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Questions and Answers From The Boards

If you're not using the boards yet, it's time you did. The moderators are excellent, and the quality of anabolic steroid information is unbeatable. Here's a selection of recent Q&A's for you.

A week or so ago I posted a question (Need help getting stronger). In that post I miss typed the event in track that I am training for. I said that I was a 4000m runner when I meant a 400m sprinter. I was planning on using Winstrol. You recommended that I take 50mg of injectable every other day and when I switched to orals to take 25-50mg every day. Does this still hold true as a 400m sprinter? Is there any other drug or stack that might work better? Keep in mind that I have to pass a drug test in July. Thanks for you time and sorry about the screw up on my part. Thanks.

I've talked to several professional athletes the last couple of years, and it seems like they all use Winstrol. Everyone from swimmers, cyclists, sprinters, basketball players and icehockeyplayers use it. The persons I've talked to, use injectable and oral like the way I've told you, and stop using them about 1 month before the drug test or competition. As a sprinter, winstrol would be your best choice.

Expert Members Comment
I am a track athlete as well 100-200. I have used a variety of cycles and many different substances. Winstrol is very effective, as Jim said 50mg every other day is great. It certainly worked for Ben Johnson. The injectible form is much more effective than the oral form. Primobolan depot is also effective and is actually a little safer than wistrol. Anavar is another compound that works for track athletes. Dianabol, believe it or not, worked wonders for me. The best thing is to combine several of the above mentioned substances and really make some progress. Keep in mind, Winstrol takes at least a month to get out of the system, but there have been instances in USATF that it was detected for as much as 80 days. Primobolan depot takes abot 5 months to clear, with Primo tabs taking much less(around a month). Anavar is out in 3-6 weeks and Dianabol is out in 3-12 days. What I do is use the longer lasting substances first, and taper down to the ones that get out fast. That way, you can "juice" right up until the week before the test if done correctly. Be sure you adjust your training regimine accordingly. You will not be able to train as hard or fast on the track while cycling as your muscles will be extremely tight and growing fast. Kill yourself in the weight room and utilize explosive lifts such as cleans, snatches and jump squats. Also step over hurdles and stretch a ton to maintain flexibility in your new muscles mass

Hi, I recently been looking at Sustanon 250 and wondering its affects on fat
reduction. I'm about 5 foot 9 and weight about 85kg however the body fat
percentage is not quite on my side. Can you please tell me if sustanon is the best incoverting this fat to muscle or if another drug should be used? What dosage would be recommended and should others be used in conjuction with it? What is deca's and testosterone cypionate / proprionate effects on this prob?

Sorry to say but there is no product on earth that can turn fat into muscle.

Most Test like cyp, propinate, or any of them will slightly help reduce body fat but none will turn fat into muscle. You need to be careful with the test as most will produce water retention and might not help at first in your quest for a lean body, but will put on good size.

I would first concentrate on your diet, then begin a rigorous weight routine to help reduce the body fat. If your looking for gear that wil help cut you up take a look at Winstrol V or Anavar, both have been known to help reduce body fat percentage, in conjunction with a steady daily workouts incorporating free weights and some cardio.

If you want in depth info on what works and what doe not join our members area and get the real truth on all that your looking for remember you first need knowledge.

I am new here, so hi to you all.

I going to take my first steroid cycle and would like some input from experts.

I`m 38 years, 250lb 6.2 bodyfat ca. 12%.
Have been weight training for 8 years, 4 times a week: mon-tue-thu-fre. 60-90 min.
I take extra carbs, protein ,kreatin and glutamine every day + vitamin / mineral and omega-3.
My diet program for the cycle is like this:

Meals 9-11-13-15-19-21-23
Total kcal: 5600 Prot:350 rest karbs+30g fat. Supplements : vit/min complex , 3000mg c-vit, 10g omega-3, 20g creatine, 20g glutamine, primrose oil, milk thistle, saw palmetto, gallon water.

6 week cycle :
1 sus 250mg dia 30mg ED
2 sus 250mg dia 40mg ED
3 sus 250mg dia 50mg ED
4 sus 250mg dia 40mg ED
5 sus 250mg dia 30mg ED
6 primo 200mg dia 20 mg ED

Nolvadex 10mg ED, Clomid 50mg EOD week 1-6, week 7 50mg ED, week 8 100mg ED and week 9 50mg ED. I`m also going to take Tribulus week 5-9. Sunbathe 1-2 times a week during cycle to prevent to much acne. No smoke and alchohol. Lots of sleep. Week 5-9 kreatin 30g and glutamin 30g. One week rest after cycle.
I would appreciate all serious comments.

Seriously, your cycle is very well thought out and comprehensive. Your diet and other life-style regimes are top-notch. You must be very healthy.
I would just have to add that weeks 3-5, you increase your sustenon-250. ( i assume a week is a 7 day period ) .
Other than that.... you have a "model" cycle in my book..
good luck and you will hear from others, I am sure. !

where would be a good place to buy some juice. if anyone knows please respond. i'm trying to get into bodybuilding seriously. thanks

It would probably be in your best interest to research the subject before making the decision to start using anabolic steroids.

Please do not take this as being self rightous, but it sounds from the way you posted your plea that you have alot to learn on the subject before jumping in head first.

This is not a decision to be taken lightly and the first thing you need is knowledge.

Join the members area and get some facts and some help from the members, there is a ton of good information at your finger tips.

And if after checking out all the pros and cons, then make the right decision for your self.

You came across as desperatre and someone making request as you did needs to learn a little first, and who knows maybe you will find the answers and some assistance in your quest for a better built body.

As you can see from this short selection the boards are a resource that you need to be using. So finish the rest of the ezine, and get over there and take advantage of the knowledge waiting there for you...

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