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BODYBUILDINGPRO.COM Titans Volume 6 Mustafa Mohammad DVD Review Bodybuilding Video & DVD Reviews Titans Volume 6 Mustafa Mohammad DVD Review

Titans Vol. VI, VII, VIII This Titans Set gets you upclose and personal with the motivated Gustave Badell, the fan favorite Lee Priest and the always inspiring Mustafa Mohammed. BUY IT NOW Titans Vol. VI, VII, VIII




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Titans Volume 6 Mustafa Mohammad

Featuring Miljana Pavkovic
6-Time Kroation National Champion

The DVD started off with the warning that it was not a workout instruction.

Chest and Calves

American Fitness Center Vienna
Feb 7th - 1PM

Mustafa started off with some light stretching before doing standing calf raises on the angled calf machine. He rolled up his tights to show his calves and they were looking huge from the front. If calves can look big from the front and side they are definitely big.

Mustafa hit the bench press next doing 12 reps. I couldn't tell how heavy the plates were because they were the thicker plates that some olympic weightlifters use for their exercises. I think the plates may have been 15 kilos each for a total of 178 pounds. For the next set he did 10 reps with three of these plates per side for a total of 245 if I am correct about the weight of each plate. Mustafa then threw on another smaller plate on each side and did a drop set. He did eight reps then he took off the smallest plate from each side for five reps and then after taking off a large plate on each side did 10 reps with two of the large plates remaining. Drop sets are excellent exercises to maintain a great pump in the muscles.

Mustafa Mohammad Flat Bench Presses for Chest

Next up, Mustafa took off his shirt and trained with his tanktop. He did flat dumbbell presses with 80 pounds per side for 12 reps. He then increased the weight to 90 pound dumbbells and did 12 reps. For his next set he used the 100 pound dumbbells for 10 reps. He hit some poses in the mirror in his tanktop and was looking incredible - thick and powerful, although after seeing Bertil Fox's chest training, I doubt I will ever find any other bodybuilder who compares. Mustafa then did another 10 reps using the 100 pounds.

Mustafa moved on to perform 18 reps of decline presses. He then hit some poses and was still looking incredible with his pump looking crazy. He was definitely looking on track to perform well at the 2006 Arnold Classic. After the brief posing Mustafa went back to the decline presses doing 10 reps with two large plates and what looked to be a 10 plate on each side (245 maybe? Of course this depends on what these plates weigh). He took the small plates off each side and did some more reps. Mustafa introduced Miljana, a friend who was also a 6-time Kroation National champion.

Mustafa took his tanktop off and hit some poses. He was looking amazing and very thick and full. I definitely can't see why he wouldn't place high at bodybuilding shows.

Onstage and Biceps @ Fightness Gym - Vienna Feb 7th - 7PM

Mustafa at the 2005 Charlotte Pro

Mustafa hit the mandatory poses and was looking amazing. He had definitely nailed his conditioning. Milos Sarcev has said that Mustafa hates cardio and I've read that elsewhere as well. Given that Mustafa has had two scares with aldactone, I wonder how heavy he is in his use of cutting drugs.

Mustafa Mohammad at the 2005 Charlotte Pro

Mustafa Mohammad in Bodybuilding Contest Condition


Feb 7th - 7PM

Mustafa started off with standing straight bar curls. This is one of my favourite biceps exercises, but it is a little hard on the wrists. He did a few more sets, eventually using the adjustable straight bar for his sets. The weight was only around 150 - not weak, but not particularly strong either. Mustafa was getting an incredible pump during his set.

Mustafa Mohammad Standing Barbell Curls

Mustafa next moved on to standing alternate dumbbell curls before moving on to rope curls on the cable. Mustafa hit some poses and was looking full and hard. Talk about some incredible conditioning.

Mustafa Mohammad Rope Pulls for Lats

Hamstrings and Delts
Feat: Hamza, Maysun and Omar

This portion of the DVD started off with Mustafa in a supplement store to begin with and he flexed his triceps to see how they were looking. He then spoke with his three children - Hamza, Maysun and Omar.

Hamstrings - Feb 8th, 11AM

Mustafa started off with lying leg curls for his hamstrings, which are incredibly huge I should add. Mustafa is the type of pro who looks awesome in the side chest pose, not just because of his enormous chest, but also because of his huge and full hamstrings which complete the lower half of that pose. Mustafa has some of the best side poses in the biz due to his huge hams. His lightning bolt triceps make his side triceps pose look incredible, but having such big and shredded hamstrings really do complete the pose. Mustafa hit some quads poses after his set and they were looking big and shredded. He was wearing a t-shirt that said "Train Hard Feel Good" on the back and "All Stars 100% Hardcore" on the front.

After the posing was complete Mustafa did another set of lying leg curls using light weight.

Mustafa Mohammad Posing Hamstrings and Quads


Mustafa started off with behind the neck presses using three large plates per side which he did for reps. After his set he put what appeared to be some sort of nasal spray up his nose before handing the item to his daughter. I remember Markus Ruhl had used a similar nasal spray which resulted in a huge nosebleed because he overused it. He would use it to work out when sick which is unhealthy and just plain stupid. What some would call "hardcore" I call "idiotic". I'm not sure what Mustafa was using the spray before but given his diuretics scares (which resulted in a nosebleed), I don't look at Mustafa as being a particularly careful individual. Great bodybuilder - yes. Health conscious - I don't know, but I would assume not.

Mustafa moved on to doing seated dumbbell presses. For his second set he used 80 pound dumbbells for 12 reps. After doing military presses he was obviously a little tired, but I can do presses with that weight for about the same number of reps, even after doing miliatary presses first. Mustafa is clearly stronger, but not quite what I would expect from somebody with his massive size and hardness. If you are impressed with strength, any DVD by Ronnie Coleman is worth getting.

Mustafa Mohammad Military Presses for Shoulders

In addition, Bertil Fox is incredibly powerful and may very well have been pound for pound the strongest bodybuilder of all time.

Mustafa is by no means a slouch in the gym and does train with a great deal of intensity, but I was personally more impressed with his physique than I was with the weights he used. After watching him train in the MuscleTime Pro World #3 DVD I was impressed with his training intensity in this DVD. In the other DVD his intensity was not as high, but he was also closer to the contest date at the time (2004 Mr. Olympia). No doubt his strength was weaker in part due to being depleted and on a low carb diet and also possibly due to not wishing to risk an injury by training with heavier weights.

All in all would I say my training intensity is as high as I've seen in most pro bodybuilder DVDs? Yes - and I've seen them all. So why are they in the same condition I am in the offseason but at 100 pounds more muscle? Simple: genetics, mass quantities of steroids, and the one thing that is more relevant to those reading this - diet. You need to consume a great deal of calories to look like a pro, or to put on any amount of muscle size. That is something the pros do which separates them from your average trainers or even your long term juicers who don't look the same - to most of them eating big is a full time job. Couple this with having the right genetics for bodybuilding and a pharmacy of drugs and you have a pro bodybuilder. Of course, not all pros do abuse steroids and other growth enhancing agents, but many do. Not to beat a dead horse, but after Mustafa's aldactone scares I do wonder what is he taking cycle wise. Of course, as far as we know he is 100% natural like every other pro...

Next up Mustafa did some side lateral raises and hit some poses for the camera. After that, Mustafa was filmed with his children and his son Maysun gave a message to the judges.

Onstage & Back
February 8th - 7PM

Mustafa @ the 2005 Charlotte Pro

Mustafa's individual posing routine was shown and he was looking amazing. I don't know the name of the song he posed to because the lyrics were not in English. I can say this or that about Mustafa having used or misused/abused certain drugs or that he is not as strong as Ronnie Coleman or Bertil Fox, or whatever else, but when the day is done and Mustafa shows up on stage he has one of the greatest bodybuilding physiques in the world - definitely worthy of the top 10 of currently competing pros and polished from head to toe. I personally feel he should place higher at shows and not to encourage what may be false thinking, I do think it is possible he is the victim of either racism of name recognition. In the post 9/11 world we live in, it can't be easy to be from the middle east. That IS reality, and whether or not people want to admit that is not relevant. But is Mustafa the victim of racism? Maybe. In my opinion though, he is the victim of lack of name recognition. The IFBB just wants him to pay his dues before he can start placing higher at shows I think. How he placed second to last at the 2004 Arnold Classic is beyond me. Hell, I wouldn't have lost any sleep if he had been placed ahead of Jay Cutler that day. He is definitely placing lower at shows than I would place him myself, but like I said, I think this is because the IFBB judges expect him to pay his dues first by competing more. Eventually it will be very hard for them to say no to his physique. But racism?'s a posibility, but I'm not sure. After all, he did place in the top 10 at the 2005 Mr. Olympia. If the judges were truly racist I'm sure they would have placed him last.

For Mustafa's next exercise, he performed incline dumbbell rows. Placing 10th out of 21 bodybuilders is an excellent placing and certainly a few of those guys could have been placed ahead of Mustafa without any crazy debate, so I would think that Mustafa is just not noticed by the judges. Name recognition does go a long way - it's the reason why the reigning champ will always remain for example. Give Mustafa time and I could see him moving way up at the Olympia - as long as he continues to improve as he has been. He says he hates cardio but if he truly nailed his conditioning I'm sure he would wipe the floor with a lot of his competition. Wide waist? I don't think so. Maybe his waist wouldn't make Brian Buchanan jealous of anything, but I wouldn't exactly call it big.

Fightness Gym
Feb 8th - 7PM

Mustafa weighed in at 119.54 kilos on the scale before doing his workout (266 pounds!). Let's not forget that Mustafa was already ripped to shreds at that weight and is only 5'8 and 1/2 in height. Not to say he's short, but to be pushing 270 at under 5'9 is nothing short of amazing in my book especially in the type of conditioning he was in.

At the start of his back workout, Mustafa performed wide grip lat pulldowns using the long bar with handles on both ends. He then went on to perform cable rows and also a type of pulldown for the lats on the cable machine. He was looking very pumped during this section and was training with a tanktop and black and white striped tights.

Mustafa hit some poses after his set and he was looking damn good. I frankly can't see what's wrong with his physique and he really owns the side poses. His waist is is somewhat square in that it just goes straight up exactly perpendicular to the ground until his huge and flaring lats begin - but his lats aren't that high and this is just one flaw in one pose out of many. I think he looks very good.

Feb 9th - 11AM

Mustafa trained quads at the same place - Fightness (fitness?) Gym.

Mustafa started off with squats and said that he had good genetics in his legs and I would definitely agree. He said he can train it and it will grow very good. He said he needs to take care in his training to ensure that his symmetry is good. Mustafa said that he didn't train legs for December of 2005 and January of 2006. This was the first time Mustafa had trained legs in some time and they were huge - I couldn't believe he hadn't trained legs in two months and maintained that type of mass. Mustafa did another set of squats and his quads quickly got pumped up. He did another set with four plates in total but I don't know the exact weight of each of the plates. He was training with big intensity and wearing a t-shirt that said "Get Big Fast" (another all-stars t-shirt).

Mustafa's next exercise for legs was leg presses. The plates appeared to be 25 kilogram plates which he stacked up and did for reps. He had six or so plates per side but not all the plates were the same size. After leg presses his next exercise was leg extensions and his quads were looking very full and extremely vascular. Talk about an amazing pump.

Mustafa Mohammad Leg Presses

2006 Ironman Weekend
17th & 18th of February 2006
Mustafa hit some poses in his hotel room and was looking very well. His quads were ridiculous as usual and his chest was full and hard. His abs were dry and he was on track to place well at the show. Mustafa explained his diet a little and said that he was not taking in any sodium at this point.

Mustafa Mohammad Military Right Side Chest Pose

Same Day in Pasadena - 6:30 PM

Mustafa hit some more poses and was looking sharp. He had Jan Tana competition tan applied and was it brought out the deep cuts in his thighs and in the rest of his body.

After speaking with Jan Tana Mustafa was shown backstage having oil applied to his physique - his tan was definitely looking sharp and as a result his cuts were very prominent. Mustafa hit a lot of poses and was on track to place well at the show. Mustafa's midsection was very cut and his abs and serratus was deep. His chest was full and his quads were huge - all typical of Mustafa.

Mustafa Mohammad Backstage at the 2006 Ironman Pro Bodybuilding Contest

Mustafa spoke a little bit with Moe El Moussawi backstage before the show.

Feb 19th - 11AM

This workout took place one day after the 2006 Ironman where Mustafa came sixth place at the contest. Mustafa started out his triceps workout with kickbacks. His next exercise was dumbbell extensions behind the neck using a single dumbbell. Mustafa hit some poses while seated and wearing his weight belt and was looking huge and shredded. One of these poses was shown on the cover of the DVD. After doing a set of hammer curls he hit some poses in only his trunks and was still looking in contest condition since it was only one day after he had competed.

Mustafa Mohammad Hammer Curls

Next the credits rolled and Mustafa gave some special thanks to the people in his life who made the DVD and his career possible. He seems like a generally happy person and family man at heart. I don't know him personally so I can only really go based on what I see of him on film - in this case he came across very well.

After the credits rolled, some footage was shown with Jan Tana putting tan on the arm of Raymond Casser from MuscleTime to show him the tanning product.

Overall Review:

This was another excellent review from MuscleTime. I felt that the picture quality was quite high and that the DVD covered exactly what I wanted - Mustafa's training as well as some posing and contest footage. Another thing I am interested in is information on nutrition, but it would make the DVDs a lot longer if that was covered in depth. I think five or 10 minutes on nutrition would have been a nice addition to this DVD. Mustafa did speak about his diet a little, but not all that much. It was training first, with some contest and posing secondary as well as a few words from Mustafa. If you are a fan of Mustafa or a fan of bodybuilding DVDs, I do recommend this one.

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Matt Canning

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