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Burning Up Your Brick House.

Burn, baby, burn.

The inferno you’re about to set blazing through your midsection will be the result of a smoldering abdominal workout, one that’s designed to carve up that stingy midsection.

While many bodybuilders crave the “burn” that you get from tearing up a muscle group, nothing compares to the sensation you get from a fiery abdominal workout.

Unlike other muscle groups, ab workouts usually consist of a long, continual sets with no rest periods, maintaining constant strain and tear on your six-pack.

Hopefully, your abs will be so blazing hot from this workout that you could fry eggs on your tummy.

DECLINE SITUPS: Lock yourself into the decline bench. With your ankles lodged underneath the pads, slowly lift your upper torso off the bench. Make sure that your upper torso – everything above the waist – is perfectly straight. Lift only a few inches off the bench, or so that your torso forms a 45 degree angle with the floor. Make sure you are concentrating on the abdomen, squeezing the ab muscles at the contraction. Slowly lower your torso to the bench, trying to merely touch the bench with your back, not resting any of your body weight on it. Try doing 3 sets of 40-50 reps.

ROPE CRUNCHES: Connect the rope attachment to the upper hookup of the cable machine. Grab one side of the rope in each hand and turn away from the weight as you drop to your knees. Make sure that the weight is not set too high and that you are grabbing the rope on its ends. Hold the rope to the sides of your head and slowly lower your torso toward the floor. You should squeeze your abs during the exercise, stopping your elbows about six feet from the floor. Slowly bring your head back up to the starting position and repeat the motion. Try doing 3 sets of 30-40.

PIKES: Lie flat on your back on either a mat or the floor. Have your arms outstretched with your fingertips pointing to the ceiling. Bend your knees slightly. Slowly raise your shoulders and your legs off the floor simultaneously. Try to touch your toes with your hands while you squeeze your abdomen. Slowly bring your shoulders back to the mat and your feet back to the floor. Repeat the movement for 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

Of course, variations to these exercises will work different parts of your midsection. To fry those obliques, try twisting your shoulders into the movements. For instance, with decline sit ups, bend your torso to one side during the exercise and on the next rep, try hitting the other side. This twisting motion will brush through your abdomen like a raging forest fire.
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Matt Canning

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