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For the Kids With Nowhere to Turn Training Database Mental Preparation Articles For the Kids With Nowhere to Turn

For the Kids With Nowhere to Turn
Zach Bashore
November 10, 2005

One of my favorite songs is "You`re Never Alone" by Hatebreed because the lyrics say, "this is for the kids who have no where to turn, who have nothing to live for, you think you haven't the will to persist, you have to search within yourself. While listening to that song I was inspired to write how it is effective in bodybuilding. Being a teen is rough and sometimes coming an end to oneself is what develops your character. There is light at the end of the tunnel if you keep going.

Everyone goes through problems in their life, but it`s what you do about them that defines who you are. The first thing you need to do is find the source of the problem. Who or what caused all the grief? Don`t become discouraged with yourself if the situation is out of your control, but if you feel the problem was indeed your fault, you need to do everything in your power to find a way out.

When looking for a cure, a positive attitude is much better than a negative one. Keeping a positive attitude is much easier said than done, but is crucial if you want to overcome the problem. Go slow, take small baby steps to get where you are going, and develop a list of goals you will try to accomplish for the day. If your goal is to get better grades, you need to decide if you`re spending enough time doing your homework. WRITE DOWN that you need to spend more time doing your homework. That way you remind yourself what needs done to improve your grades. It`s the same way with any other goal, writing your goals down on paper will give you the motivation to mend on whatever goal you are trying to improve on.

You`re not going to get everything right the first try so having a backup plan will keep you from failing completely. Setbacks are inevitable, but you have to keep moving on no matter the circumstances. A good example is deciding what you want to be when you get older. Many times you go to college expecting to major in a certain area, and then decide that you want to switch to something different. If the person has a backup plan then that person would avoid the decicion of what their going to be all over again.

Life is hard and sometimes it feels like there is no way out. This happens to almost everyone so don`t get discouraged when you encounter problems. Remember, have a positive attitude, keep a list of how to overcome your problem slowly, and always have a backup plan in case your main goal fails. Until next time, cya!

Take care,

Zach Bashore

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