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King Kamali Back With A Vengeance DVD Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews King Kamali Back With A Vengeance DVD Review

King Kamali Back With a Vengeance (DVD) "Back with a Vengeance DVD"... The transformation began with the now classic off-season DVD: The King of Pain, and the journey comes to an end in this power packed film as we all see why it was a BIG mistake to underestimated THE KING! The metamorphosis from a 300lb. freak of nature is astonishing. BUY IT NOW King Kamali - King of Pain (DVD)




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The DVD started off with some footage of King's previous DVD "King of Pain" from October 2005, where King was 292 pounds and in good condition (with abs). Granted, King never looked the way Ronnie did at 290, but he was still lean at that weight.

This new DVD was filmed in April of 2006 and from the beginning demonstrated high production values. From some of the brief footage shown during the intro of the DVD, King appeared to be in better condition than he had been in October. At the time, King was preparing for the Spring shows and his condition was coming along just fine and he looked much better in my opinion, as any bodybuilder would. No doubt, the added conditioning would result in decreased strength in the DVD though, as is also natural among bodybuilders (other than Ronnie Coleman).

King briefly announced his DVD and you could tell by his face that he was approaching contest conditioning as his face was more depleted than it normally is in the offseason. Some more footage of the DVD was shown and his condition showed clearly again. It's obvious to me that when King puts it together he is still competitive as a pro and can make it to the Olympia stage. Life happens, but I see no reason why King couldn't qualify for the Olympia for as long as he wants to if he stays injury free and puts it all together. His best year was 2001 in my opinion. He is kind of like Samir Bannout in the sense that his best performances took place early on in his career. While most pro bodybuilders improve over time, King has not been able to duplicate his previous best forms, but I think he still has time, being relatively young at only 34 years old (born in 1972).

In the DVD, King performed his infamous heavy weight squats with multiple spotters which I didn't think he would be able to perform due to his weight depletion. So far in the DVD, I did not feel his intensity was as high as it was offseason (understandably).

The DVD was not structured exactly like most pro DVDs where a lot of discussion takes place. King's DVD showed the training but with not much talking. The production values were high as was the sound quality and feel of the DVD. If you want to hear more talking, I would recommend King's "King of Pain" DVD, which is an offseason DVD for King.

King's training partner was shown training and I have to say he is a pretty hard trainer. This may be because he is on film and wants to be seen in this light, but more than likely he has an intense personality towards the gym off camera also. It showed Junior puking again which is a reflection on his intensity but let me be clear that this is NOT necessary. You can train and maximize/optimize your progress without puking!! (LOL). Don't let anyone tell you otherwise - you simply do not need it. While Junior was puking, some music which sounded to be from Sesame Street was playing in the background. This was intentionally there to show the contrast between the act of puking and pleasant sounding music. As I said though, puking is not a requirement for bodybuilding success.

Next up, King introduced his palace in upstate New York.

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King then showed us his house and some of Barbara's work around the house including one of the earlier modelling portfolio posters she did.

King had a wall in his house with his covers and another wall with some bodybuilding pictures of himself and others. It was a pretty cool looking room. King next showed us his car before going out for food. A sequence of King and his friends eating big was shown next with the theme song "Glorious Food" playing in the background, similar to sequence in "Raising the Bar".

After, King went back to the gym and was training again with his conditioning good just as it had been previously.

Next King went to a spa for a deep tissue massage which he gets on a weekly basis. Footage of the deep tissue massage was shown and it looked pretty painful, as I've found a lot of these massages look like.

The question was asked "How would you describe King?"

Replies were that he had great symmetry, gigantic delts, was a monster, was strong, and answers along these lines.

Next, King described his diet a little bit and his water and supplement intake. Some more training footage of King was shown and his condition was close to that of being contest ready. King's conditioning was looking awesome and the difference is night and day compared to how he looks offseason.

Overall Review:

This was a good DVD with good production values as seen in the video and sound quality. Although the weights used were not as heavy as those seen in the "King of Pain" DVD, King's conditioning in this DVD was a lot better, and you could see his progress as the DVD went on. I hope that for King's next DVD project, he does some commentary and goes through his entire training routine step-by-step and also touches more on his nutrition and supplementation program, similar to Ronnie Coleman in his DVDs such as "The Unbelievable." I hope King releases a new DVD this year in his quest to qualify for the 2007 Mr. Olympia contest.

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King Kamali - Back with a Vengeance (DVD)
Retail Price: $39.95 Our Price: $34.95

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Matt Canning

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