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Ribose Size

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Ribose Size 100 grams from MuscleLink.

Now you can fully recover quicker, up to 640% more efficiently from your workouts resulting in...increased muscle mass...improved strength and...more energy! Scientific studies have revealed what could be the most "over-the-top" breakthrough ever introduced to the athletic community.

Muscle growth and strength is built during the recovery phase after your workouts. High-intensity bodybuilding training requires an abundance of energy-cellular energy. Cellular energy is needed to power your workouts and to recover from intense training. Cellular energy is critical to your RECOVERY, and recovery is critical to your bodybuilding process!!!

The primary source of energy used by the body is ATP. All sources of food energy, such as carbohydrates, fact and protein, are eventually converted into ATP. Every move you make...every chemical reaction that occurs, such as digestion, metabolism, hormone production, etc., is powered by ATP.

If there isn't enough ribose (a naturally occuring sugar in the human body) your body has to wait until it produces enough ribose before it can build ATP stores, and that can take many day. Ribose Size, the world's first ribose supplement, greately enhances your body's ability to restore its ATP stores faster and more efficiently for better recovery and muscle growth.

What's in it?
Serving Size (scoop) 1
Servings Per Bottle 45
Calories 10
Total Carbs (g) 2.2
Sugars (g) 2.2
Ribose(g) 2.2

Suggested use:
Take maintenance dose (2.2 gm) 30 minutes befoe exercise. On nonexercise days take it before bed. Ribose has been found to be most effective if taken both before and after anaerobic exercise, so better results may occur taking 2.2 grams before and after a workout. Do not use hot water.

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