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BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM Presents: Milos Sarcev Info, Pictures & More! Articles Database Articles by Writer Milos Sarcev Info, Pictures & More! Presents: Milos Sarcev Info, Pictures & More!

Milos Sarcev is a bodybuilding legend - he has competed in 74 contests since his debut in 1988. Aside from his role as a bodybuilder competing in shows, Milos has been behind the scenes as well, actively trying to increase the prize money available to the competitors and watching out for the welfare of them. Milos is also a very popular nutritional guru for the pros these days. He has advised many top bodybuilders, including Gustavo Badell, Mustafa Mohammad, and Kris Dim. Check out the official website of Milos:

~~~ - Official Website ~~~

Milos also has an online discussion forum:

~~~ - Official Forum ~~~

I encourage you to join Milos' community and help it to grow. Milos uses the forum and you can speak with him personally and ask him questions there which is one of the greatest benefits of registration.

Some of you may have seen the recent pictures of Milos Sarcev around various message boards online. It seems that he is still holding contest size and condition. He is 41 and supposedly retired, but he looks like he's in the shape required to enter into some contests and do some damage. Only time will tell.

Pictures, Info & More From Milos Sarcev and his Official Website

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Milos Sarcev Info, Pictures & More!

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