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Decavar 257 - 240cc

Decavar 257, 240cc

  • PARADECA ‘257’ and DECAVAR ‘257’ both with ANDROTRIOL are a synthesized matrix of synergistic phytochemicals complexed amidst powerful intrinsic prohormones. These ingredients are uniquely packaged with an oral syringe to dispense exact dosages. Along with the dispenser is a 60cc or 120cc multiple dose vial containing a liquid suspension of the aforementioned phytochemicals and prohormones. The complex micro lipid spheres contained within the liposomal suspension are 45 to 55 times smaller than the diameter of human hair. These micro lipid spheres encapsulate the biologically active prohormone molecules in a multilayered liposome that can enter directly into the bloodstream through the lipid-loving mucocutaneous tissue that lines the inside of the mouth. This specialized tissue’s highly selective passage gateway from external to internal (inside the body) is further enhanced with the addition of capillary dilating phytochemicals that influence faster more efficient uptake of phospholipid micro spheres into the bloodstream. These multilayered liposomes disperse a steady state of phytochemicals and prohormones throughout the bloodstream for a period of 20 hours! Here, these powerful nutrients flow directly to the heart where they rapidly disperse through the body’s complex vascular system in a matter of minutes. Even though this exclusive Lipoject Technologies process boasts absorption rates as high as an injection, the true scientific phenomena that takes place once these hormones are in the body is what’s most remarkable. After entering the bloodstream, a powerful pharmacological phenomena medically known as pharmacokinetics occurs when PARADECA’S multilayered phospholipids naturally break down dispersing billions of prohormone and phytochemical molecules into the body. These substances potentially influence luteinizing action, antiaromatase activity, increase receptor affinity and also allow the intrinsic action of 19 Norandrostenediol, 4-androstenediol and ANDROTRIOL to take place. Additionally, this process allows for a high conversion rate of the DIOLS and TRIOL to testosterone and nortestosterone (nandrolone). Prohormones in tablet, capsule and/or cyclodextrin form are NOT fat soluble. Capsules and tablets have conversion rates of only 4% compared to a 99%+ conversion rate derived by the fat soluble prohormones in PARADECA ’257’ and DECAVAR ‘257’. Consequently, you would have to ingest 5000 mg of oral 4-androstenediol and 19-nor androstenediol to achieve the same serum testosterone and nortestosterone levels as a 257mg dose of PARADECA! More recently, ANDROTRIOL, a newly discovered and potentially powerful antiglucocorticoid, anticatabolic and potent stimulator of interleukin-2 and interleukin-3, was synthesized into the newly released PARADECA ‘257’ and DECAVAR ‘257’. DECAVAR ‘257’ contains 257 mg of 19-nor androstenediol, 19-nor androstenedione and ANDROTRIOL. PARADECA and DECAVAR, by utilizing the most effective drug delivery system in the pharmaceutical industry, have revolutionized sport supplementation and bodybuilding muscle-science forever.

What's in it?
  • Ingredients: Methoxivone(5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone), Tribulus Terrestris L (Crypto Gold @90% Steroidal Sapponins[LH Activator]), Ipriflavone (Aromatase Inhibitor). Proprietary Pro Hormone Complex: 257 mg (19 Nor4-Androstenediol, 19 Nor Androstenedione, Androtriol): Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bioperine, Zinc Citrate, Lipoject Technologies: Proprietary Liposomal Matrix, Acesulfame K, Natural Cherry Flavor and FDC Red #40.

Suggested Use
  • Upon awakening in the morning, use the enclosed oral syringe to dispense 2cc(ml) of DECAVAR between cheek and gums. Allow solution to remain in place approximately 5 minutes. Swallow solution. Repeat this procedure 15 minutes prior to your workout. Repeat procedure before going to sleep. This is a total of 6cc(ml) per day. Always wait at least 5 hours between taking each dosage of or DECAVAR. DO NOT EXCEED 6 weeks of continous use without a 4 week "off cycle".

  • If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, always consult your physician prior to use of DECAVAR or any prohormone. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For men above 18 years of age only.

  • These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease.

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