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Paper Anabolics (Steroids)

A brief introduction to paper anabolics, courtesy of a supplier from the supplier section...

Paper Anabolics are an excellent chemical alternative to their tablet counterparts not only by virtue of the fact that delivery is virtually guaranteed, but because many reports in suggest that users will experience greater gains with less negative side effects, e.g. stomach complaints, etc. We attribute this latter factor to our not using any binders or fillers, as you will find in tablets. 

You have in the Paper Anabolics primarily high-grade raw chemical, i.e. Methandienone, Oxymetholone, Stanazol, etc., as you would expect to find in the tablet form.

The primary reason for our pursuing and developing the Paper Anabolics concept was to counter customer concerns for ordering overseas (e.g. from Amazing Thailand) certain forms of anabolic steroids. 

Now, 8 months down the line with countless envelopes having been posted we can report a 99% success rate through Customs to date. Furthermore, a good number of those sent have been received in countries usually considered a real challenge to get into, e.g. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, to name but a few.

PaperBol and PaperStrol are prepared in sheets of 500 x 10mg squares while PaperDrol are prepared in strips of 100 x 50mg squares.

Minimum order for PaperBol is 200 x 10mg squares (2,000mg) @ US$XXX

1 sheet of 500 x 10mg PaperBol squares (5,000mg) @ US$XXX

Minimum order for PaperStrol is 100 x 10mg squares (1,000mg) @ US$XXX

1 sheet of 500 x 10mg PaperStrol squares (5,000mg) @ US$XXX

Minimum order for PaperDrol is 50 x 50mg squares (2,500mg) @ US$XXX

1 strip of 100 x 50mg PaperDrol squares (5,000mg) @ US$XXX

Preparation: Simply cut the required dose from your sheet/strip with a sharp cutting blade.

Ingesting: As with tablets the squares can be swallowed down with water although many report that better absorption will occur by keeping them held under the tongue for a while before swallowing. 

Storage: Paper Anabolics will keep for at least a year or two although probably best kept out of direct sunlight or extreme heat. For convenience you can cut your daily dosage and slip it in your wallet while the rest would do well stored in a zip-lock/jiffy bag then in a cool, dark place.


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