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MRI NO2 Platinum Perpetural Pump! BUY IT NOW MRI NO2 Platinum



MRI NO2 Platinum Review By Matt C

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MRI NO2 Platinum Review by Matt C

MRI NO2 Platinum


Ah, the "pump". Everyone who has ever lifted weights knows that while lifting and shortly after your muscles will be pumped full of blood and seem much bigger and harder than they are at rest. For those who have seen the movie Pumping Iron (, even the great Arnold Schwarzenegger describes the feeling of having a pump and compares it to having sex. Now, although I wouldn't go that far, it is a nice feeling, it's just too bad it only lasts while you're working out and for a short while after. If only that feeling could last all day long. MRI's NO2 supplement claims to give you a "perpetual pump", meaning a pump that stays with you all day. Now the science seems ok at first, since the main ingredient is Arginine alpha ľKetogluterate. L-arginine is known to be a precursor to nitric oxide, and nitric oxide is an important factor in the autoregulation of tissue blood flow. So one could assume that taking in more L-arginine, or in this case the supposedly better absorbed "Arginine alpha-Ketogluterate" will result in more nitric oxide production and greater vasodilation (opening of blood vessels). So according to MRI's claims you should have a pump all day. This is my experience with their product: The instructions on the container say to take 4 NO2 caplets twice a day before meals, and to make sure to drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. Ok seems easy enough........until you peel back the protective covering on the container and notice the size of the caplets. These caplets are huge, and most would describe them as horse pills. Now personally I don't really have a problem with swallowing pills, but I must say these caplets are not the most comfortable thing to swallow, especially since you have to take 4 at once and do that twice a day. This could be a big problem for people who have a hard time swallowing pills.


I took the product as directed, but did not notice this "perpetual pump" nor did I even notice a better pump while working out. To be honest, I was not really expecting to feel a pump all day and did not really believe that part of MRI's claim. I didn't believe this since your muscles become pumped to deal with the added demands of lifting weights. At rest, there is no reason for your body to keep all that blood flow going to your muscles and thus it keeps most of your capillaries closed. This is because there are other more important areas in your body that need blood flow, and if a muscle is not being used then why would it need all that blood flow?( The main purpose of the extra blood flow to muscles while exercising is to increase the effective surface area for gas and nutrient exchange between muscle fibers and blood.) For example, during rest the kidneys usually get on average a blood flow of 1100 mL per minute (20% of total cardiac output). However, during maximal exercise the blood flow to the kidneys decreases to only 250 mL per minute (1% of total exercise cardiac output) (McArdle et al., 2001). Other areas of your body that temporarily reduce blood flow to their tissues during strenuous exercise are the pancreas, liver and gastrointestinal tract (McArdle et al., 2001). So really I think the idea of having a "perpetual pump" is highly unlikely. However, I was expecting a bit of a better pump while lifting weights. This was not the case, and I noticed very little from this supplement. So with that being said, I do not recommend spending money on this supplement. I think that as long as you are eating your recommended protein and thus amino acids (arginine is an amino acid after all) you will be fine and will get little from supplementing with these "NO2" products. On the other hand, everyone is different, and perhaps this supplement just doesn't work for me.


McArdle et al. Exercise Physiology: Energy, Nutrition, and Human Performance. 2001. p 335.

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