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Holding on to Your Gains, by William Llewellyn Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by Holding on to Your Gains, by William Llewellyn

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Holding on to Your Gains, by William Llewellyn

"Holding on to Your Gains Without Steroids".

An excellent new article for the members area. Written by steroid expert William (Bill) Llewellyn, author of Anabolics 2005, the article is titled:- "Holding on to Your Gains Without Steroids". Here's a little information.

Getting Big - Anyone fool do it !!

As many of us know only too well, it is not that difficult to get big on steroids. Eat, sleep, jab and train. Not really rocket science eh????

But then also many of us know the all too familiar story of the post cycle "crash" - losing most of the gains almost immediatley afterwards.

But Keeping the Gains...needs "Know How"

Achieving good quality, long lasting gains however, is a different story altogether. This is a superb article that will help you achieve that goal. The real key is knowledge. Post cycle knowledge about anabolic steroids.

Learning the secrets to keeping as much of the gains as possible without having to get straight back into another cycle. 

This knowledge will help seperate you from the ignorant masses of people who throw their money away on steroids, by not knowing how to keep what they gained.

A Sample of the Article. The following are extracts from the article....

"....There is a line that is easily crossed in the world of steroids. It is the line between part-time moderate use and the almost never-ending consumption of the hardcore bodybuilder. When first introduced to steroids, one quickly finds that their resulting gains are not all permanent. If you loved the way you looked towards the end of that first bulking cycle, and rapidly lost a good part of your favored look after the cycle stopped, it sometimes becomes an easy choice to just do another cycle, and stay on it longer the next time. Braggs of "just one or two cycles" soon fade. Eventually it develops into continuous steroid use, as the athlete finds it harder and harder to come off and face the loss of any aspect of his well-crafted physique. But not everyone crosses this line. For many, steroid use remains a periodic event...."

".....Exactly what can you maintain after a cycle is over, without hopping right back on anabolic steroids ...."

....Steroids allow someone to easily pass such walls and sticking points and enhance their level of muscle mass over what could possibly be achieved otherwise by boosting the ability of cells to synthesize new proteins. The balance of anabolic (tissue building) and catabolic (tissue breakdown) processes can be unnaturally shifted well in favor of the former, and for a period of time natural limits can be exceeded. But once the drugs are stopped, the old chemistry returns....."

".....The biggest obstacle to keeping your gains after the steroid cycle is over is going to be the post-cycle recovery period....."

".....The goal of a good post-cycle program is to minimize, potentially avoid, putting the body in a state where anabolic hormones are absent. If we can prevent this from happening, quite a bit of muscle mass can be saved instead of being rapidly lost to unbalanced hormone levels...."

".....I have spoken with many recreational bodybuilders who feel that early experimentation they did with steroids has made lasting changes in the absence of these drugs. Some feel that they are able to carry around more muscle mass now than they were before trying steroids, yet continue to train naturally and have so for years....."

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