what I want!
I am currently trying to improve my upper body with weightlifting, I do a lot of racquet sports and karate but would like to have a more defined and stronger physique. I'm currently 31" waist with 40" chest, I look fit but not as much muscle definition as I'd like.

I am weight training at least twice a week doing a warm up set of 12-15, followed by 4 sets of 8 at my almost heaviest wight, followed by a final set of 12 at the warm up weight. I have read that drop sets work very well, by warming up and then doing as many as you can of the heaviest weight, then drop the weight and repeat with no break in between, and do this for about 5 sets. Is this a good way to build bulk, I am reluctant to take any supplements as I don't want to get massive, I would just like to get more definition and a little bigger.
Address not supplied

Hey Jon,
Yeah in an ideal world mate! You are doing a quite a lot of aerobic work which will hold back any   major gains - mass wise - but as for definition, you are on the right track anyway. However, if you increase your workout days by at least one and also your protein intake, your mass will increase accordingly BUT remember only to what your aerobic workouts will allow. If you want a little more size, you have to decrease the calorie burning exercises a little more.

You see, after the carbs have been burnt up AND especially if your bodyfat levels are low, you will start to burn into your muscle tissue - a big mistake that most people make quite a lot.

Remember also that taking supplements will not get you THAT massive, but will assist you in getting the strength and definition that you are wanting. Add to that the health advantages that they will give you, especially with all the hammering that your other sports are giving you. There will be a definite lack of some vitamins and minerals. I would look into that mate.

Sick Cunt (with no iron)
Please find enclose a picture of my wifeís tits! Now then, she has never taken steroids but hey, what a pair of nipples eh? Should she take some nolvadex? Ha ha!
Anon, Obviously

Dear Mr. Obviously,
You are a sick, twisted, non caring bastard! Fancy making her wear jeans that are obviously NOT fucking ironed! Do you not care you sick cunt? Have you no shame?

As for her nipples, well what can I say but they are quite, er, different but handy for hanging your coat on if ever stuck in a not-got-a-coat-hanger type of situation! I would also like to see your mouth actually - fucking hell mate - I bet you could suck golf ball through a drinking straw! God knows what would happen if you blew instead of sucked! If I were you I would get a fucking boat and have a go at the cross channel record - you would piss it!

  Left Hander
I am a 17 year old male that ways 145lbs and is 5'9. I have just started to lift weights and I can bench 150 max, but I usually do about 80 lbs with 10 reps. I wait 30 seconds and do another ten and do the same again. With my curls I use a one piece bar and 20 lbs on each side. I do 10 reps and wait 30sec. do another ten reps and wait 30sec. etc. How much pounds should I move up and when? Am I doing all these thing the correct way? I'm getting started for baseball season, Iím a left hand pitcher, please help if im doing all these thing right.
USA letter.

Hi mate,
No problem. You are doing fine, but remember e.g. that when you feel the 20lbs at 10 reps gets easier and easier, just take the weight up to about 25 or 30. Then as that get easier, drop the same again. As you can see, by the laws of and logic you will get to a point where your weights will be dramatically increased in a very short time. This will obviously increase the strength AND size of your muscles without doubt. Only move up a weight that will slow your reps a couple or so. Even this basic training will show great improvement.

Enough Arm Work?
I started lifting weights back in December and I am now doing whole bodybuilding every other day. I do several types of exercises for my upper body especially my arms and chest. I do 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise. My question is, is this too much for my arms or do I need to rest them more? After I am done lifting I also do 5 miles on the bicycle machine and 20 minutes on the treadmill. On the days I don't lift I do 15 minutes on the bicycle and 30 minutes on the treadmill. Am I over doing it? I do not want to gain any weight so I am taking Amino 2222 Liquid and Hydroxycut to burn some of the unwanted fat. Is there other supplements that I should be taking? I would appreciate any advice you could give me thank you for taking the time to read my mail.
Regulo Barajas

Hey Regulo,
Want to know how to make those arms grow? Stop doing do much!! Believe me this is fact. Train them only ONCE per week - that is all and cut back on the aerobics a little - half it. You may not want to get fat - OK, but you have to let your body grow with rest. Far to may people do FAR to much. You are throwing the gains away by doing a 5 mile run after training. Stop it and you will gain BIG style. Believe me, I know this is fact - you will be very happy with the results. Hope that I have helped. 

  Saline Implants?
I have been working out for years, and I have had pretty good results. But I had to quit lifting because I work in a car plant and my left wrist really hurts when I lift weight. I have to work, but huge arms is my passion. What can I do? Do I get some roids or do I get some kind of saline implants? I know it sounds really vein but I loved the feeling I had when I had big arms. I felt strong and confident, and I would really like that feeling back. PLEASE write back and tell me what I should do?

Hi Benjamin,
I know mate, having big arms is a real confidence booster. But I am afraid that the only way to get them is to train and the only way to do that is to get your wrist problem sorted out. Have you been to see a doctor yet? If not, get to one asap. If it is that bad, a cortisone injection may be the quickest way, but not one that I would favour personally.

Roids? Yes Deca would be ideal for this problem, but unless you are going to train seriously, I would not bother with the gear unless that is so. So the best option is to have a check up.

As for implants, well you would have to live with that knowing that they are not real! My opinion - not a fucking prayer mate sorry!

I am sick of being on the same bench weight. What should I do to start lifting more without being able to do two reps?

Hi Mate,
A good trick is to start with such a light weight to warm up, then start your lifts at a much higher weight than you would normally. This will get you closer to your final lift and more. Each time, try to start closer to your heavier weight each time. This will allow you to go past it and further on.

Another good tip is to occasionally try your final lift weight HIGHER than normal so that you donít get that final ďtabooĒ weight stuck in your mind. Itís an old trick that we used to use in Olympic lifting. Before we used to go on, we would try a much heavier weight so that the competition weight felt lighter. In most cases, it worked.


Testex or Viromone?
I have always used fairly low androgenic gears in the past due to not wanting to much water retention. But I am thinking of taking something a little higher and my dealer has suggested Viromone or Testex - which is the better and for how long should I stay on it? Is it really as high in androgens as they say?

Hi Mate,
As you will probably know, both are propionates, testosterones and both are good for fast muscle gains but it is really a matter of personal choice here. Even though the Leo Testex is 250mg as opposed to the Viromone at 100mg, both give different gains in reality. This depends on the person AND what other gears they may be on at the time.

From a personal view, in the past, I have gained quite well using the Leo Testex, more on the size aspect, but with the Viromone, I find that my condition is much harder and tends to hold the size that much more. I have used Viromone mostly with lower androgenic gears such as Winstrol, Deca etc - with excellent results.

With the Leo, I have put this with testovirons, decas, dianabols etc - much more size of course but again aiming for totally different results. So as I say, it is a matter of personal preference and really one of experimenation.

Why not try in with both high and low androgens at different cycle times to see how you fair. Say Leo with dianabol as one and Viromone and Deca as another - small stacks but you will be surprised at the difference it can make.
Also, you can swap one high with a low and vice versa - all safe but you will most probably see just how your body reacts to the differences.

A good point to note with propionates, especially Viromone, you need to be taking a shot every couple of days as it is the system for only a short time. A example with testoviron:

Every 5 days, one shot of testoviron but propionate, one shot every third day to be really effective.

With Winstrol, I would put the propionate in even every second day, with Winstrol jabs every third. All fast acting, in and out withing a few days. I like this system as I can see a difference quite quickly especlally if your bodyfat levels are low.

Give them a try, either way, but be assured that you will be quite safe even at these dosages.

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