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BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM Presents: Month by Month Reviews of Muscular Development Magazine Presents: Month by Month Reviews of Muscular Development Magazine

I figured since I love the magazine so damn much, and since I'm known for making a lot of reviews, whether it be for bodybuilding videos or bodybuilding contests, that I would review Muscular Development Magazine every month, article by article. This is good for a couple of reasons:

1. It will give me the discipline to read the whole thing and not skip anything. Whether it means reading more supplement articles, training articles, or more of Gregg Valentino's psychotic rants and learning new gossip about the industry, this will be a learning experience for me.

2. It will give me a chance to give some free press to a great bodybuilding magazine. Maybe some people reading this will check out Muscular Development once they read the reviews on here, and maybe some of Muscular Development's readers will check out this site.

All in all, it will be a huge project, but I will start with the recent Branch Warren cover (January 2006), and review one article daily. Altogether I expect any given complete magazine review to take about a month so it will be broken down into sections. I expect to study a lot of the material to make good detailed reviews and learn a lot while doing it.

In a Muscular Development related topic, check out this forum:

John Romano Message Forum

John Romano's idea here was to make internet message boards free of anonymity. Nice idea in theory, but implentation was a flop (at least in these parts). Then again, my entire forum isn't particularly popular, and that idea might fare better on a bigger board. On that topic, since there are thousands and thousands of people reading this daily, you guys should join the site forum and get that place moving.

February 2007

Take care,

Matt Canning

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