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Hart 2 Hart - Questions and Answers with Mick Hart Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by Hart 2 Hart - Questions and Answers with Mick Hart

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Hart 2 Hart - Questions and Answers with Mick Hart


Dear Mick,
I believe in moderation. 2000mg per week seems mighty excessive to me. Does that mean you have exhausted gains at lower dosages? If not, why increase the risk factor unnecessarily. Where do you go from 2000mg per week ... 3000 .... 4000?

I do think dosages have generally increased over the last 1-2 years in terms of what people claim to take. I hope Mick gives us his view on the "wiseness" of such a trend. Steve


Hi Steve,
The dosages have increased over the last few years simply because most of the gear has been absolutely fucking shit - PERIOD!! C'mon let's be honest about it. That is why they have had to increase the dosages to get anywhere at ALL!! Another point is that those who have not had the brains to listen to people about the POSSIBILITIES of counterfeits (and some still believe that there ain't any) think that it is quite the in thing to be taking more dosages than that of the average BULL for Christ's sake!!!

I have said it before and will once again, start off slow and easy, you cannot get it out once it has been put in. OK, so we like to take the gear - well 1 do - but those big stupid hairy arsed twats that call themselves body-builders only push the limits of bodybuilding over the top period!!

1000mg is about average even for the largest of us bodybuilders and if not, then increasing it by as much as 250mg seems a little better than the large jumps that you ask about. I agree with you with your assumption of dosages and admire you for that.

There are "stacks" of stacks in my books especially my latest but I will try and get one of them in referring to TEST in a couple of days mate. Hope that this has helped.



Hi Mick
It is great to have a UK web site like yours now - congratulations! I have a couple of questions for you if you would be so kind :

1. When using Anabol, after about threetfour days at dosages of only 15-25mg per day, 1 get bad lower back pain that makes walking any great distance very uncomfortable. Any ideas what causes this?

2. I note from a lot of the Discussion Boards that the dosages people claim to take has increased significantly over the last year or so. Claims of between 1000mg / 500mg per week are now not uncommon. The rationale given is that to get the full benefit of cycling, you need to go heavy on dosage. What is your view Mick?
A Loyal Fan,
Via - Web site


Hi Mate,
Thanks for your questions by the all it way. Now then, about the ANABOL. First of all it could be one of many thing starting with the fact that the steroid could be to strong for you - but at the dosages that you state my guess is - no way. This is because the average dosage per day is about (and safely) 50mg. This is even when stacked with other steroids in the stack too.

It could be that there is a little liver strain but I think not. Just in case, drinking plenty of water with pure lemon juice will help to eleviate the problem. Also, try taking about 3-4 grams of vitamin C which will also help to cleanse the system. You could have also slightly strained your lower back during a training session - I have known this with my students in many cases. The reoccurrence is always pointed in the direction of the steroid when in reality it has nothing to do with it. But it is best to play safe.



Dear Mick,
I have a problem with taking in enough protein and am a little worried that I am losing out on some serious growth. I take protein supplements but the cost can soon kick the hell out of my pathetic little wage. Can you suggest any way that I can keep up a good supply without burning a hole in my pocket to much!

Also, could you tell me the best way to hit my traps for general size. I know that the dumbell shrugs exercise is a good one but I cannot seem to get the weights as high as possible.due to the fact that my grip is basically - well shit. Any ideas, oh wise one!
Richy Crusoe,


Dear Richy,
You should know what I am going to say me old mucker - EGGS! Yes the good old egg is the best way of taking in much of the highest quality protrein that is available - and it is cheap too!

Try this: boil about a dozen eggs in the morning AFTER breakfast and leave them to one side (don't forget to dip them in cold water - I hate to see black yolks). Think about it, each egg has around 6-8 grams of top grade protein and for the small cost the quality is unrivalled. Throughout the day, say every three hours, eat two or three eggs with or without the yolk, it is up to you. A good 18 grams of high quality protein every few hours will certainly boost your intake.

Dont forget, every few hours or so add a baked potato or a little rice with it - they will work perfectly together. After a while, you will get used to eating small but regular meals that WILL help the muscle to show itself.

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