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Do We Really Need a Leg Up? ... By Mick Hart Articles Database Articles by Writer Articles Written by Do We Really Need a Leg Up? ... By Mick Hart

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Do We Really Need a Leg Up? ... By Mick Hart


Bodybuilders? A leg up? I thought that we did simply because the sport has turned, well basically shit of late! Shows are getting less and less attended, magazines are dying at a faster rate, supplements are getting shitter by the day and whats more worrying than anything else - the backstabbing has reached heights that, in reality, everyone is piss sick of, especially me - Iím sick of hearing about it!

BUT - when I think about it - NO, we donít need a LEG UP at all - leave us the fuck alone so that we can get back to what we were used to: ENJOYING IT!

At first, I started to write this article with all the intentions of raising HELL YEAH!! Yíknow, the old "Rally Round Speech" of 2001 - an effort to boost the moral of us bodybuilders. I suppose it was the time of the year and all that that inspired me at first, then, after writing for a few hours and running out of Gin, I pressed DELETE and thought FUCK IT, yes simply that - and I will tell you why. There are many people that I admire (and some I donít) that have tried to inspire a ĎGatheringĒ of the masses, a collection of guys in authority if you like who have tried to get the guys to rally round and fight the good cause of the sport - for the good of us all. You know what I mean, but it just ainít gonna happen - EVER! The earlier we realise it the better for us all, so that we can all stop looking for a special time or a re-birth of the sport - just leave it as it is - a lone sport for individuals who really want to do it!

OK there are the special exceptions to whom I give my total admiration indeed. Perfect examples are people such as Ron Ball and David Gentle. Both have dedicated themselves to the sport for life and have shown themselves not only to be perfect ambassadors to the sport, but also choose to help others at the same time.

In Ron Ballís gym, there is I believe an air of camaraderie that is so rare as it is a gym of the old style. People train with winning in mind and also have the added bonus of support not only from the staff at the gym but also from the members of the gym - period! This is indeed rare but even better when all around the gym, in town, the competition are falling like flies. Ahhh, tradition can be a nice thing - I am proud of those people. And to boot, as far as competition attendance, I believe that there will not be many to match that of Mr. Ball - he is a true supporter who believes that by supporting and attending, he will contribute to the continuation of the sport. He knows that unfortunately that is not to be so - sadly. But I do so admire his reasons, I only wish that there were more with the same beliefs.

David Gentle is another great example of dedication and determination. He has been in the sport now for about a thousand years (that right Dave?) and has constantly helped and advised countless people to which many will not admit that his help has assisted them - I think that this is so true, so sad but he will agree with me here I am sure. All his good work has, in many cases, remained unrewarded - sadly.

Two perfect examples that people DO NOT realise just how much that they have contributed to the sport, but their words (in many cases) fall on deaf ears - as do many of ours too! You see, it is these type of people that should be getting all the backing, but do they get it - not a fucking prayer! What I do say is please continue to write as good as you do because at least you are hitting where it hurts and people DO read EVERY page of this mag. Your contributions to the No Bull Collection are essential reading.


The reasoning behind my article is simple - please donít waste any more of your precious time lads on trying to unify the sport. Why? Well why should you! Stick to who you know and those who care and listen to your vast knowledge - they will benefit most from it.

It is not only these two lads, but also me and many others who have also had this dream, but it is time now not to pull the finger out, but put it back in and hope that bodybuilding will drop back into the sort of Ďniceí secrecy that we used to have. It was better that way; to much public interest and the damage was already set into place. The general public always try to destroy what they cannot understand - always has done, always will.

You see, bodybuilding cannot and will never be a mass sport driven by a collective strength. It is an individual sport that has actually, I believe, been damaged by itís immergence into the public spotlight. Most just donít give a fuck whether or not bodybuilding hits the big time or not - I for one most certainly do not.
Another good example is on the subject of supplements. No matter what advice you can give to some people, they will never, ever, take it in. OK, I know that this mag is pro gear, but the best advice that I can give to a beginner is not to use the gear until ALL options are exhausted, it really is the best way. Utilising the essential supplements with ample training and rest and the right attitude is top grade advice for anyone, but some will not listen and choose to opt for the quickest and most direct route - or so they think - loads of gear all at once and as often as possible. Result, problems on top of problems - who gets the blame - us!!
Tell someone that supplements will give a sound basic coverage for the body over a period of time but be patient as it will take time, and they are not happy. YET, tell them a bunch of lies and that supplements are the be all and end all of bodybuilding growth - guess what, they believe you - you cannot win if you want to be honest and tell people facts! Beats the shit outta me!!

At the end of the day, all we become is cannon fodder for the media and ultimately, we are seen as nothing more than pill popping, jab sticking dartboard junkies - that is not fair, I think that you will agree, well unless you are one of the original fuck wits in the first place.


OK I like a good moan but it really is a matter of getting back to the old ways in my opinion. Even not so long back, or rather as far as when hard drugs where not so involved in the sport and shit counterfieted gear was not so blatantly obvious. Look at it another way, what has happened these last few years? We havenít had the problem of simply arguing whether or not a winner was a winner or that the second place was as it should have been - no - what we are hearing is that people have been had the shit kicked out of them (deserved or not), gyms taken over by ďcompaniesĒ, friends back-stabbing friends and familes, once proud bodybuilding champions totally hooked and FUCKED on Nubain for life! Competitions, closing down days before the competitors have even had a chance to walk the boards showing what they have achieved with the months and months of preparation - what a boost for the future of the sport eh? Makes anyone want to train for the next one - NOT! Itís no wonder the crowds are getting thinner and thinner - and deservedly so too.

In the end, there is nothing that we can do at all but just hope that things will get back to "normal", but we all have an opinion of what normality is. Being in a sport where many of the people involved are kicking the shit out of each other, mainly based around money and profit again, is not really one that we ought to be advertising as one based on honour - as there is none, only to oneself and family.

Letís see what the New Year brings, but I am afraid that the horizon does not look that inviting - we shall see.........

Mick Hart

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