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IFBB Warns Milos Sarcev? Page 1 Bodybuilding News and Info IFBB Warns Milos Sarcev? Page 1


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1. I heard that the IFBB warned Milos Sarcev and Mustafa Mohammed on the New York Pro?

Wtf... this seems too unprofessional on behalf of the IFBB to be true. Huh

But then again, who knows. Wink

And before someone deletes it:

"i was at the new york pro last night and a judge told me that they told mustafa if he got sick and had to go to the hospital he would be suspended and since milos is working with him and has put mustafa in the hospital 2 times already, he would get suspended too!!! 3 strikes and you are out!!!"

2. Milos Sarcev Let me just say that IT IS TRUE that IFBB pro chairman Jim Manion sent the E-mail to Mustafa stating indeed that IF he ends up in the hospital again - he would NOT LET HIM COMPETE in the IFBB!

Mustafa did end up in the hospital due to HYPERKALEMIA (I wrote the article for European Flex about it - PLEASE READ at European Flex Articles section on my forum) after the Mr. Olympia and Dutch Grand Prix last year. Mustafa made a common mistake of dehydrating himself by not drinking, taking potassium sparing diuretic ALDACTONE and intaking high potassium through various sources of carbohydrates he was using for carb loading. This is something that MANY COMPETITORS do - and that is the reason I wrote the article ( TO SAVE LIVES).

Mustafa is my dearest friend - but I never consulted him until three and a half weeks ago - when he came to Fullerton to get prepared for the New York pro show.

Jim Mannion warned me Saturday morning that if anything goes wrong - that is it for Mustafa. On that I told him - nothing will happen to Mustafa as I am here with him to make sure everything goes well (AS IT DID).

Than he told me that I worked with Mustafa twice already and got him in trouble - which was COMPLETELY OUT OF LINE - I never worked with him until now! I only got involved when there was NO IFBB PRO OFFICIALS (HIM INCLUDED) available or interested to spend the night with Mustafa in Las Vegas hospital!

As I realized that medical personal could (AND THEY DID) misdiagnose Mustafa and consider that he is HYPOKALEMIC as it is usually case with dehydration - I knew that IF they administer electrolite or potassium IV while he would be in the ambulance on the way to the hospital - WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT paramedics was going to do - I STOPPED THEM! If they did inject more potassium - he would be killed!

So, my interference was first - I cared for my friend and knew that such a cardinal mistake could be made due to unusual bodybuilding practice - that doctors would not consider right away - and they could easily rush decision and proclaim that patient indeed NEEDS potassium when in reality he already has way too much!

Also, I spent a whole night in the hospital as NO IFBB official would come to see Mustafa...which is something that they should have done!

Next week in Amsterdam, Mustafa ended up in identical situation (this time he changed source of carbohydrates not knowing that his new choice has even MORE potassium) - so I had to interfere again as Dutch paramedics and doctors were going to do the same - inject him with LETHAL INJECTION - containing potassium! Doctors later thanked me for giving them correct information and they agreed that indeed what they intended to give him initially could have stopped his heart. I spent the whole night in the hospital in Amsterdam - and left straight to London next morning - after doctors confirmed that Mustafa was safe and his potassium levels were back down to normal.

Steve Weinberger as an IFBB representative did come to the hospital in Amsterdam - but did not stay too long - he left me there to be with Mustafa - which is something I would have done anyway (as Mustafa is a true brother to me).

As Mustafa decided to compete in Steve's show (even though he was already qualified for the Mr. Olympia) to support Steve's competition - I was sent to New York to be there for him - SO NOTHING CAN GO WRONG!

To my surprise - I was not allowed to be with him - security stopped me and after they contacted Steve to ask him if it is OK for me to go inside and be with Mustafa - Steve was categorically against it (I am not going to use his exact words as there is a censorship on my forum).

Problem is that tickets were sold out - so I was NOT ABLE to purchase one and come to see the show. Mustafa got me a ticket about 2 hours later - so AT LEAST I had a pleasure of seeing him on stage performing another great posing routine.

To say that I am disgusted with the whole thing is an understatement!

3. I wonder if Jim Manion will publicly respond to this, or if he'll bury his head until it goes away. Thanks for sharing Milos. Quite an unprofessional move on his part, especially to an IFBB pro like yourself with a big fan base and a voice for response. I wonder if he treats people like this on an everyday basis.

4. Mustafa gets paid how much for risking his life and going through this bullcrap?? It should have never even came to this!


6. The guy gets screwed show after show - I couldn't imagine how pissed I would be to have made such a sacrifice just to get screwed.

As for you Milos, you should be disgusted. I am, and I wasn't even part of this debacle personally.

7. thats a intresting story, an i agree mustafa gets screwed in his placings at shows, im guessing its cause he doesnt have a marketable look.

8. It is stunning to see Steve Weinburger and Jim Manion act this way. Everyone gets one or two people to help them backstage, and not letting Milos backstage because they don't like him is unprofessional. Milos was just trying to make sure his guy was on the money there.

Milos is an IFBB pro, and a great one at that. Treating him like dirt was very unprofessional of Steve and Bev Francis. I would imagine that they would of tried to keep Shawn Ray out of the show because they don't like his outspokeness.

As for Jim Manion, if Mustafa did go to the hospital one more time, and maybe he shouldnt compete anymore. Still, they let Patrick Lynn compete, who has been to the hospital more times than anyone.

But for Jim Manion to yell at Milos for working with someone, that is out of line. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and Milos is too.

I can imagine what a temper Jim Manion will have when he reads this on the bulletin boards and then blames in out the people who run the websites. Instead of working with the internet sites, they put out a policy against the sites. They blame the sites for putting out information - good or bad.

Jim Manion himself is put in a tough situation here - judging for the safety of the athletes vs the longevity of the IFBB and pro bodybuilding.

9. If Jim was right about Milos, I don't think he was too out of line. But the fact of the matter is, he was wrong, so that makes him quite unprofessional in this case.

10. Milos Sarcev: FLEX article:

Q: Milos, I know that you competed more than any other professional bodybuilder and that you assist many other athletes in their contest preparation. I entered two shows in my life and both times got myself in serious trouble by getting myself severely dehydrated. First time I was experiencing painful cramps and I was told to take extra potassium. I eat two bananas and my cramps went away. However, in my second contest those extra bananas didn't help. I believe I had at least five bananas and with each one - I was only getting worse. Finally, after the contest my wife had to take me to the hospital and doctors told me that I am lucky to be alive! My potassium levels were so high that I could have experienced a heart attack.

Also, they told me that my kidneys were failing and all that scared me so much that I decided to never compete again. Interestingly, two weeks after the show I checked with my doctor again - and he told me that I couldn't be healthier!? I remember that doctors in a hospital told me that I had 'hyperkalemia' and I was wondering if you are familiar with that term. Also, why do you think I had that problem and should I compete again?



A: Dear Jonathan I am glad that you've asked me that question. In the last fifteen years I have seen with my own eyes and heard from others - really horrific stories about dehydrated bodybuilding competitors that had to be taken to the hospital. To be completely honest - even I got myself in similar situation during my competitive career. Let's face it - to be competitive in the bodybuilding contest we have to achieve that lean, hard, DRY look that judges seem to like and award.

To be "dehydrated" is expected and accepted ONLY in the sport of bodybuilding! While medical community would point out to us dangers of even moderate dehydration, we (the bodybuilders) being extremists - would not settle for just moderate and instead we would go "all out" and try for the extreme. Well, extreme is case of dehydration could be - deadly! Doctor in the hospital did not exaggerate when he told you that you are lucky to be alive. Your diagnosis was HYPER (too much) Kalemia (potassium) and that is serious medical condition that can lead to cardiac arrest.

Because I am certain that many competitors nowadays get themselves in this "hyperkalemic" state it is very important for me to explain to you HOW DANGEROUS this might be. I have witnessed more than once (in US and Europe) that when paramedics are called to treat dehydrated bodybuilder - immediately they tend to believe that dehydrated bodybuilder is also hypokalemic (state of potassium deficiency). Many times after asking just a few "diagnostic" questions they would administer IV (intravenous) electrolyte solution or (even worse) IV potassium on the way to the hospital...

If that ever happen to you or someone you know - STOP THEM before is too late! Putting extra potassium directly into the blood stream of hyperkalemic patient (bodybuilder) could be FATAL! Unfortunately, physical symptoms of LOW (hypo) or HIGH (hyper) levels of potassium are quite similar.

Hyperkalemic patient (bodybuilder) would experience weakness, fatigue, dizziness, muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, numbness, confusion, difficult breathing, and increased thirst - all signs of hypokalemia as well!

Paramedics are humans that could make honest mistakes - especially during emergency calls, when they're rushed to make decisions and sometimes easily influenced by a common practice. Again, commonly dehydrated patients with all of the above mentioned symptoms would be categorized as hypokalemic and therefore treated as such.

Many of us (in emergency situations) would also overlook the fact that manifestations of hypo and hyperkalemia are so similar. So remember to request for ECG - electrocardiographic test as this test could distinctively show the difference between the two (and if they do that test ask to see "T- wave" which is flattened in "hypo" and peaked in "hyper" and "P- wave" that shows exactly the opposite). In the hospital doctor would order a blood test to determine levels of potassium. Once established - level of potassium is going to dictate appropriate treatment but I guarantee you - doctor will be grateful that you prevented paramedics in their intentions. For the reference normal values of potassium are 3.5 - 5.3 mmol/L or mEq/L (where serum potassium level under 3.5 is considered HYPOKALEMIA and over 5.3 is HYPERKALEMIA).

Now, you asked - why did you have that problem? Of course, I cannot be certain but my first guess would be that you (more than likely) used some kind of diuretic (and I would bet - potassium sparing one), continued to eat high potassium containing foods while avoiding sodium and finally - restricted your water intake!

Chronic hyperkalemia (or hyperpotassemia) is serious illness usually caused by renal failure! You said that two weeks after the show you were back to your healthy self - so obviously your condition (high levels of K) was just acute (temporary on the day of your contest) caused by something that you did.

Very, very common potassium-sparing diuretic that bodybuilders use in their contest preparation is "Aldactone" or spironolactone. This particular diuretic became very popular in bodybuilding circuit for its inhibitory action on aldosterone (a hormone in our body that regulates body's salt and potassium levels).

Last 2-3 days before the show many competitors drastically reduce their sodium intake (some almost completely eliminate it) with hope to lose extracellular water. At the same time they use this prescription diuretic with hope to block aldosterone, which would help them keep intracellular potassium while excreting sodium and water. This way they would be able to achieve that "dry and full" look (winning combination).

This year, after the finals of the Mr. Olympia contest I was having peaceful dinner with my close friends when I received disturbing phone call. It was no other than Shawn Ray who urged me to drop what I was doing and come immediately to Mustafa Mohammed's room. Mustafa is my dear friend whom I love like a true brother and when I got that call I was beside myself. I run as fast as I could hoping that he is OK...Still, I couldn't help but think that something terrible happened to him. While I was running I remembered that during his posing routine at the finals he just wasn't himself.

He is phenomenal poser who always brings breathtaking routines. More often than not - he gets a standing ovation from the audience for a true masterpiece...but this night he just didn't deliver it. I saw it on his face (that something might be wrong) but I didn't really read into it. As soon as I got there I saw Mustafa on his bed cramped up, dizzy, weak, throwing up...and he told me: "Milos, I feel bad. I mean - very, VERY BAD."

Medical personal of Mandalay Bay Hotel came to the room and their "medical expert" concluded that Mustafa is severely dehydrated and needs fluids. So, he suggested a Gatorade (NOT a good idea as Gatorade contains potassium). I got in argument with that guy to the point that I yelled at him so loud - he ran away from the room.

"Great!" said Shawn "what are we going to do now?"

"Call the ambulance - he needs to go to the hospital. This is SERIOUS!"

In 1992 I witnessed a tragedy when another IFBB pro bodybuilder got himself in the similar situation. Mohammed Benaziza died that night and I was not going to take a chance with Mustafa. Paramedics that came shortly after - did EXACTLY what I told you (warn you about it) here. They also assumed that Mustafa is hypokalemic due to his severe state of dehydration. While they were taking him to the ambulance they were already planning to put him on the "IV electrolytes".

I jumped in requesting that they absolutely cannot do that - as he was more than likely already hyperkalemic! Mustafa told me that he indeed used "Aldactone" so I was certain that this is the case. Needless to say - I had to argue with both paramedics and I insisted to get into the ambulance with him.

[To get hydrated (on the way to the hospital) he did receive natrium-chloride and that is OK, but absolutely nothing that contains even smallest amounts of potassium should be used.] When we arrived into the hospital I had to talk to a doctor who also wasn't too responsive on my idea that their patient is "hyper" and not "hypo"-kalemic... Doctors just don't understand that somebody (we - the bodybuilders) would do that to ourselves. So, they don't expect it.

Fortunately, in the hospital they would first check the blood, before they would do anything else. When Mustafa's result came (8.8 mmol/L) doctor realized that he doesn't have a "normal situation" and he did admit that such a high amount of potassium could be fatal! Doctors had to bring his levels of potassium down in a hurry and thankfully - they were very successful.

I must mention that Mustafa's trouble alarmed a lot of people. Vince Scalisi from the Weider office was immediately available. Following the ambulance and spending a lot of time in the hospital were also Kris Dim, Kevin Levrone, Shawn and Kristy Ray and a pastor of the Shawn's church. They all showed great concern and support and Mustafa was very happy to see them.

Talking to many competitors throughout the years I realized that this ("Aldactone", low sodium and restricted water intake) is a common practice. Also (in the last two or three days) during the "carb loading" phase many competitors would choose carbohydrates that are also very high in potassium (bananas, dry fruits, potatoes, other fresh fruits, nuts, some vegetables and meats). One baked potato can have as much as 1000 mg of potassium, banana over 500 mg, cup of peanuts or almonds (for guys on low carb diet) also over a 1000 mg etc.

But, what some of the competitors fail to realize is that even the "normal" diet meals like fish, broccoli, chicken breast, asparagus and avocado (for example) can also have thousands of milligrams of potassium per serving!

Average protein portion (10 oz / 300 grams) of chicken is about 700 mg, while the same amount of fish would exceed 1000 mg of potassium per portion! Can you believe that the most common choice of the contest vegetable for most bodybuilders - broccoli has almost 500 mg of K per cup!? Considering all that bodybuilders should think twice before they reduce their sodium and water intake while they're reaching for the Aldactone - it is a bomb ready to explode!

In your first contest you probably didn't use that (or any) diuretic and possibly tried to dehydrate yourself with more conventional (natural) methods. In that case you reached mild level of dehydration and mineral imbalance. As you said - two bananas with merely 1000 mg of potassium solved your cramping problem!

Should you compete again?

That decision must be yours. If you are concerned about your health (and you should be) don't experiment with something that you don't know enough about. Follow the sound nutritional program and remember that even a slight mineral and water manipulation can get you desirable results (don't go for the extreme).

Several weeks before your next contest start using exact foods and amounts of particular minerals every day of the week. Than try to manipulate them just enough so you can reach healthy dehydrated state (without any muscle cramps) on exact day that you would want to "peak".

If you have several weeks to practice I am certain (or at least confident enough) that you will find safe and effective method of mild dehydration (necessary for bodybuilding competition) that would not be deleterious to your kidneys, heart or health in general.

Good luck!

Until the next time,
Milos Sarcev

11. You know, reading this I just cant help think how stupid some people are when it comes to their LIFE. How many times does a guy have to have a close call untill he learns that it isnt worth it? I dont want to offend anyone but this kinda behavior is just not normal thinking to me.

12. Milos I do enjoy your skirting around the issue here, come on tell the truth, did you give the guy some ACE-inhibitors that lead to the hyperkalemia.

I guess so, but you are probably pulling a Chad here and will give us nothing other than the usuall 'run of the mill' answer to conceal your 'novel' prescriptions?

13. As for Mustafa, he really should learn his lesson. I don't think he has any grasp of the preciousness of life.

14. Now what I would like to know come the Chad isn't treated like that?

15. It's harder to trace damage over a long period of time to Chad, where Mustafa's problems were clearly the result of whatever he did that same day / week.

16. LOL!!! Grin

I admit I do not know biochemistry, but how do you propose anything gets traced back to Chad? (and not just common sense, it needs to be something more objective than that).

17. i cant believe it man mustafa looks very good he should win the show at least they should give him a better place becouse this is not fair anymore,the judges should stop placing mustafa lower and lower ! Angry

18. This Jim Manion dude just got owned... he looks like a complete ass after that post.

19. Absolutely not. There are no less than 3 sides to every story and we have not yet received any official statements whatsoever from Jim Manion or any other IFBB representative. They may elect not to respond to the statements that have been made by Milos, but that's not an automatic indictment of the federation. If what Milos alleges is true, then Jim Manion obviously has more information about this whole situation than the rest of us do...information which no doubt influenced his decision.

Just for the sake of argument, put yourself in his shoes for a moment. Would you want the talent being frequently hospitalized on your watch if you were in charge?

Set aside your emotions and use some common sense, guys.

20. That's the reason Mustafa gets low placings. According to IFBB his hospitalization puts BB in a bad light, so they decided to screw him. Anybody can see Mustafa is way better than some higher placing guys....

21. (Quoting 18) Maybe I am missing "something" here but it seems to me that if a guy is having to go to the hospital more than once over practices of any kind when he competes, that should be stopped. I respect Milos as legend and intelligent guy but are we not missing the whole key issue here?

22. (Quoting 18) Good point. Athletes being rushed to the hospital within the 48 hours surrounding contest day sends a terrible message to the public and leaves a black mark against the sport. Accordingly, any bodybuilder who DIES as a result of his or her own extreme contest prep should be BARRED from competing in any future bodybuilding events. Hopefully, this will act as a deterrent against any contest prep insanity.

23. Is it really worth putting yourselves at risk in such a manner, just for one day on a stage?

(not meaning this a flame in anyway)


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