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The Golden Age Of Muscle 1982/83 Mr Olympia (DVD) Mr Olympia 1982 The unforgettable Mr Olympia in the UK - including Chris Dickerson, Frank Zane, Tom Platz and Brutal Bertil Fox! Mr Olympia 1983 Watch the amazing Samir Bannout take 1st place, beating Lee Haney, Frank Zane and many more. Battle For Gold Includes a workout with Lee Haney, appearances, interviews and training with Lee Haney, Gary Strydom, Rich Gaspari, Samir Bannout, Vic Richards, Bob Paris, Tom Platz and more. BUY IT NOW The Golden Age Of Muscle 1982/83 Mr Olympia (DVD)



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Mr. Olympia Report 1982


I managed to get a hold of a copy of the 1982 Mr. Olympia Contest. This will be a review based on what I can make of the tape, which is very old and grainy. This review will not be as detailed as some of the other reviews available on the bodybuilding contest reports section, but I will try my best with what I have!

The contest took place in London. It starts off with some rear lat spreads, showing what appear to be phenomenal backs! Large and cut, even though these guys competed at much lower body weights than we see today. They definitely perfected the art of illusion when it comes to presented bodies larger than you would think based on scale weight, which is a reason why the mirror should be considered more valuable when it comes to assessing your physique. The bodybuilders also do side poses at the beginning (all competitors). When the competitors did front poses, I was particularly impressed with Bertil Fox and his muscularity, as his muscles seemed to be popping right out of his skin - talk about jacked! Keep in mind this was in 1982 when knowledge in terms of training, nutrition, and steroid use, were nothing compared to what they are today. Albert Beckles also looked good - he looked simply incredible for a guy of 52 years old. Frank Zane, Samir Bannout, Jusup Wilkosz and the rest of the lineup all looked excellent as well, from all angles. These are definitely physiques I wouldn't mind having myself. While many bodybuilders are too big these days, these guys had muscularity for everyday life.

A first comparison was made between Frank Zane, Chris Dickerson, and another individual who I did not recognize. I think Frank owned this series of poses. His quads, which were usually considered small, even for a 190 pounder, looked pretty big and cut. Next Samir Bannout and Tom Platz entered the posing with Zane, both of whom were conditioned and well proportioned. Tom's thighs could easily do damage at pro shows today.

Next Jusup and Chris Dickerson entered with Zane. Jusup was a powerful looking guy - he looked dense and strong, and his beard added to that powerful stage presence he had. His abs were deep cut and dense and while his quads were lacking sweep when compared to Platz, overall, his physique was excellent.

Albert Beckles and Mohamed Makkawy are a part of the next callout - I was very impressed with Albert Beckles back - that thing was always a road map. His chest was also looking full and his abs were cut. Like I said, he looked great for 52 (or 22 for that matter).

The next comparison featured Jusup and two other bodybuilders, and while these guys were not the top in the show, they still looked fine.

Next Zane compared to Chris Dickerson, and Tom Platz. Platz also had some huge calves and hamstrings to go with his huge quads. The same can be said for his chest. His shortness may have brought him down, but I don't know.

It was interesting to see Frank Zane compare with Samir Bannout. Frank had only an inch on Samir, but appeared to be much taller due to the length of his limbs - they both looked good, but had very different physiques.

As Chris Dickerson continued with his posing, I don't see how he won this contest. He was a good bodybuilder, and he was also 43 years old at the time of the contest, which was incredible - but he really must have won on the basis of his conditioning or posing, or some other factor along those lines, because he was thoroughly outmuscled by some of the guys posing with him. He looked good, but Bertil, Frank, and Samir, I would say all looked better. Of course, it is difficult to judge based on an old tape, and this is probably one of those things where you had to be there to see that Chris actually deserved to win. I still have my doubts though. I'm not saying he didn't look good (he certainly did), but the competition was pretty deep and first place just seems like a stretch to me.

Next went the individual poses. Mohamed Makkawy was first. He had great abs and triceps and overall great balance. He was also an excellent poser.

Then Bertil Fox was up - holy crap! Talk about huge and shredded (you should have seen his chest separation and back detail). His arms and chest were freaky huge and his back was very wide. Without question, Bertil had some of the greatest genetics ever in the history of bodybuilding. His arms looked amazing in pretty much any shot which required them - side triceps, or double biceps poses. Just awesome!

Chris Dickerson was up yet - he looked good for sure, but not even close to Bertil in terms of mass. He was a good poser and had excellent diamond shaped calves and a detailed back, but just not enough muscle to fare against Bertil - yet he still won. No big deal. Like I said, had I been at the show I may have felt he deserved to win. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite one year old when the show took place.

Albert Beckles was another excellent poser. Great detail (triceps, back), and good stage presence. His physique was also very balanced, and at 52 years old, you would think he was years and years younger.

Tom Platz was one thick mofo - he looked good in any pose where he could emphasis his huge quads, hamstrings, and calves. His side chest shot was definitely one of the best in the show, and even one of the best I've seen in bodybuilding. His chest was huge - and his back was detailed which made for a particularly impressive back double biceps pose and rear lat spread (which displayed this thickness). His chest was also very helpful in the side triceps pose. His abs and thighs were deep cut and shredded - he looked great.

When the individual posing displayes for the mandatory poses were complete, bodybuilders were compared on the mandatory poses - Frank Zane's arms were very big. I didn't realize how big they were until I saw him in the front and rear double biceps. If I had to guess, I would say his biceps were a full 18 inches. Very impressive, especially given his body weight of 190 pounds on a 5'9" frame.

All the physiques were classic in the video - when a lot of guys go to the gym, the bodies shown in this contest are the kind of bodies they wish they could achieve, not the extreme hypertrophied physiques of pros today. No diss to the pros today (to each their own, and this is bodybuilding after all), but for me, I would much rather look like the smaller guys in the 1982 contest. Of course, I probably don't have the genetics to do either, but my point is, I admire these types of physiques best in terms of the kinds I would want myself. Of course, there are those who want to get as big as possible, and like I said, to each their own.

Bertil Fox posed again and was looking SICK. In ANY pose! You name it and he looked great and it. This guy was big all over. Why oh why did he not win the whole show? He was dense, shredded, and thick as anything. His arms were easily comparable to most pros today and his back was a road map - why he placed EIGHTH (!!!) at this contest is absolutely MIND BLOWING to me. Completely shocking! I had him in first from the moment I saw him in the first comparison to the very end. I think that Bertil Fox got screwed over a lot in contests - maybe it was due to his posing which was not as good as the posing of some others - but even then, I don't see how it could relegate him to eighth place.

Frank posed next, and he looked great - he did deserve second place based on what I saw - second to BERTIL FOX though (not Chris Dickerson). One thing I think Frank could have improved upon in his posing routine was taking advantage of displaying his fantastic vacuum pose more often. He didn't do it enough in my opinion.

Jusup posed next, and like I said, his physique screamed power all the way. His density was way up there. He was no doubt just as strong as he looked.

Samir was a great poser - awesome abs and a back which was simply amazing. The same can be said for his side chest pose and variations on back poses such as the twisting back shot. His most muscular was also out of sight.

Chris Dickerson - looked great, good poser, and was ripped. But first place was a bit of stretch to me. I could see how he made the top five, but I would not have put him in first based on what I saw. Of course I wasn't at the show, and I could be wrong.

Albert Beckles was up next. His back was also like a road map. His hamstrings were balanced well with his back muscularity, and his conditioning was excellent. These days, Albert, as well as a lot of the other pros competing at this show, would not fare well in competition, but at the time these were the best of the best, and while they were not huge, they looked great. Albert's most muscular poses were also incredible, and acted to highlight his definition quite well.

Tom Platz - FREAK. Probably the most insane leg development in bodybuilding history, past, present, or future. While his upper body didn't match, he still looked very good. But then again, nobody complained that Arnold Scwarzenegger's arms were too big. :P

Casey Viator was another guy who beat Bertil Fox who probably shouldn't have. If I was judging the show, he certainly wouldn't have. He looked good, but how he possibly beat Bertil is beyond me. It reminds me of the 1987 Mr. Olympia Contest when Lee Labrada beat Mike Christian. Maybe Casey had prettier lines than Bertil, but how so much sheer mass on the part of Bertil can be ignored is beyond me.

Mohamed Makkawy was up next. This man was as amazing a poser as I had heard he was. Wow! Maybe he beat Bertil on the strength of his posing alone - after all, bodybuilding is about a number of different factors, and posing is certainly one of them.

Samir Bannout and Chris Dickerson did some posing next, along with posing from miscellaneous competitors. I'm not exactly sure what this posing was for, since the mandatory posing and individual posing routines were already completed. The pros looked good. This was back in the day when competitive bodybuilding was more moderate and a lot healthier. Testament to this is the fact that so many of the competitors of the day are still alive and very healthy now - and many of them are still in fantastic shape.

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The Golden Age Of Muscle 1982/83 Mr Olympia (DVD) The Golden Age Of Muscle 1982/83 Mr Olympia (DVD)
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Take care,

Matt Canning

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