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iSatori: Hardcore Energize Bullet No Jitters, No Crash!* BUY IT NOW iSatori: Hardcore Energize Bullet



iSatori Hardcore Energize Bullet Review by Matt C.

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iSatori Hardcore Energize Bullet Review by Matt Canning

The Claim:

The product I am reviewing today is iSatori Hardcore Energize Bullet. It is an energy drink and I am always curious to try new energy drinks to see if they live up to their label claims and provide me with a boost of energy which can allow me to get the perform better during my workout. Below, I will go over some of the label claims and address my thoughts on them:

"Building on the popular Energy Pill, Energize, iSatori has taken energy drinks to an entirely new level with their small sugar-free 2.9-ounce energy drink.* What's more, it contains both fast and controlled released caffeine, negating the typical energy high then crash, just like the popular Energize pill.*"

iSatori Hardcore Energize Bullet is very small and therefore convenient for transportation to the gym. It comes in a convenient and easy to use container and that is always a good thing because it is not messy, unlike mixing powders into water bottles. I did not get much of a crash after consuming this product but I did feel slightly edgy which may be due to the fast released caffeine.

"But be forewarned: the Bullet is extremely powerful!* You must be 18 or older. And please read the label before consuming this delicious Blue Rage, naturally flavored drink!"

I would have a tendency to agree that one should be very careful with energy drinks. It is a good rule of thumb as some energy drinks are quite powerful and can be overwhelming to some people who may not be prepared for their strong effects. Personally, I would not consider Hardcore Energize Bullet to be particularly strong so I do not agree with the claim that it is "extremely powerful". I tried the Blue Raspberry Rage flavour, and I would not consider it delicious as claimed and I will speak more on that below under the taste heading.

  • Works in minutes; lasts for hours*
  • No jitters; no crash*

I would agree that the product works quickly and lasts for a long time and that there is no crash, but I did feel very slightly edgy while using it. Not significantly, because the product was not very strong as I mentioned above, but I did feel it a little.

Time of Consumption for iSatori Hardcore Energize Bullet:

I consumed this product minutes prior to my workout. I performed the legs workout as outlined below:

Sunday, July 10th, 2011:

Low-Box Squats [to parallel]:

140X12, 230X12, 250X12, 280X10, 300X4

I opted against trying 320, although had the gym been open for any longer I would have been able to take a longer rest and attempted it. As it stood, I was not quite recovered by the time I was thinking about doing 320 and then had to leave. I would consider legs to be my weak point so this was a pretty good workout for me and by no means weak as far as my legs workouts are concerned because my legs are not particular strong as I said.


As mentioned above, I did not consider this product to be a particularly effective one. I did experience some sensation while using it although I have definitely tried far stronger energy drinks in the past. 5/10.


I felt that iSatori Hardcore Energize Bullet had a medicine-like taste and aftertaste and I would not say that is a good thing. Even for its small size, it was unpleasant to consume. However, being only 2.9 ounces [86mL], it is not as if it is a long lasting unpleasant experience. No matter what you think of the taste, the experience of consuming this product is over fairly quickly and the aftertaste is short-lived as well. So even though I would consider this product to taste quite bad, it is not bothersome for very long. 5/10.

Overall Review:

This product was very mild and one of the least effective energy products that I have ever tried. I did not consider the product claims to be particularly accurate and I felt the taste was bad and I am not a particularly harsh critic of taste so that should say a lot. I think most people would despise the taste and consider the product to be weak overall. Although I will try this product again in the future, I do not expect future results to be any different than the results I have had with it already [I have used it multiple times by now, and not just during the workout described above]. Overall I would not rate this product as particularly effective and would give it an overall score of 5/10 and even say that is being generous. For $13.99 for six individual serving sized containers, I would say to save your money and check out other energy products instead.

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iSatori: Hardcore Energize Bullet - 6 Pack iSatori: Hardcore Energize Bullet - 6 Pack
Retail Price: $20.99 Our Price: $13.99

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