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2010 Mr. Olympia Contest Report





The 2010 Mr. Olympia contest was one of the most competitive bodybuilding contests in quite some time. The Mr. Olympia contest has a rich history and is considered by everyone to be the top bodybuilding contest in the world. I had predicted in my 2010 Mr. Olympia preview report that Jay Cutler would win the whole show and that turned out to be correct. However the contest was very close in my opinion and Phil Heath did beat Jay in certain areas. With that said, I now present you with my 2010 Mr. Olympia contest report.

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2010 Mr. Olympia Contest - RESULTS! WINNER: JAY CUTLER

2. Phil Heath *
3. Branch Warren
4. Dexter Jackson
5. Dennis Wolf *
6. Ronny Rockel *
7. Kai Greene
8. Victor Martinez
9. Toney Freeman
10. Hidetada Yamagishi    山岸秀匡
11. Dennis James
11. Johnnie Jackson
13. Marcus Haley
14. Roelly Winklaar
15. Troy Alves
16. Edward Nunn
17. Evgeny Mishin
18. Bill Wilmore
18. Craig Richardson
18. Erik Fankhouser
18. Francisco Bautista
18. Robert Piotrkowicz

*Note: Top six qualify for 2011 Mr. Olympia contest.

Now I will make detailed comments below for each bodybuilder:

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1st: Jay Cutler

In my 2010 Mr. Olympia preview report I predicted that Jay Cutler would win the contest for the fourth time. As it turned out, my prediction was correct while Ron Avidan from GetBig had him in fourth place which I think was just Ron playing Devil's Advocate or to shake things up in the prediction video he made with Lonnie Teper and Isaac Hinds. The way I saw it was that as long as Jay came into this contest in the same condition he displayed in 2009 or something very close to it, he would win again. I thought that Phil would not make the mistake of coming in off twice in a row after he was relegated to 5th place last year when he was hoping for a repeat of his top three performance from 2008. However, I did not think that Phil would be able to add enough mass in one year to be able to catch up to Jay, even if Phil showed up in condition. Phil continued to amaze me and improved from his 2009 Olympia performance and possibly even improved from his 2010 Arnold Classic performance. Jay did decline slightly, although not in a drastic way and it was very close. I think it could have gone either way but I do not think that Jay's victory now in 2010 is as controversial as his victory at the 2007 Mr. Olympia contest.

2nd: Phil Heath

Phil Heath looked incredible and this may have been his best showing yet. He did look amazing at the 2010 Mr. Olympia Contest which I felt he should have won but he may full well have improved at this show. I am not sure of his body weight but I have to concede that Jay Cutler has more mass than Phil despite Phil's improvements, but Jay even in the condition he was, was not up to Phil's level in that area. As I said, the contest was very close, but I will not be complaining that Jay won in the same manner I complained when Kai won the Arnold. Even at the Arnold, I acknowledged that Kai's back was bigger and thicker than Phil's and that is similar to what went on here at the Olympia. Jay had the wider and overall bigger back and many say that Mr. Olympia titles are won from the back. From Samir Bannout to Lee Haney to Dorian Yates to Ronnie Coleman, having a well-developed back seems to be essential to garnering the Mr. Olympia title. But as I said, it was very close and I am confident that if Phil remains in good health and injury-free that he will one day go on to win the Mr. Olympia title and the Sandow trophy that goes along with that victory.

3rd: Branch Warren

Branch has been doing very well for one year now. He placed 2nd at the 2009 Mr. Olympia contest and beat Dexter Jackson which is something that he had never done before. He then went on to place 3rd at the 2010 Mr. Olympia Contest and beat Dexter once again while improved versions of Kai Greene and Phil Heath beat him there. Here he placed 3rd and beat numerous top bodybuilders such as Dexter Jackson [for the third time], Dennis Wolf, Ronny Rockel, and Kai Greene again. Branch has proven that he was not just a fluke last year and at only 35 years of age I suspect that he will be around for quite some time. Most bodybuilders can still perform at a high level until they are 40 or even older. With Dexter turning 41 in November [2010] he is one of the many bodybuilders who continue to prove that success in professional bodybuilder past the age of 40 is quite possible.

4th: Dexter Jackson

After Branch Warren beat Dexter Jackson at the 2009 Olympia and then again at the 2010 Mr. Olympia Contest, I felt that Dexter was on the way out and would continue to drop in his placings. However, Dexter really redeemed himself tonight in my opinion by placing 4th [but again placing behind Branch] by beating such top flight bodybuilders such as Dennis Wolf, Ronny Rockel, Kai Greene, and others. I thought that Dexter was gradually losing his fullness in his upper body when he showed up at the Mr. Olympia Contest which what I felt were shallow delts and a shallow chest by the standard I had grown to expect from Dexter over the past decade. However, he showed up at the 2010 Mr. Olympia contest with great fullness and displayed a condition closer to what I had traditionally grown to expect from him. It would seem to me at this point that the younger Branch Warren will now consistently place ahead of Dexter as Dexter does not appear to be gaining any new mass but merely maintaining what he has already developed. Branch is still gaining mass and improving his conditioning and I think that will be the case for several more years. I do not expect Dexter to improve at 40+ years old, but I think that he should be able to maintain his current look for at least a few years given that I felt he had displayed no noticeable decline at this contest. Dexter has a physique that many prefer because he has a tight waist and is always sharp, but bodybuilding still awards mass and that is why I expect Branch Warren to place ahead of Dexter consistently as he has done in the past three contests they have competed in. But no matter what, it can definitely be said that Dexter is still a top four bodybuilder in the world, based on his contest results here in Las Vegas.

5th: Dennis Wolf

Dennis Wolf had one bad showing at the 2009 Mr. Olympia and was essentially written off by numerous members of GetBig and other bodybuilding message boards. I felt that was rather harsh treatment of Dennis who was only 30 years old last year and simply came in too far in an attempt to compensate for what he felt was a flat showing in 2008. Dennis is 31 now and will be 32 this year and still has a lot of time left as a competitive bodybuilder. Dennis nailed his conditioning at this show which got him back in the mix and into the top five. I feel that one decline in his physique would be in his back, and predominantly his rear lat spread and not as much his rear double biceps. What is odd to me is that in his front double biceps, Dennis has huge and flaring lats which do not seem to show any atrophy from previous performances, such as in 2007. Once he turns around and does a rear lat spread I would have to say that his back does not seem to be as wide. This may be because Dennis is unable to flex his lats as he used to, possibly due to some nagging pain. I am not sure if it is an actual injury causing this effect because if that was the case I would imagine that Dennis would have injured looking lats from the front and this is not the case. But this point aside, Dennis looked very good and his legs were in great condition as well as his entire physique. He really hit the look that he wanted and this allowed him to place in the top five and beat Ronny Rockel and Kai Greene as well as all the other bodybuilders who placed behind him.

6th: Ronny Rockel

Ronny Rockel is on a roll lately and I predicted that he would make the top eight and may even do a little better than that and he proved me right by placing 6th. I have to admit, I thought that place 7-8 would be more realistic so for him to place 6th was a little bit of a surprise but I would say that was a well-deserved position for him given how sharp he looked at this contest. If Ronny can maintain his current form I am quite confident that he will easily place in the top 10 for a while yet. He does not appear to be injured and does not appear to be declining. He has in fact been improving over the course of his past few contests. Ronny has definitely positioned himself as one of the best bodybuilders in the world and it has been a long time coming so I congratulate him for that.

7th: Kai Greene

Kai Greene, even when coming in noticeably off, has proven to be one of the best bodybuilders in the world. Kai is a person who I was confident would make the top three and possibly even be #2 after Jay Cutler but he came in too smooth at this contest and was only able to make 7th place. I am not exactly sure what happened during Kai's prep but my initial guess was that Kai chased size in order to hope to compare better against Jay Cutler. I would say that as a result, he came in too heavy and was spilled over on stage. In reality I think he could have been ten pounds lighter while looking clearly more ripped but even bigger at the same time as bodybuilding is quite often about the illusion of size brought about by great conditioning. Kai would be right to think that he needs a touch more size to compete against Jay Cutler in terms of sheer size alone, but had he brought great conditioning to the stage as well as a great posing routine to show off his muscles, the top three would have been a guaranteed position for Kai and possibly even better than that. Unfortunately Kai placed well outside of where I expected him too but I can only imagine that he will know better than to make the same mistake again in the future and I would like to see him place in the top three as I feel he is capable of doing. His back is still the thickest on stage and as said above, Mr. Olympia contests are very often won from the back. We will see how Kai does at his next contest but I for one have not written him off yet.

8th: Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez was to some extent the "X-Factor" or "Dark Horse" at this contest since people weren't quite sure how he would do or where exactly his mind has been lately in relation to bodybuilding. Like some of the other bodybuilders competing, Victor has interests outside of the industry which he is pursuing and I did not know what his focus was on life right now. I predicted that he would round out the top 6-8 and that is what happened here. He more or less came in as I expected him too, with his great genetics in what appeared to be an injury-free state. However, Victor was too smooth and was thus not able to display his muscles at the level that we have all seen before. I think the judging was fair here and that while Victor was comfortably in the top 10, he was not quite at the level to make the top six, so 8th place was appropriate in my mind. I think that it is quite possible that Victor can still win the Mr. Olympia title as he has some of the best genetic talent in the entire lineup, but that really depends on Victor's interests and resources that he is willing to dedicate to bodybuilding. If Victor makes it a goal to win the Mr. Olympia title I would not personally count him out.

9th: Toney Freeman

At 6'2, Toney was the tallest man at the contest. Bob Cicherillo announced Toney to be 300 pounds at the contest which I seem to doubt as accurate. Toney has competed at 275-290 before and he did not look any bigger here than he did in those shows. Toney still looked amazing though, whether he was 280 or 300. He seemed to me to be closer to 280 and I think he showed up a little more sharp than he did in 2009 but a little less sharp than he did in 2008. I find it remarkable that Toney can compete in contest after contest and still look great. He is 44 years old and does not seem to be slowing down. I really do not know what Toney's future plans are with bodybuilding but I don't see why he can't compete in 2011 at age 45 and still place in the top 10. Toney was in a car accident around 15 years ago and took some time off from bodybuilding between around that time up until 2001 when he began preparing for what was his eventual pro card win at the NPC Nationals where he won the overall title at the age of 36. Since then, Toney has been gradually improving in terms of both size and conditioning and he does not yet appear to be slowing down. This is why I think that he can still compete until he chooses to retire. Since I do not see anything about his physique which would prevent him from being successful in bodybuilding, I see no reason why he would have to retire. For all I know, Toney does have a specific game plan but I am not sure what that might be. I wish him the best of luck in the future as he is an inspiration to bodybuilders of any age.

10th: Hidetada Yamagishi    山岸秀匡

Hidetada Yamagishi suffered a leg injury recently and in my opinion looked amazing at the Olympia this year given that happened. I think it can be said that he looked a little better before the leg injury, but honestly not by a huge margin. He was very close to looking his best at this contest and received what I believed was a fair top 10 placing. This is great for Hidetada who is currently the #1 bodybuilder in the world from Asia and top 10 in the world overall, hardly an insignificant achivement. I wish Hidetada the best of luck in the future and I think he represents his sponsor Gaspari Nutrition very well. Gaspari Nutrition is also a company which is producing many new products this year and I will definitely be reviewing them as time passes and I will give a shout out to Hidetada in those reviews.

11th: Dennis James

At the 2010 Mr. Olympia press conference, Dennis announced that he had lied about his age in the past and that he was not born in May of 1969 as claimed [41] but was in fact turning 45 soon. This was surprising to me as Dennis has not really shown any signs of age or injury on his physique and most bodybuilders around that age do start to display some form of regression. I think that Dennis still looked great and was very close to making the top 10 in his last bodybuilding contest. Dennis still displayed a huge back, chest, and legs and was also in pretty good condition overall. I think it would have been nice for Dennis to make the top 10 but I also think the contest was judged fairly at a position outside of the top 10 was not unfair to Dennis. Dennis received a standing ovation and gave a farewell speech to his fans who will sorely miss seeing Dennis on the stage. With that said, Dennis said he is not going anywhere and will presumably still be involved in the bodybuilding industry. I wish Dennis a long life and good health and look forward to still seeing him participate at future bodybuilding expos and in a capacity other than that of a bodybuilder within the industry.

12th: Johnnie Jackson

Johnnie Jackson looked very good at this contest. I have seen him look better in the past, but I have also seen him look worse. So overall this was a pretty good performance for Johnnie and one that saw him place just outside of the top 10. Not an insignificant achievement and by the looks of things, he is not really slowing down. I can see him improving his placing and getting back into the top 10. Johnnie is not displaying any significant decline in performance and is 39 years old at the time so I believe that he will be able to successful compete for a while yet. I don't see why five more years is unreasonable although Johnnie is also a successful powerfliter and one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world so his continual competitive ability will depend on whether or not he stays injury-free. So far so good though.

13th: Marcus Haley

I was very happy to see Marcus Haley compete in his first Mr. Olympia contest just a week or two before turning 38 years old. Marcus also did quite well by placing 13th at this contest. I think that is a very good placing for a first try on the Olympia stage, or at any time for that matter. I also felt that Marcus looked better than he had ever been before. He is 5'9 and probably weighed around 225 on stage and was in great condition. Marcus displayed a very ripped midsection and his abs were visible even in his front double biceps pose which generally smooth out a bodybuilder's abs. If he can improve ever so slightly I think he will be close to achieving a top 10 finish at the Mr. Olympia next year.

14th: Roelly Winklaar

Roelly Winklaar looked good at his first Mr. Olympia contest but he looked significantly better at the 2010 New York Pro where he won the contest and beat Dennis Wolf. Had he showed up to the Olympia in that condition I think that he would have easily been in the top 10 and may have been trading places with Kai Greene for 7th. However, being off allowed him to place inside of the top 15 but just barely. As far as I can tell, this was a combination of Roelly being down in size as well as off in condition, ever so slightly. Being off in only one of the two areas would not have been as big of a deal but being off in both areas was a big deal and cost him in the placings quite a bit I would say. I think Roelly would have been comfortably in the top 10 if he showed up as he did in New York but instead he was barely in the top 15. Nevertheless, it was not a bad showing for a first time at the Olympia and I look forward to seeing Roelly at the Olympia in 2011 where I am confident he will make the top 10 or possibly even the top six if he can show up in top form.

15th: Troy Alves

Troy Alves had decided in August that he was not going to compete at the Mr. Olympia contest but changed his decision and entered. I for one am happy that he entered the contest because he has a great physique both from the point of view of a professional bodybuilding perspective but also from the point of view of day-to-day life for normal fans who consider his physique to be attainable even though realistically, it is not. Troy has an amazing physique and his birthday was in fact on the 26th of September where he turned 44 years old! It's pretty amazing that a bodybuilder who is 44 years old can show no signs of injury or regression in his physique. Troy has a tiny waist and a great taper which is prominent in his front double biceps pose. I previously thought that Troy Alves' legs were going down in size a little bit as time went on but I did not particularly notice that at this contest. His chest was striated and his glutes and hamstrings were in good condition. Overall I am pleased that Troy made the top 15 and at 44 years old I am wondering how much longer Troy plans to compete for. Hopefully for a while yet as I think he definitely has some time left.

16th: Edward Nunn

Edward Nunn won the 2010 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions and I was happy to find that he was entering the Mr. Olympia contest. Ed is 6'1 and around 250 pounds and has a very small waist and great taper as well as long and full muscle bellies. His quads are quite possibly larger than his waist and this allows him to disply a prominent X-frame. I think Edward looked very good but could have perhaps stood to been a little tighter at the show and come in maybe 5-7 pounds lighter. He was just a litte too watery to repeat his performance at the Europa. I think that he has a frame which can hold even more mass than he has which I imagine he will work towards as well. If gaining more mass for Edward is not feasible I would simply recommend that he attempt to replicate his performance at the 2010 Europa. Being slightly tighter would have been enough to launch him in the top 15 in my opinion. Overall this was still not a bad performance for Edward, especially given that it was his first attempt at the Mr. Olympia.

17th: Evgeny Mishin

Evgeny Mishin qualified for the 2010 Mr. Olympia contest via the 2010 IFBB Europa Show of Champions where he made the top three. At 6'1 and around 280 pounds he was one of the larger bodybuilders at the contest. It's difficult to say what Evgeny will need in the future as judges will probably have an expectation for him to put on more size. Frankly I think if he came in as shredded as possible and consistently did so that he would get in the judges minds and improve in the placings. I think it's somewhat unfortunate that bodybuilding awards more and more mass and would require a bodybuilder over six feet tall like Evgeny to be upwards of 300 pounds. Having said that, at the Mr. Olympia contest [as well as the Arnold Classic] it is incredibly competitive and as a result, Evgeny will most likely need to improve in terms of both size and conditioning in order to improve his placing.

18th: Bill Wilmore

At 5'10 and 250 pounds, Bill Wilmore is another one of the larger bodybuilders at the contest and in the professional bodybuilding ranks in general. Bill has been competing in the Mr. Olympia contest since 2006 where he qualified at that time by placing 5th at the 2006 New York Pro. He qualified for the 2010 Olympia by placing 3rd at the 2010 IFBB Europa Super Show. Bill is a very large bodybuilder as said but could stand to be a little bigger or more conditioned [or both] to improve his ranking as a pro bodybuilder. At 5'10, he could most likely compete at 260 with judges still expecting him to have more mass. Personally I think that he could drop from 250 to 240 and tighten up and look substantially more conditioned and still look huge with his stature and wide frame. As it stood at the 2010 Olympia, Bill's chest looked like it would have been a little better if his conditioning was a bit sharper and Bill's overall physique could have been a little sharper which I think would have possibly made him look even bigger than 250. Bodybuilding is in part a visual illusion and bodybuilders in contest condition tend to look bigger than they actually are. I hope Bill sticks around and competes at the Mr. Olympia again and comes in just a little bit tighter which should see him improve in his placing.

18th: Craig Richardson

Craig Richardson showed up in pretty good condition at this contest although perhaps not quite up to the level that he has been at in the past. I have seen him ultra shredded and he was not quite at his best here. Having said that, Craig had a Christmas tree back and shredded glutes. Craig's chest was also displaying striations and overall he definitely had hardness throughout his physique. For Craig to place higher at his next Olympia, I suppose he could come in a little tighter. That is not to say he was not tight at this contest because in my opinion, his conditioning was excellent. But at the Mr. Olympia level, bodybuilders need to be at their best in order to get the best placing possible. We will see how it goes and I look forward to seeing Craig compete at his next bodybuilding contest.

18th: Erik Fankhouser

Erik Fankhouser is definitely a fan-favourite and is sponsored by Universal Nutrition. Erik has the type of physique that a lot of fans aspire towards because he is 220 pounds and they presume such a physique is attainable. But in reality this is not the case - Erik is one of the freakiest bodybuilders in the world and has proven that today. Erik wanted to make the top 15 but narrowly missed it. He came in a little off but I think he would have made the top 15 as desired had he been in the condition he was at the 2010 New York Pro where he qualified by placing in the top five. Whether or not Erik is one of the 15 best bodybuilders in the world or one of the 20 best bodybuilders in the world is hardly a huge difference in my opinion but I do hope that Erik achieves his goals in the future and places in the top 15 [or better] as he wishes to do. At 30 Erik was the youngest bodybuilder in the entire contest and has many years left to improve. I suspect that he will come in substantially better next year where I am confident he can qualify for if he sets his mind to that. Erik is a proud father of two children and has a very supportive wife who all attended to support Erik as well as numerous other friends from Erik's hometown of Wheeling, West Virginia. Erik has the best calves in the history of bodybuilding and even Dorian Yates and Mike Matarazzo can't claim to have calves at the same level of Erik. As such, I think Erik should show them off in every posing presentation because even when Erik comes in off, his calves are still easily the biggest in the entire lineup. I look forward to seeing Erik compete in the future and I am confident that he can continue to improve in the bodybuilding rankings.

18th: Francisco Bautista

Francisco "Paco" Bautista was huge and in fantastic shape at this contest. It really makes me think that Paco will never place higher than he does if he can really nail his conditioning while maintaining tremendous size and still place outside of the top 15. It leads me to believe that the judges perceive Paco's shortcomings as being structural in origin and thus no level of improvements in terms of his overall conditioning will help his placings. He has plenty of size as he competes in excess of 260 pounds at 5'8.5" [174cm]. He is clearly incredibly shredded and his arms are some of the biggest and most ripped arms on the entire stage. So I suspect that if the trends in judging remain the same that Paco will continue to place outside of the top 15. In any case, merely qualifying for the Mr. Olympia contest makes Paco one of the best bodybuilders in the world and I expect he will qualify for the contest again in the future.

18th: Robert Piotrkowicz

Poland's Robert Piotrkowicz was certainly huge and displayed good overall conditioning. I think he definitely has the mass necessary to be competitive so as long as he can consistently bring great conditioning to the table he should do fine. I saw Robert in person as I was in the elevator of the Orleans hotel and he was looking huge in his official Mr. Olympia tracksuit. I was going to say hello to him in Polish but I thought he might interpret that as me knowing the entire Polish language and while I am familiar with some words I do not know the entire language. My thoughts on Robert is that he simply needs to try to come in as tight as possible to show off the amount of mass he already clearly has and he will put his physique in the judges minds and hopefully that will see him improve his placings. He represents Poland very well and I expect that he will continue to do well and qualify for the Mr. Olympia contest in the future.

Robert Piotrkowicz At The 2010 Mr. Olympia Contest. Robert Piotrkowicz At The 2010 Mr. Olympia Contest.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Robert Piotrkowicz At The 2010 Mr. Olympia Contest.
View More Pics Of Robert Piotrkowicz At The 2010 Mr. Olympia Contest Finals.

Overall Review:

Overall things at the 2010 Mr. Olympia contest went roughly as I expected them to. Kai was predicted by virtually everyone to place in the top three and it was not uncommon for some people to expect him to place even higher than that with many people expecting him to take the whole show. Personally I expected him to come either 2nd or 3rd with Jay Cutler winning but as it turned out, Kai placed 7th. Phil Heath placed 2nd which was no surprise to me after seeing him at the prejudging. I assumed that either he or Jay would win and I could have seen it going either way but Jay still has Phil on overall mass and was conditioned enough to win although it really could have gone either way. Dennis Wolf redeemed himself by placing in the top five again after many people had written him off last year when he spilled over after overcompensating for coming in at what he felt was too flat in 2008. In reality, 2008 was most likely his best showing yet and I do not think he was too flat at that contest but I was happy to see him place in the top five again this year. Outside of the top five, the results were more or less what was expected perhaps with the exception of Roelly Winklaar who a lot of people had in the top 10. I was pleased to see Hidetada earn a deserving top 10 finish after coming back from what I assumed was a more serious leg injury than it actually was. As it turned out, Hidetada's legs looked close to as good as I had ever seen them. Hidetada is currently Asia's #1 bodybuilder and he should be very proud of that. Overall this was a very competitive show and I look forward to the contests coming up including the 2011 Arnold Classic and of course, the 2011 Mr. Olympia contest next year.

All photos are property of and were captured by bodybuilding photographer extraordinaire Isaac Hinds. For more of Isaac Hinds excellent photography for, please visit the website. Also, be sure to check out's section on BodybuildingPro: Section for

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