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BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM Interview: Jack London Interviews Jack London

PDI professional bodybuilder Jack London (The Rhino) was the PDI's first official pro in a move which was not taken very seriously at the time. Now, the PDI has achieved great success in a short period of time and the sky is the limit for the organization. In this interview, Jack talks about his roots in bodybuilding, what he thinks of the industry currently, and some of his other skills, both in the gym, and on the job.

Jack London in Musclemag International

Jack appearing in an issue of Musclemag International.

  • How did you get your nickname "Rhino"?

      Well it's funny, I was training with Jason Arntz, and we did some pictures for musclemayhem, and one of the moderators said, "Jason, you look great but who's the fuckin' Rhino standing behind you?" Massive G was the guy, and the name just kind of stuck.

  • Were you involved in any sports growing up?

      Yes, I was big into football, that was the big reason I started lifting weights in the first place. I was also big into powerlifting and track and field. I was an all American powerlifter and national champion.

      Jack London Right Side Chest Pose

      Jack London Hands Clasped Most Muscular Pose

  • How did you get into bodybuilding?

      Well, I was a powerlifter and was about 340 pounds. I had a 44 inch waist and was quite fat. I wanted to get in shape; you know to be more attractive. As I dieted down this girl says to me, "you look like one of those guys in the magazines, you should compete"...she was quite pretty, so I listened to her, and was hooked. Apparently, all those years powerlifting had built me quite a foundation. So you see, I did not pick bodybuilding, bodybuilding picked me...

  • When were you born?

      June 30th, 1968 (ouch!)

  • Where do you currently reside?

      I live in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

  • What did you think of the 2006 PDI shows?

      I am very excited about the opportunity for the athletes, as well as myself. This will probably be my swan song, so I am going balls to the wall, giving it my all. PDI is the organization, fair, balanced, and worth the switch. I am pleased with the way it is all coming together. The 2006 shows were great, but I missed my mark. The organization runs very competitive, very professional shows. I like the entertainment round, and the comradery is great!

  • What did you think of your performance at those shows?

      I think my performance at the 2006 night of champions was subpar. I was maybe 60% of my best. My body was just not ready for the carb-up, and so, I spilled terribly. I have Freddy Smalls working with me, and he has been for some months now. No surprises this year, I am confident I will be at my best.

  • What is your next competition?

      I am competing in the 2007 Night of Champions. Then I will travel to Barbados, Norway and finish up in London, England. Four shows, three weeks.

  • What happened between you and Bob Cicherillo?

      Who? Never heard of him...

    Jack London in Contest at the 1996 NABBA North American Championships

  • What are your opinions of Wayne Demilia?

      I think the world of Wayne, not just as a promoter, but as a person, friend and father. He is one of the good guys and he is someone I trust. He saw potential in me, and has always treated me with respect, and kindness. If you are lucky enough to get close to him, trust me, your life will be better for it.

  • What do you think of steroids in bodybuilding?

      I think it will always be there. People want the freaks, they want the best. Time tested truth, going all the way back to the Gladiators of Roman times. People want the big show, and will pay for it.


  • Do you use Synthol? Do you agree with Nasser El Sonbaty's comments that 95% of people in the industry use it?

  • Rumor has it that you are very strong. Tell us about some of your strongest lifts - in competition and in the gym.

      Yes, I could move some weight in my day. I have squatted 1,010. I have benched 661, with no shirt. That translates in today's numbers and technology to about a 1,000 pound bench. Oh, I was 19 years old when I hit these lifts. I am still fairly strong, although I don't train for power, I train for muscle.

  • What do you think of Why did you delete your account and register again?

      I love getbig. I love the people and the comradery. It has been made somewhat famous, and gives me a way to touch everyone. Ron avidan laughs, he says I am the most talked about bodybuilder on the internet. I would rather not discuss the reasons for me deleting my account, only that I will not EVER do that again!! (LOL).


  • What is your current training program like?

      I am training heavier again - less sets and higher intensity. For a while, I did high volume, and that works as well. I try to stay away from heavy deadlifts or other compound movements, as I am 280 pounds, and am big enough, I am working more on symmetry and conditioning.


  • What is your current nutrition program like?

      Like I said, I am working with Freddy Smalls, out of DE. And he has me on higher calories and carbohydrates, to get my body used to it. It's working well, as I am 270-280 and 6.5% body fat right now.


  • Do you have any tattoos on you?

      Yes, plenty...tribal, sun, Superman, several others...none on my face...(somehow, Lee can pull it off).

  • Do you have any DVDs coming out?

      Yes, Wayne Gallash of GMV Productions is shooting me the day after the Night of Champions. Name yet to be released.

  • What do you think of Gregg Valentino?

      Well, I don't know him well, but I think he is great. Says what he wants, no fear, and no apologies. He and I have talked many times, and I like him a lot. He is always very cool to me.

  • What is your current occupation?

      Well, I am finance officer working for Citicorp Vendor Finance Group. I finance large technology purchases working with fortune 500 companies. I have a daughter Brooke, who is seven years old and my girlfriend Debbie, who has been so supportive of me...she has dealt with a lot, and continues to surprise me and stand by me. I am lucky to have her in my life. Funny, a good woman can make you, and a bad one...well you know the rest.



Take care,

Matt Canning

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