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Kevin Levrone Full Blown DVD Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Reviews of Bodybuilding DVDs Produced by MOC Video Kevin Levrone Full Blown DVD Review

Kevin Levrone - Full Blown (DVD) Take your first step to destiny! This is Kevin's first video produced and released by Kevin Levrone and his associates in 1995. BUY IT NOW Kevin Levrone - Full Blown (DVD)




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This video was recorded at Powerhouse Gym, prior to the opening of Kevin Levrone's World Gym, Fitness Center.

The DVD started off with Kevin doing a short commercial ad for his World Gym Fitness Center:

Kevin Levrone's World Gym
Fitness Center
1131 Benfield Blvd.
Millersville, MD 21108
(410) 987-6500

Kevin Levrone's World Gym

The DVD showed the usual copyright and caution disclaimers stating not to reproduce Kevin's routine. The DVD was filmed in 1995 and so Kevin was only 29 or 30. The first scene was Kevin and his training partner eating some supper. Once they were done, they got in Kevin's car and headed to the gym. The DVD felt like a movie at this point and had some music and unique camera angles so that it would appear like one.

Kevin Levrone and His Training Partner Eating a Meal

Kevin and his training partner made it to the gym. Kevin currently looks much younger than he is and at the time, he looked very young in the face also. It is amazing because some bodybuilders seem to age faster when all the rigors of bodybuilding are in their lives. Kevin has aged slower than most it seems. This may be because of the long offseasons he took where he would take time off from the bodybuilding lifestyle and cut back on training, calories, and supplements and bulk up going into a contest.

For chest, Kevin did some presses using heavy dumbbells. He used the 100 pound dumbbells on the incline which he handled pretty easily. He went up to the 130s and handlged them pretty well also. Kevin was strong in the video so far, but got even stronger later in his career. He was one of the strongest pressers in the history of bodybuilding.

Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone Dumbbell Press for Chest

After completing the presses, Kevin moved to cable crossovers and then hit some front raises with dumbbells for his shoulders. Kevin's shoulders were always a strong suit for him. He had a great physique and was one of the few bodybuilders who looked good even as a mass monster. He kept great lines and good flow to his physique at any body weight. At a height of 5'9, I have heard that his maximum body weight was 260 pounds, and while I am not sure exactly what it was, I could see that as being possible.

Next, Kevin moved to side lateral raises for his shoulders and he did state that genetics played a role in his success in shoulder development. Kevin hit rear delts and explained that rear delts are important to have developed for the rear double biceps pose. Kevin hit some poses in his tanktop after his shoulder workout was complete.

Kevin Levrone

For Kevin's back workout, he started off with barbell rows and did four plates per side (405 pounds) with good form. Kevin did single arm dumbbell rows for back also using good form and heavy dumbbells (over 100 pounds). For his third exerice, Kevin performed seated rows and said that he normally does four sets of 12 reps per set. That is a rep and set scheme similar to one I would apply and is common among bodybuilders. Kevin then performed long bar lat pulldowns for his lats.

Kevin Levrone Seated Cable Rows

Kevin Levrone Seated Cable Rows

After Kevin's back routine was complete, some footage was shown of Kevin working with kids, which seemed like an important part of his life. It was nice to see that a pro bodybuilder could be charitable like that and help out kids growing up.

Kevin Levrone with Children

Kevin Levrone with a Child

Kevin's arm routine begun with dumbbell curls and he stressed the importance of good form throughout the entire range of motion and squeezing and feeling the muscle. Hammer curls were next for Kevin followed by standing E-Z bar curls. Kevin performed triceps pushdowns on the cable machine for his triceps. Triceps were another very strong point for Kevin - his triceps were not only huge, but very shapely. Keven performed skullcrushers after the pushdowns were complete. He gave exercise instruction along the way which would be very helpful for those interested in learning some of the exercises demonstrated in the DVD. Kevin's third exercise for triceps was single arm overhead dumbbell extensions. He looked great as he performed this exercise as the strength of his triceps was made very clear.

Kevin Levrone Triceps Pushdowns

Kevin Levrone Hands Clasped Most Muscular Pose in a Tanktop

Kevin trained legs next and performed leg presses stacking the machine up with plates and training with intensity. He emphasized the importance of concentration during workouts in order to grow. His range of motion appeared to be somewhat short, but then he moved on to hack squats and performed the reps with a deep range of motion. Kevin's third exercise for legs was leg extensions. He followed that up with standing single leg hamstrings curls and he said it was his favourite hamstrings exercise.

Kevin Levrone Leg Extensions

Kevin Levrone Leg Extensions

After his leg workout was complete, Kevin was shown paying his respects at his parents' grave sight and the DVD ended with a dedication to his parents - Madeline and John. Afterwards, some bloopers were shown during the credits.

Kevin Levrone at Parent's Grave Site

Kevin Levrone at Parent's Grave Site

Overall Review:

This was a good DVD for Kevin. It was instructional as well as showing Kevin's actual workouts. It felt like an older video based on the sound and picture quality and was relatively short in length (60 minutes). For fans of Kevin, this is a great DVD to add to the collection. While no memorable weights were really used during the video, Kevin was in incredible shape during the whole video and it allowed fans a change to get to know Kevin as both a bodybuilder and a person.

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Kevin Levrone - Full Blown (DVD) Kevin Levrone - Full Blown (DVD)
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $29.94

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Matt Canning

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