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A Member's Ramblings

(Taken From The Steroid Encyclopaedia Members Board)

I have been thinking a lot lately and just wanted let some stuff go.

I'll start with a little history. I have been working out for 4 years. Hitting it hard and trying to eat right - using supplements. Always left far short of the goals of that body I was chasing.

About a year ago I contacted a longevity clinic and started some test cypionate. Soon I found out what they were giving me was not enough to do anything (200 mg. ever other week!!!).

So I figure I would hold on to it until they sent me
enough to do a real cycle. I did this once - it took almost 6 months of saving because they only send 10ml at once. After all that my cycle was over and I had made good gains but after all that plus the money I had spent - I WAS FED UP!!!

This was the beginning of December last year. I quit working out for two months and got fat and felt like shit for two months. I started back at the gym but my heart wasn't in it.

I finally decided to ask a friend who I knew used to do roids - if he could get me some. He agreed to try but his old connects were either done with it or too stingy to give anything up.

Then one day frustrated and pissed I entered the word "Winstrol" into my search engine!!! With in a couple days I had enough info and went off to the Western Union Office. I received my package 4 weeks later and have been on a sust, deca, dbol cycle for 2 weeks. I feel like a new man and I have all of you reading this and answering posts and helping me out to thank for it. I haven't written many post because I usually found my answers by going back through old post and I didn't want to ask the same old stupid questions over again.

I want to express my gratitude for all of your help in reviving my dream!!!! I had made gains (170 lbs to 220lbs in four years) but never looked even close to what I wanted too. At least now my hard work is paying me back!!!

Now this is the venting part:

I want to say fuck you to all the pros who let their pics be used to sell bunk supplements.

I want to say fuck you to all those supplement company executives who are driving new cars from my hard earned money.

And fuck you Bill Phillips and your Body of Work challenge. Fuck all your fake before and after photos too. I read your book took all your supplements $$$$$ and followed every suggestion you made for 10 weeks and YOU ARE A SCAMMER PIECE OF SHIT!!!

I would rather send my money to a foreign country and take my chances than give another red cent to all the REAL SCAMMERS who have been robbing me blind for years.

And now a message for anyone new: if you are new to fitness and working out put the mouse down and go to the gym right now. We'll see you in 1.5 maybe 2 years and then you will be ready for a cycle. Your body is ready to grow without drugs so take advantage of it!!!

If you are new to this - but have been working out for years only to hit the same wall over and over again -

WELCOME. But don't forget to WORK HARD, EAT RIGHT, SLEEP SOUND AND LONG. Steroids will HELP you grow ONLY if you do your part!!!

One more thing newbies: READ, READ, READ - Read everything you can get your hands on, read old posts and drug profiles and anything else before you start a thread that is going to let everyone know that you haven't done your homework (make you look stupid)!!!!


Thanks for reading my ramblin's

Steroid Encyclopaedia Comment:-
No, Thank YOU Nimrod, you have entertained us all !!!!

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