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What Steroids Has Done for Me - A Message From a Member

Here is a totally unedited email recently sent by a member to Jim, the founder of Steroid Encyclopaedia... although it's really addressed to all the Steroid Encyclopaedia Members that helped this guy..... It's a powerful and empowering story, hope you enjoy it... and our thanks to Dak for letting us reprint it here.



Just wanted you to know how what you have done has helped others.

(email omitted at members request)

"What Gear Has Done For Me"

I benched 300 today, not impressive by most standards. But it is the attainment of a first goal. Something I havenít accomplished in more than 10 years.

I have never had a bench that turned heads at the gym. My genetics always favored my legs. Even from an early age my leg strength was very developed. 132 lb High School wrestler, I did leg presses with the heavyweights. At the
gym guys 50lbs heavier than me would gather when I did squats. There is something about crawling under a massive weight and watching the bar sag as you lift it from the rack that makes you feel Herculean.

About 12 years ago I was in the gym, it was leg day and I felt strong. I was in the middle of a mild cycle of d-bol and deca. As I pyramided the weight upward, all the squats came easy. As I neared my personal best I needed a spotter.

The guys I usually trusted to cover my ass werenít around, so I asked someone I did not know to spot me. He was big enough, he should be able to save my bacon if need be. I started my squat and it went up easy, so easy I thought I would squeeze out another. I squatted, started back up and stalled in a few inches. I knew I wasnít going anywhere so I asked my spotter to step in and assist.

It completely panicked him. He just got happy feet and stutter stepped around me. All the while the weight is starting to beat me. I sagged, my center of gravity shifted forward and I collapsed, the bar and plates smashing be to the ground.

Now my spotter helped. I rolled over to my side and laid there in agony. I was hurt but I had no idea how hurt. After about five minutes I tried to get up and couldnít due to the pain. Another 5 and I managed to get to my feet. A gym employee took me to the hospital. A couple hours later x-rays and an MRI revealed I had two herniated discs and compression fractures in L-4 and L-5. I was messed up.

I didnít heal and spent the next six months in terrible pain everyday. I ate vicodin by the handful. I spent all my time high. Finally surgery was the only option.

My surgery, schedule for 2 hours, lasted 8. The doctor told me later that the MRI did not reveal how messed up I was. The surgery that everyone told me would make me like new, didnít. I was still in agony everyday. It took me 10 minutes to get out of bed in the morning. And the first thing on my mind was vicodine. I lived on it for another six months. Until the doctors wouldnít prescribe more.

I found another Dr. and he prescribed it for me for a while and then he too said that was it. Out of vicodine, out of doctors, I started drinking to cope with the pain. I had been out of work for almost a year and was on the edge of losing everything. I got back into the work force but drank more and more.

At the end of my work day I would drive directly to a liquor store and buy alcohol. I would take Motrin all day and drink all evening.

A couple years later, I started my own company which gave me the ability to start drinking earlier in the day. I was now drinking constantly. Somehow even with drinking becoming more of a problem, I managed to build a successful company and get married.

But that was temporary, as my alcohol consumption increased my marriage suffered, as did my business.

Then about 3 years ago, while seeing a doctor about something unrelated. I confessed my drinking and pain problems. He just looked at me with a puzzle face and said, "Didnít your Dr. ever suggest cortisone injections?"

He sent me immediately to a Dr. that performed these regularly. A short series of these injections and after more than eight years of daily pain- it was gone.

Alcohol was still a monkey on my back for two more years. I was depressed all the time. I would look in the mirror and see a 235lb bloated pig. I needed to do something. I was spiraling downward fast.

A year and a few months ago, with my marriage teetering on divorce, I knew that was it. I stopped drinking and hoped that getting back to the gym could save my sorry ass. I was pathetic. Soft, no endurance, weak, I was an embarrassment.

I needed something to spurn my desire. I told my self if I would work out hard and cut weight for six months I would use gear to jump start me back to respectability. I made it to six months and told myself to wait until 7 and at 7 wait until 8 and from 8 then 9. At 9 months I made a trip to Mexico and brought back some d-bol and deca. I did a mild 5 week cycle but it was enough to give me the fever. I liked the fat loss and the rapid strength increase. Old memories came flooding back. The pleasure of feeling your muscles strain against a weight and squeezing out one extra rep.

Yes, I was once again hooked on iron. I soon discovered the Steroid Encyclopaedia members board and with newly acquired knowledge, I have completed one more cycle since and am in the middle of another.

My most recent gains have been great. I will never be able to squat heavy again, but there are other rewards. I am looking better all the time and more importantly I feel better.

Getting back into the iron has changed my whole outlook. My marriage has improved and my business is once again flourishing.

I am truly living a blessed life. Iron with the help of gear and the members of Steroid Encyclopaedia has put my life back on track; maybe even saved it.

Many thanks,

From the Ultimate Guide to Anabolic Steroids,

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