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One Member's HGH Experience

The Effects of Hgh... by a Steroid Encyclopaedia Member

I've waited 6 months after using Hgh so that i could bring you the most accurate feedback possible on the effects of Human Growth Hormone. 

First off, i had ordered it from 'XXXXXX', (supplier name removed by Steroid Encyclopaedia) who Jim of S.E. swore was one of the most reliable sources for Hgh. 

I got the kind that didn't denature at room temperature during the transportation of it. I used it for 2 months at 4 I.U./day, together with Insulin, Deca-Durabolin, and Sustanon. I used 400mg./wk. of the Deca, and 500mg/ wk. of the Sustanon. 

With some adjusting with the amount of Insulin, I landed on 2 I.U./day. With help from both Jim, and XXXXXX, and the author of 'Anabolics 2000', I was going to find out the truth once and for all about how good Hgh really is!

First, it's important to note that I was on deca and sustanon a couple weeks before i began my cycle on Hgh. So, I had gotten the predicted gains from them. 

Now, the first few days of taking the Hgh resulted in nothing. For all intents and purposes, I was injecting water. Then on the fifth day, I noticed dramatic results. Mostly, in increased energy and loss of fat. I did notice some increased muscle mass, although nothing significant. From there on out, the results were pretty much the same.The quality of the gains is what really impressed me. 

Usually, on Sustanon and Deca, I look a little bloated. But with Hgh, I actually looked cut...but not by much. I didn't notice any ligament pain. If you want to know what the biggest noticable thing I found while on the cycle was, it definetely had to be the gains I made in quality muscle in places that I thought I'd never be able to grow. 

For me, these areas were the shoulders, calves, and upper chest. What William Llewellyn says is true: it is due to the hyperplasia (dividing of the muscle cells) that causes this effect along with the hypertrophy of the other steroids. 

As for memory gains....that's a hard call. Nothing that I would call noticeable, but then maybe I'd have to be taking it for a longer time...i don't know. 

Now here comes the best part, the gains I made were permanent. This whole thing leads to the question, why did I decide to spend the huge amount of money to use Hgh anyway? Why would i want to risk it? 

Because, I was sick and tired of using steroids, growing like a weed, and then coming off of them and shrinking down to practically the way i was before.

I'm sure that maybe I didn't use HCG and other anti-catabolic drugs for a long enough period, although it was for almost 2 months. I knew that I didn't want to be dependant on steroids for the rest of my life, and yet at the same time, was realistic enough to know that i wasn't going to be able to have the kind of physique without them. 

So the only thing left to me in my arsenal was Hgh. I'm very happy I made that decision. I've never looked better. The increased mass, helps keep the fat off. I experienced the best gains of my life. 

How does 15 pounds of solid muscle sound. Before, I had hit a brick wall where it was clear to me that steroids was not going to break through... thanks to my limited genetics. 

But with growth hormone, it overcame my bad genetics and allowed me to make additional gains, especially in places that I had stopped growing. Six months later, I'm still making gains without using any steroids, although I will be using some Winstrol and Primabolan to make even quicker gains. Still, I won't be relying on them in the future, and I can comfortably use supplements for the rest of my life. 

Hope this helps to clear up the mystery about growth hormone. 

Good luck!

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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