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You Are Your Own Person; Be Pleased With That Training Database Mental Preparation Articles You Are Your Own Person; Be Pleased With That

You Are Your Own Person; Be Pleased With That

They say matter isn't created or destroyed. Same with energy. You know, it doesn't just disappear. It's the same with people and what they do with their time and their lives. One person can get 100% in a course and never have a social life, and another person can have nothing but a social life and fail a class. I can have an hour on the internet without getting homework accomplished, or an hour of homework with no internet. So...What I do with my energy balances out. This is the same with everybody; Not just me. It just has to work like this. Simple, irrefutable math.

This leads somewhere valuable and important. People sometimes worry a bit about what they are doing with their life, and how they may not have the skills to perform at something that someone else can. It makes them ask themselves if maybe they just got the short end of the stick in certain areas. I found myself looking up to a professor in English and being amazed that he managed to achieve a Ph.D in a subject I would never touch if it wasn't compulsory. In the past, I sometimes looked at the achievements of others and realized how lucky they are. Something many people do as well. I was wrong for over valuing role models, and not respecting myself first. A lot of people do this, and it really is a mistake.

The truth is, we all bring a valuable skill set into this world, and no two people are equal.

Some people are jerks.
Some people don't care.

But for every well intending, good person who wants to make the best of this life and give back to others, they each bring a wealth of knowledge and talent that no one else can duplicate. One person may be a genius at Philosophy but never be able to put those thoughts onto a test paper, another person may drop out of high school but have the same knowledge in Geography as any professor; All self taught out of sheer interest. Tupac Shakur and Eminem would probably not have achieved very well in Poetry courses, yet they were born with the ability to rhyme better than 99% of all people. Yes, I do admire my English professor last year, for spending eight years studying a subject I despise, writing essays constantly, and having his work judged subjectively by others, something I could not do. But could he do math? For all I know, he may have never been able to pass grade 10 math until the 3rd try. As for those who excel at everything academically, they may be lacking somewhere else. Maybe they can't make a sandwich, or maybe they don't have the physique they want, or the interpersonal skills that would make them a success in life. Intelligence quotient really means nothing. The most educated jerk I ever met had two Master's degrees - One in Math, another in Education, but that didn't make him any better as a person. A person's age, his education, or experience doesn't make him the better person. A piece of paper doesn't mean you can perform well at a job, and the only person who can really judge anything you do...Is yourself. There is no way to go, or way to be. It's as though each of us is born with a certain personality, or one which develops very early on in life, and after those first few years, the main qualities that make you who you are stay with you. Yes, an alcoholic can change his life for the better, and so can a drug addict, or an ex convict. People can make their lives better, and things can always be worse than they are right now. You think it's hard dealing with day to day stresses? How do you think a person would feel on death row waiting for January until he gets the electric chair? And even he can make the best of his situation. That is, at least make it less bad, or less hard on himself. You just have to keep your head up and keep trying. Even if you fail, you are doing the right thing by not quitting, and eventually, this good attitude will catch up with you. Something good will come out of all of this. Guaranteed.

But what if I get hit by a train tomorrow? So, why should I try?

With that attitude, you deserve to be hit by a train.

If you have somebody in your life who thinks highly of you, whether that be a friend, or a ravishingly beautiful partner, or anyone like that, or somebody who admires you for the skills you have or what you are, that should be enough to make you realize you have something special. Better yet, you should know yourself what you're good at, and that little bit of uniqueness you bring into the world, and providing you aren't hurting anybody, keep doing it! People may want to be like you, and you may want to be like someone else, but you are never going to be someone else, and someone else isn't going to be you. Be pleased with what you have and make the best of it. If you are paralyzed from the waist down, you still have to make the best of what you have.

It won't necessarily be easy, but it will be worth your time. And after all, it's the most you can do, so you have to be pleased with that, whether you want to or not. This is not motivation for you to quit and just accept what happens to you and know it's ok. It's motivation to try your best, and only then accept what happens and know it's ok. Because it is. Invest your self esteem in what you have full control over. In school, at work, in the gym - everywhere. You aren't guaranteed a certain level of achievement, but you can always try your best. You should consider trying your best to be the most important measure of worth for an activity.

If you can look back to what you did, and tell yourself that you tried your best, and honestly believe that, then you have achieved something. Simple as that. Sure, it wouldn't be fun to fail a class knowing you had learned it very well, because you will still have to go through the time, effort, and money to take that course again. It's always good to set goals, to try your best of course, and hopefully have it reflect on paper or where ever it is you are applying your skills, and if it doesn't, at the very least try to get by and do better next time. If you don't quite make it, that's ok, because there is more opportunity in the future than you could ever imagine. I know you don't believe me, but you have to, it's important this time. Just wait for it, whatever it is, and you'll be happy you did.

We're all in this boat together.

Life is a gift...Unwrap it everyday

Take care,

Matt Canning

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