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BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM Titans Volume 7 Lee Priest "It's Not Revenge" DVD Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Titans Volume 7 Lee Priest "It's Not Revenge" DVD Review

Titans Vol. VI, VII, VIII This Titans Set gets you upclose and personal with the motivated Gustave Badell, the fan favorite Lee Priest and the always inspiring Mustafa Mohammed. BUY IT NOW Titans Vol. VI, VII, VIII




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Lee Priest DVD Review

Chest @ Pure Austin
Feb 13th - 11AM

The DVD started off with some footage of Lee at the 2006 Ironman which he went on to win. After that footage was shown, Lee's workout begun with him driving to the gym in his Mustang.

Lee Priest Mustang

Lee arrived at Pure Austin Fitness gym and it was noted on his DVD that his joke rate per hour was 20+. Lee started off his workout with Smith Machine bench presses with 225 pounds and then moved up to 315. Lee kept on cracking jokes at a rate which seemed a lot higher than 20 per hour LOL. He took off his shirt next to train with his tanktop on after hitting some poses. His next exercise for chest was incline dumbbell press. Lee hit some more poses and he was looking as well as I'd ever seen him and definitely on track to win the Ironman Pro show. He said he probably only wears a tanktop twice a year in the gym. There are a lot of pro bodybuilders who train covered up. Lee went on to perform more dumbbell presses as MuscleTime took more pictures. His next exercise was incline dumbbell flyes for chest.

Lee Priest Bench Presses

Lee went on to the seated machine press next doing slow and controlled reps.

Lee hit some poses after doing a couple of sets and was looking shredded with all the hallmark signs of conditioning.

Lee Priest Abs

Lee went on to another machine next, doing machine flyes for chest. This is one of my favourite machines and definitely my favourite machine for chest and one of the only ones I do for chest since I'm mostly a heavy free weight user myself.

Lee did dips next and one thing I noticed is that he didn't do too many sets of any exercise in particular, moving on quickly to another one. Immediately after his dips, he did cable crossovers.

Lee hit some poses without his shirt on and his muscle density and fullness really impressed me. When Rich Gaspari was 23 it was said that you had to be 40 to look like that and even at 40 you didn't look like that. The same can be said for Lee Priest at a young age. Pictures of Lee in his early twenties are floating around the net and it's obvious he had a great deal of muscle maturity early on. This is largely genetic of course and not everyone will be able to look like that at any age, regardless of training methods and nutrition.

Lee Priest Front Relaxed

Some brief footage of Lee and Raymond from MuscleTime was shown of them eating at Samurai Sam in Austin, Texas.

2006 Ironman (1) & Delts @ Gold's Gym Feb 13th - 5PM

Feb 18th Pasadena, CA

2006 Ironman Backstage

Lee was shown backstage getting oiled and pumped up and he was looking big and shredded. This was the best I remember seeing Lee, even better than he was at his 2005 Australian Pro Grand Prix victory. He was looking hard and full and really nailed everything.

First Round Mandatory Poses

Lee hit the mandatory poses:

  • Front Double Biceps.
  • Front Lat Spread.
  • Side Chest.
  • Back Double Biceps.
  • Back Lat Spread.
  • Side Triceps.
  • Abdominals and Thighs.
  • Most Muscular.

His hamstrings looked freaky in the back double biceps pose! He glutes were good to and his tie in was ok - definitely not comparable to Ronnie but considering that this was a known weak point for Ronnie, it is very impressive.

Round Rock (Austin) Delts and Calves with Richard

Lee started off with side lateral raises for his delts. His next exercise was Smith Machine military presses with 225 pounds which he handled with ease. He moved up to 315 pounds which he also handled fairly easily.

Lee did bent over lateral raises next and Lee said that the exercise makes him want to puke based on the position of it. Makes sense to me, and it's never an exercise I've felt the need to incorporate.

After doing the bent over lateral raises, Lee performed shrugs. In the closeup shots, you could tell that Lee's skin was paper thin and his muscle was just bursting out of it.

Lee did seated machine presses for delts next (non Smith Machine variety). I like this exercise and it is also one of the few that I will incorporate for delts as I am normally a free weight trainer all around.

Lee did donkey calf raises next to begin his calves workout. Lee checked out his pump in his calves after doing two sets and they were looking hard and full. Lee went in the changeroom next to hit some poses and was still looking like he was ready to win the upcoming Ironman. No last minute screwups had happened yet so everything was on track for Lee.

2006 Ironman (2) & Legs @ Gold's Gym Feb 14th - 11AM

Feb 18th - 10:30 AM Pasadena, CA

Round 2 Comparisons

Lee was with Troy Alves during this part of the show, hitting the mandatory poses and looking sharp throughout. Speaking of Troy, he has a great physique and definitely one which I would want myself. Troy and Lee both had problematic glutes in terms of conditioning and both of them had brought up their glutes for this show.

Lee was posing with Dave Henry next who was as hard as a rock. Lee looked to be a couple of inches taller than Dave, although they had both been cited before as 5'5.

Gold's Gym, Austin Lakeline

Lee was training with Richard again and started off with leg extensions. After a bit more work with the leg extensions, Lee then did five plates per side on the leg press machine for 100 reps! That is 450 pounds for what seemed to be a neverending set. Talk about blood volume training. That was definitely unorthodox and reminded of of former IFBB pro bodybuilder Johnnie Fuller who recently passed away earlier in 2006. He would train for incredible high rep sets like that as well. Lee also trained with 100+ reps during his workout for the Battle for the Olympia 2005.

Lee's legs were definitely pumped up after the set was complete.

Lee next did front squats on the Smith Machine, starting off with 135 pounds. He then did 225 pounds and went back to the leg extension machine. After doing a set he started his hamstrings workout, doing lying leg curls. The detail in his hamstrings caught the eye and he was looking sharp. Lee did standing calf raises for his calves, and they were looking excellent. as always.

Arms @ Pure Austin Feb 15th - 5PM

3 Days Out - 5PM @ Pure Austin

Lee started off with triceps rope pushdowns. He was wearing a yellow t-shirt and his arms were looking sick. He definitely has some of the biggest arms around, and not just for his height. Lee did machine dips next and in his style of moving on quickly, he was doing single arm machine curls for biceps next, which he did with the dips as part of a triceps/biceps superset. Supersets for super arms in Lee's case. Lee's arms were so big and shredded it wasn't even funny. What had really caught my eye in this case was Lee's vascularity. It's a known fact in the bodybuilding world that Lee's arms are some of the best ever - and probably the most balanced in history, but I had never really heard much talk of Lee's vascularity, or even noticed it much myself, but it was definitely showing here.

Some closeup shots of Lee were shown when he was performing single arm preacher machine curls. He hit some poses afterwards and he was looking freaky, getting better and better as showtime approached. After doing a set of the preacher curls he did close grip pushups, leaning on the curl machine.

Lee Priest Single Arm Preacher Machine Curls

Lee did single arm reverse curls for triceps next on the cables. This is more of a polishing exercise and less of a mass building one, which Lee may have been incorporating because it was close to the time of the contest. Lee then did single arm cable curls next for biceps.

Lee did forearms next doing reverse barbell curls and hammer curls. His biceps/triceps/forearm combo is the best ever and if he trains them together like this all the time, that might have something to do with why these muscles are in such great harmony with each other.

Ironman (3) & Back @ Pure Austin Feb 15th - 11AM

Feb 18th - 8:30PM Pasadena, CA

Round 3 Posing Routine

Lee posed to the same posing music that Arnold had many times in the past - at the 1996, 2003, and 2004 Mr. Olympia competitions just to name a few. It is also a posing song that Lee Haney used in the past as well. Lee Priest than posed to "I Need A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler.

Lee Priest 2006 Ironman Pro Bodybuilding Championships

Training footage of Lee at Pure Austin with Bruce was then shown. Lee trained back and performed cable rows. Lee performed lat pulldowns. Lee did some other machine exercises for back as well. He kept pumping up with the machines. Nothing much notable was shown in this part of the DVD, as Lee's training was heavily machine based. He was nearing a contest and training for the pump moreso than to gain muscle mass.

Lee hit some poses and was looking fantastic. Big and cut and ready to win. His arms looked like they were about to burst out of his skin and his back looked like it was about to burst out of his tanktop.

Lee Priest Front Double Biceps

Ironman (4) & last workout # Pure Austin Feb 16th - 8:30AM

Round 4 Posedown

Lee was shown posing with Dave Henry during this part of the contest, and then the rest of the top five was shown posing down as well.

After the contest footage was shown, Lee was shown in the gym training again, starting off with cable crossovers for chest. Lee did seated machine presses for chest and lat pulldowns for back, moving on to perform pushups leaning on to a machine next and followed it up with more lat pulldowns on a separate machine, and lat pulldowns yet again on a third machine.

Lee Priest Lat Pulldowns

For delts, Lee performed machine lateral raises before doing some stretches and doing another set. Lee hit some poses for the cameras and moved on to arms work, and his arms looked just as freaky and vascular as Ronnie's, just not as big overall - but just as big given Lee's height. Lee did some more pushups and then hit some poses without his shirt on and was still looking on track to win the 2006 Ironman. Lee had that crazy look where his pecs still looked flexed and hard even in poses like the abs and thigh and front double biceps where the chest is raised and tends to disappear. This is something quite reminiscent of Rich Gaspari. I can't say that Lee is quite at Rich's level in terms of conditioning, but he is definitely world class and looked hard as nails in this DVD.

Lee Priest Abs

Victory & Credits

David Henry was announced second place and Lee was the winner of the 2006 Ironman pro! Lee was shown backstage with his giant check and his trophis and he was looking like the definite winner.

Lee was then shown posing in his hotel room and looking great.

Lee Priest Hands Clasped Most Muscular

Overall Review:

This DVD was the first training DVD of Lee Priest that I had seen and I was highly impressed with it - both from a technological point of view, and in terms of Lee Priest's conditioning. He was looking sharp and grainy and was probably in his best ever shape, or close to it. Lee has some interesting training methods, and the DVD is worth checking out if you are a fan of Lee.

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Matt Canning

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