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Steroid Encyclopaedia - Mick Hart Exclusive

We have just added to the members section an incredible true story. It is one of the most powerful 20 minutes of reading that anyone (like me) who has tried/used GHB can ever read.

Whilst we will be publishing many steroid articles from Mick Hart, when he offered us the exclusive on this one we "bit his hand off". This is one story that you MUST read. 

We all think we have steroids under control right. Maybe you have, or just maybe....?!?!?!

A few sections of this article have been mentioned in a newsgroup, other bits in one of Mick's books and a few other sites have asked to reproduce it - but as of today the only place on the planet where this whole article can be read is in the Steroid Encyclopaedia.

The whole of the story can be found in the member section (membership has it's priviledges, as they say), here's a few extracts...

"In that time I have been in many competitions, tried just about every steroid that is and was available, all in perfect safety I might add. I always thought that my sense of safety would always pull me through; it had gotten me through all the years so far. Because I advise so much on the subject, and have written two best sellers on steroids, I always felt that I had a good sense of what can happen - how wrong can someone be."

"Who would have thought it eh? A product that came onto the bodybuilding world with it's wondrous muscle building, fat burning properties, increased natural growth hormone release - wow, it could change the way a man could look AND feel - and that is an understatement to say the very least."

"I suppose that every addict of whatever sort of drug will eventually stoop to the lows that lies can bring. They have to, there be no choice. I knew that if I could keep it hidden and take it in secret, no one would know. Of course they did and I suppose I knew it anyway. Once the Drug Devil took over, there was absolutely nothing that one could do but listen to his wants and needs. You will do anything to feed the need."

"At this point I was walking that thin line that many must have done before they killed themselves. A tightrope walk so thin, that to slip off would have been so easy. I put the phone down and pulled out some electric cable wire that I used for extensions in my home. I tied one end of the cable to the stairs banister and on the other end the customary knot or as best I could manage due to the fact that I was shaking! I had to sit down for a second, don't really know why, maybe the fact that I was scared, but most of all, alone. It really would not matter in a while, but nevertheless I was still lonely."

"My face hit the floor with so much force it woke me up for an instant, only to see and feel my front four main teeth flying across the kitchen floor. I didn't care, it didn't hurt, I was OK though as I thought was only dreaming." 

"I looked into the mirror and did not see me. What I did see was a bloody mush of bruises and blood. My face was gone. Teeth were hanging out and what was left, I pulled out with my fingers and an old pair of pliers with insulating tape wrapped around the ends - I screamed in pain, but I suppose that was my conscience telling me you deserved it - you bastard! I pulled out a further three teeth. I cried, I screamed, but the reality was coming back and I knew then what I had done."


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